Analyzing Day 11 of Chauvin trial testimony

Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd analyzes testimony from George Floyd’s brother and a use-of-force expert and discusses how the Brooklyn Center shooting could impact the trial.
3:17 | 04/13/21

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Transcript for Analyzing Day 11 of Chauvin trial testimony
More analysis whimpering in channeling civil rights attorney with the Cochran firm in Florida thanks so much for joining us again miss Lloyd. We heard those emotional words from George Floyd's brother today so what would you say as a likely impact on the jury especially after Derek Sharon's attorney had been. Highlighting songs drug use in arguing that she had resisted arrest. Clearly trying to paint a very different picture than it seems. Well having Sloan is on the stand today allowed us as human rights George Floyd Egyptian contacts engage him should someone who's out there who can and talk about Stanley what was important Amish humanize it rich in a different kind of way because it's it's a family member that has lost someone tragically. A news affords access use of force expert sat stone talked about what a quote reasonable officer would've done and Eric show over the situation. Is reasonable means here and a what's a legal significance of network. Well that's a standard by which this all of his actions will be reviewed whether or not a reasonable officer at the time would have taken these actions that's the standard by which were measuring his behavior to determine whether and I should it was an unreasonable use of force and then it'll also allowed and Sudan determined the charges which charges which charges plus applicable to the behavior can capture Saddam when you hear that reasonable standard it's a very important one because it is how you will be measured. And there was of course another police shooting of a black man turn to right just miles away from that courthouse the judges not sequestering the jury at this time. Do you thing of that shooting could impact this trial in anyway. I think the judge made a call and the fact that these things are happening he can't insulate the jury from every particular act. I I'm putting them under sequestration. She the other thing I think he considered as. Jurors typically do not like to be sequestered away from their friends their loved ones their families so when you look at a case that's going to be disk intensive short deliberation which I believe that suggestion one X and how long they would be sequestered as during deliberations and will be she if they had been sequestered from now should be excited and she weeks and most jurors are going to not go through you know they'll say things like what we just couldn't come to a resolution which I think the judges trying to avoid. Them being sequestered for longer periods you insure that they come to rate verdict. And we haven't really heard about race in the show ring trial itself yet it was of course front and center of the public outrage and immediately followed Floyd's death. As a civil rights attorney do you think there race should be explicitly brought up during this trial and even if it's not what role does it play if any. Please a very large troll I mean these subtle for a guest aggressions against black and brown people are based in the this sort of racism does subtle. I guess that we have against different person it's now whether or not I don't know an ad in a chase like this there's so much either actual evidence about the lack of training about how reasonable it was I think that sometimes you action over move puts you might issue and the jury gets distracting. I think they need it's that kind of focus because everyone knows it easy bands are typically each brought about by racial bias. Charlie Lloyd from the Cochran law firm thank you so much for your time. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"Civil rights attorney Channa Lloyd analyzes testimony from George Floyd’s brother and a use-of-force expert and discusses how the Brooklyn Center shooting could impact the trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77033821","title":"Analyzing Day 11 of Chauvin trial testimony","url":"/US/video/analyzing-day-11-chauvin-trial-testimony-77033821"}