How America is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has killed 400,000 Americans and crippled the U.S. economy.
4:19 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for How America is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic
Well the number is almost unfathomable. 400000. American lives lost. To cope it. On the eve of the inauguration now the president elect and the vice president elect and espouses observe the moment of silence honor the lives lost and their families as well. You're seeing is the reflecting pool there at the Lincoln Memorial 400 lights set up around that reflecting pool. Those are to honor the 400000. Plus Americans. Die. If corporate. Each day of last few weeks has often been more deadly than the last it seems that on top of the struggle to stay alive a lot of folks just trying to keep the lights off and put food on the table now this new administration hopes to turn the tide on this virus but also get America back to work. And back to school. Tim what already promise to be a turbulent election year 120 Tony began with most Americans wondering what election date would bring. But any concerns quickly took a backseat in the first few weeks of Tony Tony as Americans watch dog global health crisis unfolds. By march rotavirus cases were surging in major cities across the country and by the end of April more than a million Americans had been infected student on the front line of this fight with a nurses doctors and health care workers being hailed as heroes and they put their own health and safety at risk to help others. We started wearing masks and then mass was sharp so we started going to the cotton past. So it was all on the chaotic. As the death told climbed to black Americans were contracting Covert nineteen at a rate more than two and a half times higher than white Americans and alarming statistic exacerbated within the health care field. We're people of color comprise 40% of the workforce were accounting for 53%. Of positive cases found among workers. The one of my patients. This man who was that should make content. She touches me more than everybody else I was home positive. And our coworker of mine called me and said he is accident funny how natural for there. And his dad was out the window and a nice songs to with a win dome. And assigned to the window and he said to me Gloria. This is seeking home. He knowingly sent into the hospital and he died there. Glorious coworker friend scenes also contract to cope a nineteen in the spring along with her mom who lived with her minus eight. I don't even know when did you happen Richmond patient and I can't the past. Could intervene through my mom heard me. She's smiling people embraced each other. And it could actually ask Milan win. Instructor Tyler. She sent to room. Getting the maximum give the east. I didn't know now. According to the ten how wouldn't. And the 31. Of march was a nasty case. Into the idea winter visitor and a morning. Americans across the country also were facing financial hardships more than eighteen million people are currently collecting unemployment in December president trump signed a bill for a second round of relief giving Americans an additional 600 dollars and not enough for many amid a months long shut down. To combat the virus and economic downturn the incoming by the administration proposed an extraordinary one point nine trillion dollar Covert rescue plans. We'll finish the job of getting a total of 2000 dollars. And tax relief to people who need the most. The 600 dollars already appropriated is simply not enough. Biden also plans to tackle the worst public health crisis in the country's history with a three point plan including a 100 days mask efforts to distribute a hundred million vaccine shots in the first hundred days in office. And getting as many schools open and running as possible giving some Americans hope for a way forward. We're still in the greatest country in the world. And we need. To get this pandemic writes. We need to help the people to get back on your feet he need to move forward to get our.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"The pandemic has killed 400,000 Americans and crippled the U.S. economy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75360997","title":"How America is struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic","url":"/US/video/america-struggling-covid-19-pandemic-75360997"}