Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The director of 'Go'

50 years later with Apollo 11's flight director, Gene Kranz.
3:31 | 07/17/19

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Transcript for Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The director of 'Go'
The number. And polar Lander and more. All. Violently broke. I'm David Curley were marking fifty years since the remarkable achievement of landing a man on the moon and the story of Houston. Mission control. This is the desk of the flight director and for many of the missions it was gene Krantz who could sit here and look up at these projection screens. As man was landing on the most. Or stay perky gene Krantz is one of the Apollo flight directors one of the leaders in the room Krantz was on duty for the lunar landing. He's the one who had the final go no go decision. Okay I'll flight controllers gonna go for landing retro gal I don't go right to control go out come out and say go he can't build surgeon you know cap com or go for landing. Don't occur here go for landing over but it didn't do his plan also. There's only been on the focus group Coca-Cola. As the lend descended the computers started alarming. 1202 then 1201. Overworked properly record twelve one on it were built by apparently worked out great site where ago. Our final training run we exercised those alarms in hours. Go back and think what we have done if we've seen those for the first time. Alarm still with. But another alarming problem the plane landing site was covered in huge boulders so Neil Armstrong started flying manually. That means he's burning the limited precious fuel. I. I think many Americans sometime of their life has driven on the gas gauge of retirees empty that was the condition that we're on. Good quality they appear. The ankle Atlanta's. They landed. But was it's safe to stay no time for celebrations. Got a black controllers about 45 seconds to deal what little they suspect. At the instant of landing the people in the viewing room started cheering stomping their feet applauding grad and on the line. Little dialogue with. Picking the shattered out of this room. And it was just a question keeping control of people with in the room. They Palin people all mankind. Fifty years later. What did. Landing the man on the moon in bringing him back safely mean for the country in the world and for gene Krantz it really demonstrated the power free and open society. Personally I was a Cold War war based I wondered when this race for if I wanted to achieve high ground but all of a sudden we quit. I don't look at our nation is as one of quarters but we were told to stand. And that they had left. I just hoped and believed that I would once again in my lifetime see in American walk them. And today even questioned whether even my children policy hammer and walk them. It's time for America to wake up it movie build the energy and passion and say. What America. And will America can do and its will that is like. Gene Krantz who used his experience on Apollo eleven. During Apollo thirteen. Won an oxygen tank exploded and there was worry of getting the crew back. As Krantz told his team at the time. Failure is not an option I'm David Curley.

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{"duration":"3:31","description":"50 years later with Apollo 11's flight director, Gene Kranz.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64225987","title":"Apollo 11 50th Anniversary: The director of 'Go'","url":"/US/video/apollo-11-50th-anniversary-director-64225987"}