Astronaut to set new record for women in space

Christina Koch is on track to set the record for the longest duration in space by a woman.
2:58 | 04/18/19

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Transcript for Astronaut to set new record for women in space
Imagine your first time astronaut and lift strapping on to a Russian Soyuz rocket blasting into space. And what should get to the space station you've learned your boy this day longer so long you may set a world record. What does Christina cook think about that. Under the currently lets keep you up to speed. Forty year old Christina cook arrived at the space station in March reunited with her astronaut classmate and McClain the two were expected to make history as the first all female spacewalking team but that didn't happen but now. Cook who did venture out of the station with another classmate nick cake could set another record. For long duration space flight by a woman happy about that. I'm certainly excited as someone who's been here for a month already. So have the grin on my face that won't seem to go away just that I'm here every day wake up excited and pinching my. Now the scientist who has done research for months at the Earth's poles. Was expected to come home in the fall but NASA has extended her stay until February 20 each morning. Which could set the record of 328. Days in space the longest for any woman. And just a couple of weeks shy of Scott Kelly's single flight record for an American welcome onboard space age and it's great to do it gives you are the first to talk to her about becoming part of NASA's research. And a how long stays in space. A fact the human body. I'm very excited to see you can see my Tuesday. In terms of records I don't necessarily count numbers are days I just think about Jim my best every David's academy. You don't think about numbers but what is your husband say about the potential that you're there until February 20 pointing. We're both on board like many families that deal let family member that deploys. It's something that you do because you both believe and agree to us what was it why. On the rock what was it like. Opening a hatch and getting into the station. You know as we're preparing to lines it feels a lot like whenever simulation events and then the only difference plans when the cap down to zero we actually started moving. I looked out the window and other down below for the first time and actually explained Al Adam again and we have trained for so many years to walk into the actual reality of the space station like the fact that actually that. I'm was just it was like walking into and the grease that. And finally your message to Americans about what you've learned in your short time that may be a very long time and space. Challenge yourself. To reach farther than you think you in ago we can benefit. The world around us the most by pushing ourselves Christina. If you're gonna be up there as long as February of next year I hope we get a chance to speaker Karen adds I think you David. Christina cook book all goes as planned will span three space station expeditions. I'm David Curley and now you're up to speed.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Christina Koch is on track to set the record for the longest duration in space by a woman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62479062","title":"Astronaut to set new record for women in space","url":"/US/video/astronaut-set-record-women-space-62479062"}