Attorney calls for Dallas officer’s firing in fatal wrong-apartment shooting

Lee Merritt, who represents the family of Botham Jean, has asked the Dallas Police Department to fire Officer Amber Guyger.
3:46 | 09/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Attorney calls for Dallas officer’s firing in fatal wrong-apartment shooting
The war that was its own night. Both zones Q. The war at a specific design in mind stated purpose in warning law warns can't be brought they have these specific. So they to go on with apartment complex. Look or evidence of Brookner. On the night it was Hugh Dallas Police Department investigators were interested. Specifically find it from base. It could help assassinated scared. And it could not cope with it whatsoever. School. Homicide investigation the accident the miracles priority. If if what was discovered that one can be relied on it's probative of any gates. Be. Discriminatory nature of the investigation at Austin. And I understand the Dallas Police Department has now drawn themselves in that investigation it's been taken over by the Texas Rangers. But. The detained on the investigation from the beginning with its polls to let wanted to habitats and it did nothing else. We spent a lot of time this day discussing. In celebrating the likeable dog was a great man from childhood through. Through his great school experience and her family members and relatives about race and we you're from his college classmates. We heard from his employers he lived 26 years on this earth. Without. Ever been accused of any crop. And it's a committing murder by Dallas police officer. In order for him to be coming from. And it's actually dread this a truly truly. Us mere. Not incident though as it was designed against that young man but it smear against the city of Dallas itself. It's on the city of its incumbent upon the city of Dallas begin to make things right specifically. Now we knew we hear eight days after his murder specifically we are calling we're demanding. That officer amber Geiger be fired term. Related immediately sees it not still be on the payroll for the city of Dallas that is something. That can be done. Immediate. Understand what the charges met louder at currently stands or if it eventually goes where all beat which is murder. Regardless this is the young woman who it will be an up or use of force has been involved in this city want it certainly criminal. There's no place or her. Dallas the city of Dallas needs to sit out a message is no place for a woman like that. On the police force this is not both. We're also demanding that chief Rene hall. Lots an internal investigation into the Dallas Police Department and discover who was coordinating with immediate begin to leak information. That would not only assassinate the care of the segment because we have spent that was the issue of a public record. But mostly in at least and it did trusts are up the false testimony regarding providing. By Alison Geiger. Members of the Dallas morning news have reported that they're coordinating would. Unnamed officers who was provided information that tries to add credibility. To this testimony that is demonstrative league policy statements that may never got here about what happened that night what sort dimasi calls. And as long as red and on behalf this remembered back to comport with the truth. The statements that she's made sold or. Investigators they've repeated left days or simply. A not cooperated not operable. By about facts of this case.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"Lee Merritt, who represents the family of Botham Jean, has asked the Dallas Police Department to fire Officer Amber Guyger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57829751","title":"Attorney calls for Dallas officer’s firing in fatal wrong-apartment shooting","url":"/US/video/attorney-calls-dallas-officers-firing-wake-fatal-shooting-57829751"}