Asiana Airlines Plane Crash: NTSB Investigates

Teams deployed to San Francisco airport to look for flight data recorders and to document the scene.
4:18 | 07/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Asiana Airlines Plane Crash: NTSB Investigates
Afternoon my name is Debbie -- man -- chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. I'm here with our team at Washington Reagan airport. We are launching. To the crash that occurred at San Francisco International Airport earlier today. We had a Boeing triple seven. -- and a flight to fourteen. That was originating in Seoul South Korea. Destined for San Francisco. They were coming in on runway 28 left. At San Francisco. International Airport. And they crashed on -- landing. We have a number -- investigators who are launching with us. Hear from headquarters they are being led by investigator in charge. Bill English. We have a number of subject matter experts are going to be leading specific teams this teams are going to be focused on operations. Human performance. Survival factors. The airport's. Airport operations. And they're going to be focusing on -- aircraft. The systems the structures. And the power plants. We're going to be supported. By a number of team members here in Washington DC -- in -- process of collecting information. On air traffic control operations. On whether -- And on maintenance issues they will appeal to gather information while the rest of our team is in route. -- provide us with that information -- we -- so we can hit the ground running. We have three investigators were based on the West Coast. They are deploying right now to the accident scene to -- it down in advance of our teams -- -- from Washington. -- -- investigators are based in the LA area and -- should arrive in San Francisco in the next couple of hours. I have spoken triggering administrator where tax -- as saying we're getting very good cooperation from the Federal Aviation Administration. From Boeing. And from other participants. We are working now with our counterparts in Korea the Korean air and accident investigation board. And people invite them this service separatists and our investigation. We're leaving now we should arrive in San Francisco in just a few hours and then we will get to work when -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The question is at this point what we think -- obviously. We have a lot of work to do you know when our teams arrive on scene. They work together collect information. We're certainly -- -- looking -- aircraft to try to find it the cockpit voice recorders like -- borders. Are functioning. At the time of the accident will be let me get information from them as well as document the accident scene. It's still too early for us to tell we haven't left Washington yet once we arrive in San Francisco. We'll have a lot better sense of what's going on in -- of the provide additional information. There any other questions. The question is is -- a relatively new aircraft. This is a Boeing triple seven and I mentioned that Boeing will likely be one of the parties -- our investigation. And we worked very closely -- witness sees that expertise to bring snacks to the investigation. That -- seven has been around for awhile -- several hundred passengers. And we'll certainly be looking. And everything when we get there we have not. Determines what the focus of this investigation is yet we have to get on seemed to really begin to collect the factual information to due to documentation. -- draw on our experts will be putting together information while wearing -- One -- question. The question is there any chance that this is pilot error. As I said before we haven't less wild left Washington yet still have a lot of work to do we will be looking at everything everything's on the table at this point. We have to gather the facts before we reach any conclusions NTS these investigations are very thorough. And we will gather information and provide that information and media as soon as possible thing you -- and not.

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{"id":19596640,"title":"Asiana Airlines Plane Crash: NTSB Investigates","duration":"4:18","description":"Teams deployed to San Francisco airport to look for flight data recorders and to document the scene.","url":"/US/video/asiana-airlines-plane-crash-ntsb-investigates-19596640","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}