Atleast 140 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in New York state

Rick Cotton, the executive director of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority transportation system, is the state’s first public official to test positive for the coronavirus.
4:07 | 03/10/20

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Transcript for Atleast 140 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in New York state
Here in New York the state with the most confirmed cases so far are whit Johnson has that report. Tonight New York State reeling from the largest corona virus outbreak in the country a number of cases at least 140. And climbing. The nation's busiest transportation hub taking another hit to physician's assistant James Klein says he got the virus after attending a medical conference here Times Square. He's 32 with no underlying conditions. The surprise. He can be criminal. So quickly removed and and so you know until June turned smoke. Cai says his health is deteriorating he's hospitalized in New Jersey. Her former alone musical really. Well you know working. Her parents so I don't know how harmless younger her. The Rick cotton executive director of the Port Authority. Now the State's first public official to test positive this the agency saying he is asymptomatic and as self quarantined at his home. A seven year old girl in the Bronx also testing positive the youngest known case in the US said to be doing well with her Fam like. But New York's most volatile flare of community spread. Is in Westchester County with the majority of the State's cases this is the hot spot. Mortar the hotspots nationally officials say dozens of cases traced back to one man. A second attorney named Lawrence car blues whose case was complicated by a previous condition. His wife who is also infected along with their two children. Seeing the rest of the family is in good condition. And that her husband remains critical but she is very hopeful of his full recovery that case resulting in a wave of school closures throughout the county. Multiple universities in the state including Columbia Hofstra and Fordham also canceling classes. New York city's mayor suggesting dramatic steps to keep the elderly safe. Even if you love your grandchildren for example you don't wanna go see your grandchildren if they happen to be sick ignore the common cold you just don't wanna do it. In Washington DC several hundred people ordered to self quarantine after some receive communion from reverend Timothy Cole. The leader of a prominent appears Kabul church who became the city's first confirmed case. Hard hit Washington State now has infections and at least three different nursing homes it's the deadly epicenter with at least 22 fatalities three more announced today from that life care nursing facility. We've had patients who within an hour's time show no symptoms. To going to acute symptoms and being transferred to the hospital and we've had patients die relatively quickly. We Johnson joins us now live from new York and what we're hearing that the first EMS member has tested positive. Wednesday that's right the FDNY confirming its for a sick EMS worker. To test positive in this city now this is the first medical first responder. The test positive in New York City this is a person who is based out of Brooklyn. As a result that worker as well as that person's colleagues all have to go on a self quarantine now but it's another example of how. First responders are really on the front lines of this outbreak especially here. In New York City we've seen reports of doctors nurses and other medical workers throughout the area who also tested positive Wednesday. And it with the governor New York Andrew Cuomo we heard from him earlier today he announced a new weapon in the fight against the virus unveiling an arsenal of cleaning products tells more about that. It really is fascinating Lindsey the State of New York is now producing its own. And sanitize or and the governor said that they now the capacity to produce 100000. Gallons of hand sanitize or per week. And they expect to ramp that up they say this is a response all of the price gouging the lack of availability. Governments schools and CA prisons. They can't even buy this stuff on line and they especially can't buy it and bolts and now the city is producing its own they say down the road it's also a lot more cost effective. To do it themselves. And try to buy it from someplace else Lindsey Wright I can imagine when Johnson thanks so much for that report.

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{"duration":"4:07","description":"Rick Cotton, the executive director of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority transportation system, is the state’s first public official to test positive for the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69495179","title":"Atleast 140 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in New York state","url":"/US/video/atleast-140-cases-covid-19-reported-york-state-69495179"}