Arctic Blast Lowers Temperatures to Potentially Dangerous Levels

Deep freeze expected to bring temperatures below zero, setting new record lows across the country.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Arctic Blast Lowers Temperatures to Potentially Dangerous Levels
This is a special. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wind chills in Chicago might reach 45. Degrees below zero. As this Arctic cold there is sweeping across much of the country the windy city. Has already set a record -- fact minus fifteen at O'Hare airport -- nationwide to 3000 flights have been canceled. ABC's -- on Bradley's been tracking the deep freeze all morning and joins us now from New York to monitor it is headed our way now. It's. It is artists -- to. Two come down -- 32 states today are under windshield warnings and advisories. The midwest was slammed by another snow -- -- here in the northeast a slight warmup before more cold air moves that. Another Arctic blast sweeping across the US by Tuesday every state in the lower 48 will -- dangerous subfreezing temperatures. The frigid since they -- known as the polar vortex will descend from Canada bringing and life threatening -- It's very cold. And it's very dangerous for people just bundle pleasant heavy ski jacket parts of the midwest are already frozen solid. Over the weekend Saint Louis and Indianapolis were -- for more than ten inches of snow. Roads are impassable. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Members of the Southern Illinois University men's basketball team got stuck it. Heavy snow. The visibility actually just went zero PX the bus driver to -- -- to the side a role in what he did we couldn't get back onto the world. Airports are also hazardous this delta flight at New York's JFK had to be dugout after it's get off the runway. Inside airport stranded passengers are angry. -- -- -- -- trying to get back. Settled in today in northern Minnesota temperatures are expected to -- 25 to 35 degrees below zero. And the wind -- will make it feel like 55. Degrees below. Schools are closed there and also in Chicago Saint Louis and Milwaukee after officials urge people to stay home. Here in New York someone said it today it was like. A heat wave the temperature climbed all the way into the mid fifties but that it is not going to last the temperature is expected to drop again. Into the single digits overnight PS a succession of -- my spring co which is what I did this debacle -- thanks for the warning to my favorite canisters at the National Weather Service has issued an urgent warning about the -- -- some places right. Oh that's right the and they say it is extremely dangerous windshield what does that mean it means when you're outside in minus fifty degree. Windshield it only takes five minutes for your skin. To become frozen and become frost -- very dangerous outside very dangerous very short period of time. So from that last storm -- most cities along the East Coast fair recovering from that. Well you know it's really amazing in Boston in New York there are new governments taking over. And there were a lot of -- plows out and people would dumping salt immediately as this snow started to fall in -- New York. The day after it snowed overnight Thursday night the streets the primary streets in the secondary streets appear to be clear now. A lot of people who live here says that that was a change from past storms and then there's a new mayor here in new York and -- he -- to prove he can handle a big snowstorm. Yeah exactly to the -- -- on day three it was so. All right ABC's -- -- Bradley out of New York they're called before the storm as it's getting here in the northeast thank you -- month. Well it seems like these delays just keep on piling up for those just trying to fly 3500. Flights in fact canceled so far. So the question is how as well as winter blast affect flight travel I want to bring an aviation expert Mary Schiavo with some answers on that Mary thanks for being with us. Still colder temperatures what -- -- an effect does that have such and the mechanics of a plane. Just falling temperatures just cold weather actually makes why. Aren't quite well in cold weather's it is the moisture the snow. Ice especially ice. And the moisture caused problems with aircraft engines and of course the win so just cold weather won't -- what is that is. -- and that -- that I guess that would add to the question then why all the delays. Well because -- -- problems we've had snow we had. Snow and winds that caused the problem icy runways are -- accidents related to the conditions at airports if you have a clear cold day and nice sunny clear cold day without -- now we hand out high winds. Carry goods like airplanes were performed quite well at some of the best line -- is actually. We've been having delays upon delays over the past couple of weeks after -- six as the holidays began it seems like. The airlines have been tried to catch up. But now at temperatures so far below freezing I -- -- had an impact on people working. Not obviously in the plane -- around the plane on the ground. What's problematic at many airports when he gets cold as you've got snow on the ice problems servicing airplanes and airport at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and those are long term problems -- -- An interesting fun fact if you can maybe. Share this with some fellow travelers who might be stranded with you is that the snow -- leaves the airports are not exactly the same kind of -- -- use. Our on our highways. That's right an air snowplow -- -- some of them are quite a chance to about one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That way -- can't can't spread salt. All right well good information they can share among fellow travelers there that are stranded -- fortunately may be past time that way. Eric Berry is -- out of thank