New Autopsy Report Shows Michael Brown Was Shot 6 Times

Missouri Governor Nixon calls in National Guard to help control violent protest in aftermath of Brown's death.
3:00 | 08/18/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Autopsy Report Shows Michael Brown Was Shot 6 Times
After another violent night of clashes -- Ferguson Missouri. Governor Jay Nixon is the -- the National -- city this. As new information about the two autopsy on slain teen Michael Brown is revealed to the public. Look when I'm down Cutler -- New York President Obama back at the White House today meeting with attorney general Eric Holder about situation Ferguson holder. Has agreed to LeBron -- request for a third autopsy to be conducted. By a federal expert. So with that a lot. Ferguson Missouri now. -- BC's Marissa Gonzales is standing by Marcy. Paid any other violence here just got so out of control last night that the first day of school here in Ferguson had to be postponed again. As you mentioned the National Guard was called in. I think -- boiling over yeah. After a night of shootings. -- Police. -- -- -- Well there and we had it. To protect lives and Robert. Today fuel to the already raging emotional fire here with the release of a private preliminary autopsy report ordered by Michael Brown's family. Finding the unarmed eighteen year old was shot at least. Six times including twice in the head those -- the medical investigator tells us we're likely not fired at close range. It's what we know from the gunshot wounds -- the head is that they were at a distance. And they were coming and point from the top down indicating that mr. brown was bent over at the time that those shots -- Police have maintained officer Darren Wilson shown in this FaceBook photo shot brown after he was physically assaulted by the teen and his friend. Today Brown's mother told Robin Roberts all she wants he's just. What is justice to -- And being fair. -- in this -- and. Making him accountable -- exits. And we're -- the investigation under -- by police and the FBI could still take several weeks. And will take into account the results of two other autopsy is also being done -- -- -- want to ask you what exactly is the rule of the National Guard when they arrive on the ground. Well they're here now we just -- -- show up here at the police command center not too long ago when the governor says. They will work under the state Highway Patrol in a limited capacity of course you -- try to keep peace in the streets but another. A part of that to happen here is to keep this command post -- Them -- last night the Highway Patrol said. Escalated when hundreds of demonstrators. Demonstrators started making their way. To this command center and that's when they started throwing a Molotov cocktails reportedly on to the National Guard -- also helped. To keep this command center safe so that officers in -- can then keep the streets safe. But no curfew put in place for tonight. Correct the governor says tonight there will be no curfew that was a curfew the past two nights. But not tonight. ABC's Marissa Gonzales and Ferguson Missouri Marcy thank you for that. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- store in the stored for exclusive updates ago. For now Democrats New York.

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{"id":25027788,"title":"New Autopsy Report Shows Michael Brown Was Shot 6 Times","duration":"3:00","description":"Missouri Governor Nixon calls in National Guard to help control violent protest in aftermath of Brown's death.","url":"/US/video/autopsy-report-shows-michael-brown-shot-times-25027788","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}