Aspiring actress mysteriously vanishes in Los Angeles

The native of Macedonia moved to Los Angeles less than two years ago.
1:18 | 03/02/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Aspiring actress mysteriously vanishes in Los Angeles
A young and beautiful woman with dreams of making it in Hollywood now miss seeing the city has. This in pool BI is. She's they have was if he's very happy at Graceland and ES should Bonnie left Macedonia to steady act dean that 45 year old seen in this photo with Conte west had been an hour late for less than two years. Friends are yelled desperate for answers after she disappeared on Friday. We reserve going to text messages she is missing so high that worried her childhood friend is certain something is not right is that Abby. Something and it is behind this. So. Brewers trying to find there is not being where posting fly as very difficult to deal with because it's non lakers it's so unlike her ship bunnies mother hired a private investigator for help. If Lilly from Macedonia determined to find her this is her child's shoes she was far away she came here. As quickly as possible the LAPD says she was last seen you took part of Hollywood it not far from where she lives friends asking anyone who needs Keener to speak out. Treated as if it were some of your own family member some of your own friends because believe me if you met this Kofi knew the school she would be a great prints everybody that knows sir.

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{"id":53469193,"title":"Aspiring actress mysteriously vanishes in Los Angeles","duration":"1:18","description":"The native of Macedonia moved to Los Angeles less than two years ago.","url":"/US/video/aspiring-actress-mysteriously-vanishes-los-angeles-53469193","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}