Investigators Hunt for 14-Year-Old Girl's Killer

Police believe a man on a motorcycle is responsible for the killing of April Millsap.
1:14 | 07/30/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Investigators Hunt for 14-Year-Old Girl's Killer
More than 500 tips have come into this command center set up by a task force at the -- greatest school administration building. As investigators continued their hunt for the killer. What is come front and -- in this investigation a motorcycle rider who may have been on in the cold orchard trail. Around the time fourteen year old April mills adds body was found. April have been walking her dog Thursday when it's believed she was murdered. Joggers were led to her body in a wooded area on the trail around 8:30 PM by her dawn. This is a composite sketch investigators have released. The many see here is believed to have -- Andy Brown to reddish here but police are not saying much more than that. Police are still urging those who may have been -- the trail from 620 to 8:20 PM to call them. Right now law enforcement including are made a police state police the FBI in McComb county sheriff's department continue their round the clock investigation. At this point they are still looking for anyone riding a motorcycle in the area that Thursday evening.

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{"id":24779973,"title":"Investigators Hunt for 14-Year-Old Girl's Killer","duration":"1:14","description":"Police believe a man on a motorcycle is responsible for the killing of April Millsap.","url":"/US/video/april-millsap-murder-investigation-investigators-hunt-man-motorcycle-24779973","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}