See Baby Oysters in Their Nursery

ABC News' Maggie Rulli visits the oyster nursery at the Rappahannock Oyster Company.
2:24 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for See Baby Oysters in Their Nursery
Hey dad and Maggie really here for ABC news digital and we aren't my on the wrapping and it gripped it with raping and it wipes your company. We just found on from Clinton and wife. A little more I think. Never every farm like they're. But it was still on the scene because if you go check it out we were out on the water we are. In the middle of an oyster farm in the day with twenty million point there underneath us now we're going to. Ether from the currently are injected it actually sample collected above everything that I want to show you got something that I found on the evening. Oyster nursery because when you are they don't come from nowhere you not to. I've gone through them and it all happened right here. So Anthony. Have going to show it what a baby boy it doesn't he and it's bound. O Eric. I live here click you can get yet. You don't have to bigger ones are either. Drilling. This is exactly what grows up to become what you eat on your dinner plate. Only right now. They look exactly like what. Very while urging. About two years back in the process and. It generic. He heavy heavy armor. Yeah. Before although I am I well all the good airplanes on the things. We're going to look at it joystick and a nursery. And it great fun it. Nobody at the don't have a. We did you like there are kids. A couple 100000 tons this raceway here. And out once they get beat up by the quarter if they're going to dig it up. Get our city goes.

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{"id":42887815,"title":"See Baby Oysters in Their Nursery","duration":"2:24","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli visits the oyster nursery at the Rappahannock Oyster Company.","url":"/US/video/baby-oysters-nursery-42887815","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}