Asians facing discrimination, violence amid coronavirus outbreak

ABC News' Kyra Phillips looks at the rising discrimination against Asian Americans in the wake of COVID-19. Business owners and victims share what they're trying to do about it.
7:43 | 03/13/20

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Transcript for Asians facing discrimination, violence amid coronavirus outbreak
The corona virus is impacting communities across the globe but here at home it's also leading to some. Disturbing occurrence and as many in our Asian American neighborhoods are reporting that foot traffic is down and businesses slowed to a slowed. To a halt. You more troubling we're seeing a disturbing rise in hate filled attack ads. This is now led some to worry about how to defend themselves and gun sales are actually up in certain neighborhoods are cure a Phillips has this report. It's disturbing and disheartening for your time credit that he would do here. We're talking about racially motivated crimes he inspired by fear over the corona virus its shares are now. As Kobe in nineteen spreads across the united State's so does an alarming rise in hate crimes within Asian American communities. Quite a bit about this car. Eddie just. My heart just stopped this car vandalized in California. The language too disturbing to show you and the Cheney family is devastated. And a in tears. Forced to explain to her child with the racial slurs mean. Why would it need a racist twelfth. We don't how the crowd of virus and then there's this video. Posted to FaceBook now part of an NYPD hate crime investigation yeah. Yeah. The video and horrified. And Asian American minding his own business as a total stranger for a rate Sam. Before spraying him with for green's New York city's transit department now calling this incident a racist. This CDC also weighing in now saying that being of Asian descent. Does not increase the chance of getting or spreading co bid nineteen. But many Asian Americans are increasingly reporting that they're being singled out if they're from the time. In videos filled with misinformation. Being shared on social media on the street and in schools. Dillon Mariano Stanley says their son was discriminated against by a teacher. Who claims he missed took coughing as a sign that the thirteen year old had co bid nineteen. Dillon says he was coughing because he was choking on water this was the first time that aren't there fellas being treated differently for being Asian. Dylan and his family say other non Asian students in his class don't face this same type of treatment. The school district not responding to our request for comment he is set to meet goes all the other students who are caught think they get sent out. And I. Mixed messaging not helpful as certain politicians. Like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy one of several house conservatives. Calling co bid nineteen. A Chinese or Wuhan corona virus. Now Asian community advocates around the country are speaking out. I think this is kind of unprecedented this is not just affecting China our kids. This affecting traffic in North America and. Global. From foot traffic to small businesses. Chinatown and Asian American communities across the country severely impacted in the face of covic nineteen. I think is says a great deal of this place. He is correct that I'd Asian community which is very very unfortunate because this disease. Is not ethnic centric. For. Now the largest restaurant in Chinatown is closing down temper rarely. In the middle of the week but this contains for another ten months we are now a Ferdinand remain open. With a staff of a 180. Employees. Jean Fong is seeking ways to keep the lights on on. This C holiday at about 75%. Tourists. And in norm Raleigh Chinese here it's maybe it's funny 5% tourists and that we get zero Taurus. Temporary closures and steep discounts hitting these restaurants hard. And business owners trying to figure out how they'll make ends meet. Auditing I let it die a quality Philly to view them but I did but now all I gotta say. Maha lying on state. And I think you can save fought for instead they've been quite as it the one gets out Ruble is not easy. Local Chinese businesses are taking measures to mitigate panic and fight public perception. People have been because. We understand their feelings. But actually I think that's still. Fear of corona virus. Impacting Los Angeles, California to we just wanted to try our best of attacks custom aren't. And all our employees. The increase racial tension has also led to a rise in gun sales in parts of the country. Some Asian Americans feel it's safe. And they're beginning to arm themselves in response. Well last year we deed to which is company about a 100000 dollars and a year to date we already he'd like almost 70000 dollars sells. Arcadia firearm in safety owner David Luce says business is booming this is like a sells for. My purchase for las form ones all of 2019. And this is how much we have. Just. His little binder. And is this what in we have four of these a year. All this here. And as people in times of crisis have turned to buying guns before some Asian Americans are doubling down. Fearing not only a spreading virus but also a rise in racism. That's forcing them to take drastic measures like this. Closer selfish things. I'm terra Phillips joins us now live from Washington's DC's Chinatown it when we saw other powerful and sadly hateful impact this virus is having on some people. Housing impacting businesses in people's general state of mind in that particular neighborhood. Well Lindsey up saying here in Chinatown in Washington DC it's definitely not what I am used you as I've come. They're here throughout the years foot traffic definitely low. Even the French ship archway the Chinese French of archway behind me not lit up like it usually is I had a chance to talk with. Workers within the hotels here the restaurants. All telling me that business is down and I went into a little local. That Chinese gift shop. And I asked how how business was there as well as she said it hasn't been as good as normal. So I bought a hanging fortune from her this one representing. But is pretty apropos. Good health. And also Lindsay. UNICEF which defends children's rights around the world came out with a statement today talking about this very issue. Saying we remain on the ground working in affected communities to mitigate secondary impacts. For children and pushed back against statements ism they also released an article today they published a story five ways to fight racism. And Xena phobia. Lindsay are that good health trinket and we all need that right about now if you're Phillips thanks so much for your reporting tonight.

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"ABC News' Kyra Phillips looks at the rising discrimination against Asian Americans in the wake of COVID-19. Business owners and victims share what they're trying to do about it.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69571519","title":"Asians facing discrimination, violence amid coronavirus outbreak","url":"/US/video/asians-facing-discrimination-violence-amid-coronavirus-outbreak-69571519"}