Amputee Caring for Grandma Misses Out on $2K Prize

Iraq war vet Matthew Zajac could not attend New Mexico State University game to claim the cash.
2:14 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amputee Caring for Grandma Misses Out on $2K Prize
We found the student who was supposed to win the cash -- -- -- missed out on that 2000 dollar jackpot. Because he couldn't go to the -- this is why. Yankee -- and I was on -- this way. The band was playing. And the crowds were cheering it was Saturday night football and for the first time students at the -- had the chance to win some big books and some did. What -- -- for the meaning of the grand prize winner. Sophomore Matthew C -- name was pulled from the database if he'd been there he would've cleaned 2000 books and cash but. -- -- was nowhere to be found. She got a text message from Warburg orders and Hannity and began in Atlanta. -- -- We're doing what most college students. Wouldn't be -- on the Saturday night they're still ahead of and ultimately to the game anyway in. State gambling -- -- Yankee tells us his dad -- recently and now he's the one left to care for his grandma. It requires daily care and there's always stuff -- also features Yzerman is it. Did -- -- -- time the grants and helps his grandmother O'Leary can. Doing the grocery shopping and doing her laundry -- oh and by the wait -- -- Jack doesn't have legs. Wielded this people -- You know -- he usually. -- -- the former soldier lost them in an IED explosion in the war in Iraq. Lastly my -- -- meaningless label and he. They -- -- -- this in Baghdad subject it was a little disappointed that on the -- -- He was let him win -- hasn't quintuple. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- is his commanding on Saturday makes -- home with grandma. Not at a football game when we're not -- -- -- as a share -- insurers there's there's steel anymore more. They eject on the ABC -- he's studying mechanical engineering at and -- you at home he says he doesn't need any sympathy about the situation it's just like. Reporting for ABC's -- and -- I'm -- night.

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{"id":20474849,"title":"Amputee Caring for Grandma Misses Out on $2K Prize","duration":"2:14","description":"Iraq war vet Matthew Zajac could not attend New Mexico State University game to claim the cash.","url":"/US/video/amputee-caring-grandma-misses-2k-prize-20474849","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}