Arizona secretary of state: Election audit perpetuates ‘big lie’

Sec. Katie Hobbs says Republicans are sowing doubt in elections in order to restrict voting.
6:42 | 05/11/21

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Transcript for Arizona secretary of state: Election audit perpetuates ‘big lie’
Thorn to begin with the fight over voting rights in this country as the false claims and conspiracy theories about the 20/20 election persist and they result in legislative action. Example Arizona's Republican controlled state senate has ordered an audit. Of more than two million ballots from Maricopa County that's the biggest counting the state Phoenix and while the audit. Won't be able to change the results the election expert to warring it could sow doubts about the results may be already has the Department of Justice expressed concerns. About possible violations of ballot preservation laws and voter intimidation by the private firm. Hard to conduct the audit it's a mess down there Arizona secretary of state Democrat Katie Hobbs joins us now for more on this thanks very much for being with us. It is as I say god confusing and and messy and risky in some ways to the democracy the firm hired to conduct the audience. I'll audit here S cyber security company called cyber Ninja's. Has no experience working elections company's CEO. Spread information misinformation on Twitter status part of the stop the steel campaign on Twitter. But the legitimacy the lax last election so what are they looking for. How are they going about a what are your concerns. We have numerous concerns yeah. That's right yeah. Selig isn't hitting the books connecting on air from the very skinny to say you're gonna take his accident he's balance. This equipment and eat to take that responsibility seriously each hears this security measures that are in place. Instead she and procedure that he should in my eye and now what's never even acknowledged. The bricks and broken in contact with. Election experts he could help craft procedures to make this process. And down road and reliable he didn't yes I'm half. And still be seen as they really are making in I bagel on the procedures are not. Added playing in any regard in terms and truly good acting post election ions. They're easy UV light salute her nonexistent modern art and bamboo spider by Harris it is absolutely eat. Media mockery of this election hands. Do you end an inning continued she'll protect sweet and in my and continue to undermine voters' confidence in our systems. What are the Maricopa County already. Conducted a hander recount of ballots. Right after that election I understand and there were different firms that examined it in accordance with the rules and procedures that you've just laid out. The voting machines were examined as well the state. Republican. Chair signed off on the original county certification of ballot so the laws and procedures were followed. That it was checked and re checked what's going on here. Well this is senate politicians here you don't like the outcomes BO exchange. And they help create a big my or what's with Donald Trump and they have created he's still call it voter concerns and now they're seeing how to address this on being ordered wins. That. And talk about. And the fact is that today these concerns their children's you've created an end and all this activity is genius comes in her actually and it's not do anything to help restore companies. The leader in congress are copying is at least tell the truth about what happened what you see if we can't steal. And TUT. Whole integrity of our elections making we have these lots and procedures in place and they are unloaded. And that. How we deal elections in our seat. So you are the responsible public official that certified the election along with the governor who's a Republican and the attorney general who's a Republican so. That was your job let's just to go over once again this audit it is being conducted by a firm cyber ninja. Which has never done any election work at all the head of it. Well it was a stop this deal conspiracy theorist on Twitter he deleted his Twitter account but not before those were those tweets were copied. And apparently was someone who was in the capital. Run and rioting and attacking the election and in Washington DC was one of the ballot counted was seems counting ballots. Well what does this do for them the confidence of people in Arizona going forward for their elections. He gave it steely a lot of harm. And I did steal elections here in Arizona. There are election officials across the country. Watching what's going on here with a lot of concern because they are honestly writing that they. Because they might see this in other states and angle is to keep any distress. And continued and it my accompanying this. I sit in teacher and since nobody sure what's going nine. And Allen and this is not unique this is not how can he EU elections in our country. So Arizona's on the verge of passing a new law I understand that would remove Arizona voters from. And permanent early voting lists how's that gonna work and oh what other changes. Might affect the State's elections moving forward that then you're concerned about. Well there's a big tent this year it's undermining the white male teen who may gain much much harder for people to participate. And Arnold announces it has been in place in Arizona project needs it was passed by a Republican majority legislature and improvements to it have been made by Republican majority legislatures. And 70%. Of our voters in Arizona participate in the Herman inherent legal list which means. They're assigned to receive an hour in an elder every election there eligible to including. And it works screen and it's very popular. And there is absolutely no reason to change that system except if you don't like he's eight and he went entry didn't get harder to and that is exact. I think it's happening rain out there you see that big lie as justification to try to ease ills. And unless you know they're trying to create this false choice and say you can either security or you can. Access that he can have both and that is absolutely false meet true. In the twenty's but he election which lets go. Then most here collapsing in our country's history and so I. His story motor presentation. Program voter participation in Arizona and it across the country. That that's a very good reminder record turnout. Trump's own administration. The Department of Homeland Security attorney general saying this was a clean election all those recounts all those court cases. And yet this effort continues Arizona secretary of state Katie Hobbs thank you for being with us and good luck with that ought thinking.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"Sec. Katie Hobbs says Republicans are sowing doubt in elections in order to restrict voting. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77629154","title":"Arizona secretary of state: Election audit perpetuates ‘big lie’","url":"/US/video/arizona-secretary-state-election-audit-perpetuates-big-lie-77629154"}