Arrest in Deadly Subway Push

Naeem Davis, 30, was held for questioning in deadly subway shove.
1:42 | 12/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Arrest in Deadly Subway Push
-- a man believed caught on tape shoving a subway rider to his death is being questioned by police at this hour. Police -- a suspect a thirty year old street vendor. Has made statements about the deadly incidents eyewitnesses reporter Anthony Johnson is live in midtown with details. -- a crime that has horrified strap hangers in so many more Anthony. Good morning -- -- good morning everybody it appears that the suspect police are questioning here at the midtown north precinct tried to change his look and as you said. He apparently is our hourly already rather implicated himself and the crime let's -- a little bit more about -- thirty year old suspect was picked up. About one block from where the subway shoving death took place he had shaved off his beard and a short dreadlocks. Using surveillance video police. War able to see the suspect talking to vendors on the street detectives went over to that area and found the man. Taking him into custody police are waiting for lineups which are expected to take place today to make this arrest official. But many are convinced the suspect. Is the person who puts 58 year old keys sock on onto the tracks just of the Q train was pulling end -- the state -- Different but wait let's get so that he gave his okay. Did everything isn't much different that -- -- moving -- now is not being different but that is what is your home and I guess -- Heck -- I -- -- not and then he walked away. Now the funeral for a hot -- expected to take place a little bit later on today. Over and queens as with a man police are questioning here at the midtown north precinct -- has eight prior arrests. That's latest live from midtown Anthony Johnson channel -- -- witness news.

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{"id":17882424,"title":"Arrest in Deadly Subway Push","duration":"1:42","description":"Naeem Davis, 30, was held for questioning in deadly subway shove.","url":"/US/video/arrest-deadly-subway-push-17882424","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}