Authorities searching for motive in bar massacre

Marine veteran may have had PTSD, Sheriff says
2:31 | 11/09/18

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Transcript for Authorities searching for motive in bar massacre
As you know yesterday there was another. Mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, California. That lasts twelve people dead. And the gunman is also dead as well in so. I think as a country we're understanding that this these mass shootings may become our new reality. So Cano Wentworth was there all day and she's there. As well now and so wanna go to Cain and see what's the latest. Hey Kimberly it has been a horrifying 24 hours for the people here in Thousand Oaks I can still see. Behind me there are authorities investigating there's crime scene tape everywhere but war also starting to see is acts actually falling from the sky because of the fires that are burning. Just right over there so. People who. Have now been evacuated from their homes in this area have nowhere to go after dealing with this community's. First a mass shooting it's been terrified we were actually evacuated from our hotel. Early this morning and we were seeing people out in the lobby in their cameras with their dogs. They have been evacuated from their homes. Many first responders are absolutely it running on empty they had to respond to this mass shooting. And now they're having to respond to the fire so it has been incredibly hard for this community to trying come together and grieve still. We saw lines wrapping around buildings people trying to donate blood people doing what ever they can't help. These families heal and grieve this is we're learning a lot more about the victims inside I spoke with two men yesterday. Who lost two of their best friends they worked security at the borderline bar and grill. And here's that they had to say. David. They did everything addicted in the final moments we were told when I'm. Was he went out of here. Believe you are now fighting the shooter. Announced today Kimberly. His mother is calling for action listen to this. I don't want prayers I don't want lots. I want gun control and I hope to cut nobody else does me anymore breakers. I'm want to bring him control they owe more. Then. And again it's been a harrowing a 24 hours as police are investigating. How Ian David Long 28 years old got to the point where he had to do this we know his gun was purchased legally but it had an extended magazine. He is of course a veteran of the US Marine Corps they're interviewing his family the FBI which was house yesterday they're still searching for a motive. Kimberly.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Marine veteran may have had PTSD, Sheriff says","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59088195","title":"Authorities searching for motive in bar massacre","url":"/US/video/authorities-searching-motive-bar-massacre-59088195"}