Baby Gabriel's Mother Elizabeth Johnson Sentenced to 5.25 years in Prison

The missing child's mother was convicted of custodial interference charges.
3:51 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Baby Gabriel's Mother Elizabeth Johnson Sentenced to 5.25 years in Prison
So what we have here is we have two offenses that are gonna run consecutive levee consecutively and there's going to be a tale. With them. So let's talk about the numbers and I will tell you that and thinking about. This sentence. Ads over -- last days I came to a place where I thought I was gonna go. Obviously open to hearing at sentencing. -- what I needed. To understand. Exactly what the situation this. And I know ms. Johnson you were hoping today to walk out of here free person but you're not gonna walk out of this courtroom a free woman today you're not. I -- sentencing you on. Count -- the custodial interference. To a term that's. To that. Term -- -- department of corrections greater than the presumptive I think that greater than presumptive term as appropriate. So I'm sentencing you to -- term on count four to 3.5 years in department of corrections. To run from today's date. I've got credit for 1062. Days of time served in the credits going to be there on that count. I'm starting with that count because it's to -- almost first in time so I'm taking account somewhat out of order but the credits going to be on -- four. I'm -- community supervision because we're gonna have a probation -- that comes in behind. On count one the unlawful imprisonment. Again. Eight term in the department of corrections greater in the presumptive is appropriate and I'm -- a two term of one point 75 years in department of corrections. To begin from today's date. There's no credit on that because we'll use it up on the first. Count that means a total five point 25 years in department of corrections. That is where I plan to go when I note that the State's recommendation is almost exactly where I was gonna go before -- -- the State's recommendation. And while mr. -- you criticize the state for not recognizing the mitigating factors I think actually the recommendation did. By proposing -- -- and not proposing a stack. I expected to some degree the state to be asking for the maximum time because sometimes that's what the state does but the state instead asking for probation term I think. Wasn't recognition of the mitigating factors. As to count three to conspiracy to commit custodial interference I'm gonna take the advice of defense. And sentence you to it the longest term of probation and I can which is called probation tale. And that major probation term starts upon your release from prison it's going to be four years of probation. Let's talk about what that means I'm going to be imposing probation terms that include mental health terms and what's called domestic violence terms. And what that means is when you come out of prison. You're gonna have for your probation term let's look at the good part of the good part of it is services will be available to you. The Probation Department will attempt to help you succeed. Coming out of prison it gives you a framework and some help when you come out. That's the good part here's the bad part for four years are going to be on probation and if you violate that probation and the violation is significant enough. You could get a jail term -- prison term going back. And that's what could happen. And understand that the Probation Department will expect you to do certain things and if you don't do them that's a violation. I -- -- -- concern about whether you're gonna be compliant but yet you're gonna have a chance. Going for with the probation. There's going to be certain financial consequences. To the probation up to 65 dollar monthly fee as well as some other fees as well. There I wish there is more to do than just pronounced numbers and it's not. I wish there was something I could do to bring closure. There's not. All I can do is follow the law as best I can impose what I think is the appropriate sentence and I done that.

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{"id":17909070,"title":"Baby Gabriel's Mother Elizabeth Johnson Sentenced to 5.25 years in Prison","duration":"3:51","description":"The missing child's mother was convicted of custodial interference charges.","url":"/US/video/baby-gabriels-mother-elizabeth-johnson-sentenced-525-years-17909070","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}