you so much I appreciate it. So for more on where this deep freeze is heading I want to bring an accurate is -- rain Ellis Bernie wears a storm right now. Well weather the storm itself is up in the eastern part of Canada the cold front authority come through in New York City at. What a difference that then you should have brought your coat I know you're gonna be freezing well I didn't get a phone call Bernie didn't get the car. Sorry if -- listen to follow me on Twitter I'll give you those updates 44 by seven -- that you should've brought your coat. But now I -- buzz word is the polar vortex what is that. What's an upper level well it started it up in the polls and -- -- southward so underneath this upper low is where you have the court decoding you can kind of see the shape of the here. You see the clouds here in the Dakotas and -- comes around in that counter clockwise fashion. And it's this upper low that have all the Arctic air there's also some lake effect of course falling and we'll get to that in the second between the -- measuring the snow. Down -- in the lakes in feet. Over the next couple of days but underneath this upper low is it called -- you can kind of see the shape of -- with publisher take a look at this now. With the -- the Arctic air over you you're not going anywhere today Chicago Minneapolis Saint Louis Kansas City often think. Well the sun's out we're doing the day temperatures are going to be rising. That's not the case fifteen below right now in Chicago. Eighteen below in Minneapolis below zero ride along interstate seventy is well. Kansas City Saint Louis Indianapolis is a level below after -- snowstorm yesterday in this cold and if you've got to figure out what's got to know losing each word here in fact. Still mild New York City 47 degrees -- in Washington DC. But as you head on west -- single numbers in Detroit Detroit you'll be below zero. By the time we get the 6 or 7 o'clock tonight seventeen in Pittsburgh and again this cold is spreading east. And it's also spreading south. Temperatures still in the eighties in Miami but in the sixties and -- -- noticed that led the Montgomery. All below freezing even the Big Easy right now is going to be below freezing so this is widespread cold there. Which means we're gonna see lots of record lows tonight from Atlanta toward Charlotte Washington DC Philadelphia Chicago we'll have a second night. Where we're going to be breaking records in fact fifteen below right now in too far away from tonight's record low so this is going to be. A large area of record lows as we go through over the next morning for hours. And again as I mentioned with that cold air going over the warm lakes you're going to get -- the lake effect now how cold is it going to feel tonight. Take a look at -- below forty below for Minneapolis toward Detroit even Chicago Pittsburgh anywhere from thirty to 35 degrees below. Zero that's -- cornfield in a field below zero New York City Washington be seen again. Cold air warm lakes we're gonna be measuring the snow in feet. In a couple of various jobs sell the buffalo. Although buffalo you're going to get your -- -- but in an area called the Tug hill plateau. East of lake Ontario we're gonna probably end up having. About fortified feet of snow over the next couple of days in fact if you're watching the radars and AccuWeather dot com -- -- that -- like -- -- -- -- shooting out a stream of water. Well that stream water it's going to be a bandits now when -- gonna see snowfall rates of two to three inches. Per hour Arctic air is here coldest we've seen in about the twenty years or so -- While record breaking right -- -- let me -- -- visited about Indiana because there's about 30000 people there that are without power all because of this cold weather and they gonna get any relief any time soon. -- tonight we -- temperatures fifteen to twenty below. Across Indiana it's going to be quite cold but here's the thing. Since that cold there -- with -- upper low once the upper -- leads. In a warm up quickly or at least moderate quickly so we have tonight and into tomorrow. And then we will get moderation. As we head toward middle part of the week but that moderation will be accompanied by little snow. I don't see a big storm that we've had or a big storm coming in the next couple of days like we had this past weekend definitely a one to impact this is that this is having and -- -- a lot of schools -- bombing the entire state of Minnesota. Chicago Detroit a lot of the public schools there have been close as well mean it's really making a very widespread impact in a big part of the country. But certainly has and it's not just the cold but of course the snow which pretty much shut down. Parts of Saint Louis and Indianapolis Detroit got the heavy snow as well and that's typically what happens first you get this now. Then you get the Arctic cold in because we have the cold and the wind it is really dangerous to be outdoors. If you're not prepared for it but again. Another 24 hours of this stand. And that it will be moderating as we get with the middle and latter half of the week but lots of cold there to talk I -- covenant which -- quick at the last minute here. If we were able to get onto a flight in escape to someplace nice in the country where's the best weather right now. I would continue to head down in the Southern California perhaps into the lower desert Palm Springs. Boy it's been nice in California that's where it will stay nice of course I could just be easy -- -- got to go to Honolulu. It's always -- here -- is always picture perfect there are very -- that AccuWeather is very granite with the latest on that. Of course you can get a complete recap of this system moving air waves across the country right now. And on Dan Cutler -- New -- -- ABC news digital special report.

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