America in transition: How Biden could tackle gun debate

ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the surge in gun sales and violence amid the pandemic and 2020 unrest, and how the Biden administration could take on gun laws.
7:36 | 12/16/20

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Transcript for America in transition: How Biden could tackle gun debate
Six weeks from today Joseph Biden will be sworn in as the next president Andy in addition to the Kobe crisis he faces a spiraling epidemic of gun violence in his country. Deaths have soared this year and so gun sales tonight our series America in transition or Devin Dwyer takes a closer look. For gun dealers like branded Wexler of Delray Beach, Florida 20/20 has been a banner year when coat initially. You know hit the streets the United States of America. You know business really start to take up policy you know as far as an analogy prepping for hurricane itself lard up. A run on guns in the midst of what experts call a perfect storm the pandemic recession civil unrest it divisive presidential election. All breeding fear. I never owned a gun I've never once it did on I've never hide it done in my home. If this one and. Mother of three Trish beaudet recently bought handguns for herself 125 year old daughter. It really bothers me. When I watch and things on the news when you talk about the riots and minutes of the meeting and the violence. That's happening to be honest with you. Pulling a gun is the last thing night. Ever want to do but I want to know that if I need to protect myself my family my you know my children that I can do that. An estimated 21 million guns have been sold so far in 20/20 that's up 73%. Over the same period last year. Industry analysts see first time buyers many of them women are big part of the search my nightmare scenario would. Two. Harmon's Aaron harder recently divorced mother and two assists social and political polarization in her community has shaken her sense of safety when things start to hit you know a little closer to home it kind of makes you sit up and think about it. The presidential transition is also a huge factor experts say is democratic president elect Joseph Biden vows to push sweeping new gun restrictions. Generally mr. When we have any president coming from Democratic Party. That PC higher firearms command and associated sales. Primarily stimulated by this year intent and they each federal legislation pushed through. So this is one of the common models here in March we saw fear buying up close in Virginia his Democrats in that state prepared to enact the toughest package of new gun laws in a generation there's a lot of panic happening. Also meet the gun industry and an RA and to some extent it in the administration. Are stoking people's year Biden planted gun safety crackdown on. Asking congress to repeal liability protections for gun makers and close loopholes for background checks. Our enemy is the god. Manufacturers. Not the NRA's. He also wants to Dan production of assault weapons require registration for some guns limit gun purchases to one per month. It and all online sales it'll be a tough sell and in narrowly divided congress. I don't know resource test but I I think that's. People have been a group by my god no problem. Add to that months of racial unrest that some say has left local law enforcement were timid to respond to crimes as we heard in Minneapolis earlier this year. After this whole. Towards light and spent the crime rate campuses skyrocket. And now they're wondering. You know we're why did this think they're gonna answer as you know an element but yet they wanted to fund. Last week the Minneapolis City Council cut eight million dollars from their police budget. Several other major US cities have pulled back spending on police but by one analysis most have maintained or increased police budgets for next year. The arrows in its report the news we have become a beast or the gun industry says the perception of taking stock of their own security Mercedes and are realizing that. Their their elected officials are NN. As gun sales surge so. Gun deaths already 16100. More lives lost than last year in climbing by the day. Among the newest victims one year old Carmelo Duncan of Washington DC. Killed inside his family's car this month in a drive by shooting. Charles. Under a Walt yeah. Over the last four years bullets have killed at least a 155000. Americans. Parkland high school the Las Vegas Strip. Sutherland springs Texas church and a Wal-Mart in El Paso for a Big Ten deadliest mass shootings in US history. All since 2016. I just saw a man in my community shot and killed in an act cloture like me inter analyzing that Irish site. That's just what's normal here in a lucky that it shouldn't be that that normal that closer snapping normalize. Brea Smith was among hundreds of thousands of young people that marched on Washington in twenty teen an extraordinary call for action. President trump promised to respond. We don't want. Guns at the hands of the world table I think that the Republicans are going to be rated believe that guides along with the Democrats. But years later those promises are unfulfilled trump like his predecessor Barack Obama either unwilling or aren't able to break the gridlock in congress. Which hasn't passed a major gun safety deal in decades. Do you believe Korea that two point one election will be turning point. On gun safety meaning I sound pretty optimistic. You look at the bigger picture it's making a show that you have administration that cares you set in place first. Mean we had a president willingly say. On a public today says you know the bad places standby in San backing Alex like this weird romanticizing a gun cloture in our country. That deep seated culture is likely here to stay in with gun sales soaring many advocates who the most urgent need is ensuring safer use of guns already out there. And better training for police. We're starting to really group brands our mission before his eradicate all gun gun violence across the country across the globe. But right now I think it's just taking constructions every imagine our whole our prayer is that those individuals are getting some safety training that they learn how to properly use are weapons of issues she and her own. That wax gone work safety training is a top priority which several of the newest graduates say it's a Smart idea for all Americans. It's extremely important. I I don't want to be in a position where a IA unnecessarily. Hurts anybody but I am not bulletins I think that even if you don't own. A guy in the act it's imperative that you take the safety course in in handling. You never know when you can be put in a. Position or situation where EU. Would come across line. Despite the divide over Biden's done proposals these gun owners to see stronger background checks are something everyone should get behind as far as. President elect. You know. The background taxes are the most important thing there is everyone gets a background checked. And there's no ifs ands or buts for ABC news live I'm Devin Dwyer in Washington.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"ABC News’ Devin Dwyer reports on the surge in gun sales and violence amid the pandemic and 2020 unrest, and how the Biden administration could take on gun laws.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"74749617","title":"America in transition: How Biden could tackle gun debate","url":"/US/video/america-transition-biden-tackle-gun-debate-74749617"}