Atlanta Prepares for Another Winter Wallop

Georgia residents raid supermarkets for supplies ahead of incoming winter storm system.
3:00 | 02/11/14

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Transcript for Atlanta Prepares for Another Winter Wallop
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen -- New York with this ABC news digital special report snow scare in the south or more accurately. Ice anxiety. Just two weeks after Atlantic came to a standstill a second winter storm is banging on the door a state of emergency already declared an Atlanta. And the president has already signed off on female -- ABC's Devin -- Joins us now. More -- for down here in Atlanta it's been mostly rain so far but officials here say we could be in store for in the worst ice storms in recent memory. Ahead of -- people here aren't taking any chances. Today the deep south this in the state of emergency is -- second winter storm in as many weeks threatened snow and ice in places that just aren't equipped for. Big stuff -- ahead of us tomorrow could be a terrible day and from Dallas to Huntsville to Columbia, South Carolina -- have already become dangerous and deadly. In Atlanta public schools are closed for the next two days before even a snowflake has fallen they're expecting two inches of snow and a quarter inch of ice by Wednesday. A grocery stores evidence of the panic aisles clear of the staples its families prepare to hunker down for days it. Because I have 28 year old twins at home. And her husband and they all -- lives. Telling you got your heart I guess soon. New bridge everything you need first everything you need. It seems -- -- hardware stores too many sold out of salt sanding kitty litter to give those slippery sidewalks and gripped. Across the region memories still fresh -- the nightmares caused by the last storm when Atlanta freeways became jammed ice rinks and thousands of kids were stranded in their schools. Georgia governor Nathan Deal criticized for being -- prepared last time. Has been warning this one could be worse. I -- is the big danger here. -- is we did not lose power in the most recent incidents. -- as you know presents a great challenge meanwhile the weather is another hit for airlines and their passengers more than a thousand flights have already been canceled with the world's busiest airport Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson being hardest hit. Now forecasters say the worst of this storm will hit tonight into Wednesday the National Weather Service says this one. Could be -- quote catastrophic. Events. An historic proportions Michelle. -- there's also been somewhat of -- -- -- in the in the country how is Georgia making sure it has enough for this storm. That's right a shortage in many parts of the country because of these repeated -- of winter weather here. You'll remember two weeks ago on these roads like the highway behind me. Gridlocked because the city to city and state didn't have enough salt. On those roadways to clear them in time for rush hour traffic governor. -- 15100 tons a salt and sand that they've moved into position from the southern part of the state. To get ready for this storm they've been pre position and -- north of here and here in the city. So we'll see how they use that -- In the next couple of hours. And -- of course concerned that this storm could paralyze the city are people scared or -- anxiety because of what they experienced two weeks ago. -- folks -- talked to this morning said that they are really taking this very seriously after that as you say what they saw a few weeks ago some people. We talk to trapped on the highways first 789 hours at a time. I wouldn't say there's so much scared as they are just trying to be more cautious this time around a lot of people stocking up at this grocery -- something. It's not something you see every day up there in the north and in New York grocery store shelves completely -- -- -- on my piece they're certainly taking this very seriously show. It sounds like -- ABC's Devin Dwyer in Atlanta Georgia thank you. And so for more now on how hard the snow is going to hit the south and where it's going to go next I want to bring in AccuWeather and your bag Levy Andrew. How bad is this round going to be. Very very bad unfortunately we're looking at a 12 punch of a winter weather for the southeast of the first disturbance. Really starting to push off into the Carolinas where we're seeing a lot of messy weather currently but in Atlanta. Won't get that -- rain you can see in the radar the rain snow line came awfully close to the Atlanta area stayed jumps to the north -- earlier on this morning Birmingham not so lucky were we did see some freezing rain. Right along interstate 220. And we solved between a -- than a quarter of an inch device already on the -- a lot of that travels out there as the snow on the northern edge -- we did pick up a good three to five inches around Marshall and -- counties. Across the northern Alabama Georgia and that's what spreading across the Carolinas currently with a bit of a -- snow in two. A Fayetteville, North Carolina just south of the Raleigh Durham area around Columbia little bit messy so certainly. Very -- -- out there guarding mentioned over a thousand flights canceled. Out of Atlanta also -- -- but Dallas Fort Worth. But we're not out of the woods yet the second punch and the worse of the two is going to be making its way -- can see that currently across. Texas we've been seeing some spotty showers popping up around Dallas Fort -- there -- a -- ran toward Abilene but take a look at this some moisture you can see this coming in out of the south. So it's picking up some moisture from the gulf and this is what's going to be feeling. The sleet and freezing rain as a -- is right along the interstate twenty court or and I am very. Very concerned about this one. Not only for Dallas right on through northern Louisiana toward Little Rock could see some icy conditions but late tonight. Toward Birmingham and Atlanta and this is going to be devastating from later on tonight. In through Wednesday freezing rain from Atlanta towards Charlotte, North Carolina down toward Colombia where we could see ice accumulations. Over -- and in some -- even upwards of an inch of ice. And Natalie this is going to be devastating for the travelers but -- we've been talking about the power outages I'm expecting to be widespread. And with ice. Not so much during summer thunderstorms resurgence flip a switch and power comes back on when it's ice though knocking down trees and power lines. This is where power outages could be not only days but weeks long. -- and -- certainly again these areas not used to having a storm like this this wintry mix and looking at the map that is quite a swath. Of bad weather how would you compare this storm compared to that 12 weeks ago. I would say certainly worse now -- stick something good out of it I'd say we more prepared for it this time around so. That's certainly a silver lining out of this it's good thing that -- emergencies are declared in. Georgia and Alabama certainly called for. But I would say that this is going to be a worst storm with heavier accumulations of ice and again. Right in this sort of triangle here is where my biggest concern is for the ice accumulating and travel -- for quite some time in. And then the power outages a big concern is well. And -- we're talking about the storm in the south but it's gonna move its way up to the mid Atlantic and the northeast. What can we expect there. Messy weather is exactly what we expect now this time around it's looking to be snow instead of -- Anytime -- have winter weather -- first thing you need is the cold and that's exactly what we're seeing currently across the northeast. Rather nice day if not -- the temperatures only in the teens around Detroit buffalo Syracuse just got 120 in Pittsburgh Indianapolis thirteen where was below zero earlier this morning. And even the on -- five quarter saying below freezing Washington DC Philadelphia New York. Now this storm system is going to strengthen as it moves up the eastern seaboard to possible tracked it could take a good heads up to -- a little bit more. While in the heaviest of the snow will be toward the coastal areas and in many areas not reaching -- put but it. I'm looking for more of a crawl up the coast type of scenario and if that is the case which. I do expect right now -- model sort of an agreement a little bit. We're looking for some very very heavy snow -- -- along interstate 81 through Virginia the Washington DC Philadelphia New York could see a good six to ten inches -- this is -- riding. Early Thursday morning late was in early Thursday morning continuing through Thursday and making its -- to New England Thursday and Friday. And -- the hardest hit areas right around Harrisburg PA -- we could see over a foot twelve to 8018 inches certainly not out of the question. Certainly on top of all the -- -- that we receive but it looks like it could be an all snow event. So we're gearing up for that it's definitely cold up here Andrew Bagley thank you for joining us and you can of course get a complete recap. Right here on For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Georgia residents raid supermarkets for supplies ahead of incoming winter storm system.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22471023","title":"Atlanta Prepares for Another Winter Wallop","url":"/US/video/atlanta-prepares-winter-wallop-22471023"}