Soldier's Childhood Tragedy Leads to Own Beauty Business

Nicole Baldwin launches skincare line following her grandmother's footsteps.
2:35 | 07/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Soldier's Childhood Tragedy Leads to Own Beauty Business
Hello I'm Nicole -- united states army better in. Founder and CEO. -- Diego game here. The Yale Stanford beautiful inside and -- is an on natural organics changed her mind based in Houston Texas. -- -- -- here was actually a passion that was born from a tragedy. At the age of four years ago I was badly burned by hot water all over my face neck and chest. It was very it was kind of embarrassed and a little bit because -- kids you know kids or. -- there are brutally -- So you know I lot of kids -- that what happened to you mean I came from the very get foundation when my mother my grandmother my grandmother who was a nurse at the time. She used a formula that was passed down from her former home and every day afterward she would come home from the fact this formula into -- -- Any virtually hill might gain from on the -- By seventeen I found myself in listing in the united. They've torn Baghdad orders to deploy to Bagram Afghanistan it was in Bagram Afghanistan and I can be initiated. Due to the environmental factors through some of the deaths that -- the -- you know all of those factors played. All in the health of my team and I started thinking about my grandmother's formulation and I thought to myself. If I get my grandmother's formulation to do exactly -- the diplomatic game in -- That I might want something I am following her. With that -- I'm very glad that. At 81 years though she's able to see me do this. I am very much in love with his brain that tell everybody -- me I researched the ingredients I went to. He's been training screws to become a life in this petition because I wanted to -- in -- knowledge about game here about creating products. That we're going to work for the scheme. My man -- for veterans. Come at a military inspired to start their own business is Gulfport. -- best staying disciplined as saying leadership the same personal courage selfless service -- trades all all the the things that were taught as soldiers move that. To help you build her business. Because. -- and a day you believing yourself. If you believe in what you're doing you're going to be successful.

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{"id":19625490,"title":"Soldier's Childhood Tragedy Leads to Own Beauty Business","duration":"2:35","description":"Nicole Baldwin launches skincare line following her grandmother's footsteps. ","url":"/US/video/army-veterans-company-born-tragedy-19625490","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}