Plane Crash Lands on San Francisco Airport Runway

Asiana flight 214, a Boeing 777, was traveling from Seoul, South Korea, to San Francisco.
1:42 | 07/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Plane Crash Lands on San Francisco Airport Runway
-- ABC news live coverage of a crash landing at San Francisco's airport today it involved a Boeing 777. Operated by -- on airlines. We do know that the counters inside the airport -- -- closed -- the banners over them saying you know counter closed obviously that airline dealing. -- what we see is is it is a fast moving response to a disaster at San Francisco's airport this afternoon that plane coming in. Believed to have crash landed. You can see that it's completely off the runway -- this is and this is a better view now you can see how far off the runway it is. Aerial pictures coming in from our ABC station kgo and our thanks to -- and the team there on this from the moment they learned. We know that the rescue teams answering the call -- immediately we've heard from several eyewitness is now Dominic Garcia moments ago who. Watch this from the restaurant not far from the airport. Said that he sought from moments after the impact that he didn't quite frankly he had hoped he would never see something like that the billowing smoke. He said the fire that broke out on the plane appeared. 22 -- Under control for just a moment. From those rescue crews arriving but -- he said it did it blew up again that the fire was even bigger -- time and a billowing smoke we've seen some of the still images in fact. As this has unfolded right now though as these live pictures coming to us you can -- they're spraying down the plane. Obviously -- want to make sure that there are no more flare ups but as we look at these live pictures and we certainly hope to await word on. On the passengers at that first reports there were 290. Passengers onboard that plane it's believed that one of the passengers was -- -- and we certainly await word on the condition of those passenger.

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{"id":19596413,"title":"Plane Crash Lands on San Francisco Airport Runway","duration":"1:42","description":"Asiana flight 214, a Boeing 777, was traveling from Seoul, South Korea, to San Francisco.","url":"/US/video/asiana-airlines-plane-crash-lands-san-francisco-airport-19596413","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}