Archival Video: Steven Avery Faces Murder Charges

Barbara Pinto reports about the 'Making a Murderer' star's legal troubles on Nov. 28, 2005.
1:52 | 01/05/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Archival Video: Steven Avery Faces Murder Charges
It was a grisly crime police found only the bones blood and teeth of 25 year old Teresa hauled back. Who went to work on Halloween and never came home. Her charred remains were found smoldering in his auto salvage yard. Even more stunning in this case is the suspect. For Steven Avery that is a familiar claimed. I I don't know. One vote something bill. Do it all over him just two years ago Avery was released from prison after spending more than eighteen years behind bars for a violent rape. DNA evidence later prove without a doubt that he was innocent he did. Become the poster boy for wrongful convictions and what can we do better justice system and make sure there are no future wrongful convictions. So much so that the Wisconsin state legislature passed the so called eve rebuilt. Which changed arrest procedures and the use of DNA. For his wrongful arrest twenty years ago Steven Avery is suing the county for 36 million dollars. My call box once sympathetic to a breeze cost is no more. He's no victim in this case processors avert them. And our people know that. Two recent hall back worked for the auto trader newspaper she was last seen taking pictures at the Avery salvage yard that is where police found her car. With Stephen a breeze blood inside. Investigators also found a breeze DNA on the ignition key hidden in his trailer nearby all the evidence is leading to him I don't want. People forget my sister I don't want her to Los dollars. Ironically the laws Steven Avery helped put into place for fired police to tape his interrogation. In this case studies evidence that could help convict him. For Good Morning America Barbara Pinto ABC news Chicago.

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{"id":36097474,"title":"Archival Video: Steven Avery Faces Murder Charges","duration":"1:52","description":"Barbara Pinto reports about the 'Making a Murderer' star's legal troubles on Nov. 28, 2005.","url":"/US/video/archival-video-steven-avery-faces-murder-charges-36097474","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}