Anti-black graffiti found at NYC monument

The African Burial Ground National Historic Monument was targeted in Lower Manhattan.
1:55 | 11/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anti-black graffiti found at NYC monument
Messages of hate scrawled into a historic burial ground where New York city's blacks were once laid to rest. The unlike PDs hate crimes task force. He's looking into the offensive graffiti part of an alarming uptick in hate crimes here's Eyewitness News reporter AJ Ross. Desecrating hollowed ground a hateful threatening anti black at the Fed was recently scrawled across. He African burial ground national monument in lower Manhattan. Sparking an outcry Sunday. An audit now. Known as the oldest and largest excavated based site for both free and enslave Africans in the US. Several local leaders gathered at the monument to demand justice and accountability. Yes Xena phobia and racism does exist in New York City idea. Somebody. Desecrate. The sanctity. Of our great site yet. We're not allowed the B model I. I'm I want to decide at what got. Not bow we have yet to defend and stuff that's to defend out right. That have a peaceful but real ground and we demand. Enhanced security here. Meanwhile the NYPD is now reviewing several surveillance cameras in the area for clues and the National Park Service is also assisting. We will investigate that and you know. Follow those leads to another area that's covered with video and do what we can to for anyone that feels they need to do this kind of silly excels. Activity to justice. How did this incident is just the latest in a string of hate crimes across the city including several anti Semitic crimes in Brooklyn Heights and Williamsburg. According to the NYPD 290 hate crimes have been reported through the end of October. They are reflective. Attitude there's some bad that is so fusing this country in lower Manhattan NEJ Ross channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":58974337,"title":"Anti-black graffiti found at NYC monument","duration":"1:55","description":"The African Burial Ground National Historic Monument was targeted in Lower Manhattan.","url":"/US/video/anti-black-graffiti-found-nyc-monument-58974337","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}