Baltimore Police Shoot 13-Year-Old Holding 'What Looked Like' a Firearm

A 13-year-old boy is recovering from non-life threatening injuries after he was shot by a Baltimore Police Department officer during a foot chase.
13:26 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Baltimore Police Shoot 13-Year-Old Holding 'What Looked Like' a Firearm
News. They saw the young man with a firearm. Look like firearm industry. Identify themselves as police officers to this young man and young man took off. On foot. With the gun in his hand in the foot chase was probably a good 150. Plus yards it around the corner here. The young man. Never dropped. To be we're here to be a firearm. Police officers were were two police officers discharged his firearm at the young man strike you you're not fatally. His gunshot wounds are non fatal he will survive. From his injuries. But we know this. You know this this kind of sounds like a police involved shooting we had not too long ago inside the convenience store. Police officers two police officers make an observation of a person. With what looks like to be gone in music. As it turns out this is a replica. Semiautomatic. Pistol. It's a rapist semiautomatic pistol and I looked out of myself today mr. Ritter were top that I put my relies on it. It's an absolutely. Identical. Replica. Semiautomatic this. There's police officers had no way of knowing that was not in fact an actual firearm it looks like a firearm. The young man came out of his house we know so far. On his mom approach zone police officers here and she made it to you mission. To our police officers that she knew that her son left their homes with what she just. As a BB gun in his hair so we have from the mom. Through several or police officers mom knew that her young son a thirteen year old young man left. There have room with what among describes as the BB gun in his hair police officers he had given me. What looks like a vehicle gunners here they identified. Themselves police officers they gave chase it's exactly what our community spirit resources to do when they see some with a firearm. Go back Tony Hayward 48 hours of Baltimore last point what we're here hours. Please call. Exactly what we ask them. That's not lost on me whatsoever. Why this two. The semiautomatic pistol in his hand I don't know why this young man choose to flee on foot. When he was approached by two Baltimore police officers. I don't know why that young man through. The gun comply with the officers demand stuff I don't know that he. Search team of we've got here you know we take these investigations. Police action. That's all I'm. Decision should. We'll go moms who. Soon I'm sorry to. Well it's it's a dead on rate. The whether to access semiautomatic. And that's something. Look it's a big. Jets out to be fired from BB gun. We see this all the time we see people warm themselves through replica handgun. The purpose of committing crimes were bad breath you can get it happens all the time a Baltimore happens elsewhere. We I guess I can't speak to what was billed as the Israelis minds I've got to thirteen year old twins ago. Some tears trying to address and my two thirds heels of her. Leaving my house group with a replica semiautomatic pistol and I can't wrap my head around. I know that the mom at least based on what mom told police officers here I knew that the mom knew them knew that her son left their house. Throughout the semiautomatic to see. I can't wrap my head around him. It offers its. Bottom of it. I'm certainly glad this young man. Survived and here's who survived from from his injuries no police officer Baltimore Washington thirteen. Police officers here and elsewhere. Are or charge by violence by our community. We're going after bad guys with guns we can't allow someone to walk down the street in broad daylight anywhere in Baltimore with what looks like he. It is semiautomatic pistol that was Chris yeah. Was the mother resting their mothers feed question that you. Should we heard if you explain to me. Isn't. There for these stores. In their lives really lives. Those. It. Away and turning to. The women had I don't. We conceded just speculation it is occurring investigation. Field. I've gotten a reasonably is often acted appropriately whatsoever just. Out of their cars obviously personally. What looked like being. More. Publishers do those jobs. So when he ran for Jason good 150 meters or yards quarter kept running at every opportunity dropped ago. Every effort to stop Bruce's hear what I would do. Instructions of police officers with I don't know its efforts funerals mine I don't know alliances. To put a guns. I wish you didn't. Ansar Islam which is. And of the ball more this hormones. Fast. Identify people who. Pose a threat to this community and I'll save distant to umpires if anybody walking down the street. With a real gun handgun in his or her hands is a poses a public pleas on putting words in my mouth. Poses a public safety threats or community. Yours you. Where my. I think it was lords how many times. I'm not sure commission you should you chancellor today. Lester. Traditionalists are barely weasels 25 years and there's no way on this earth. Secretary of literate very young it was a real. It is dead or ranger semiautomatic. Because it resembles a running Christina how many shots were fired. Was. And it's accurate and you it was very important just. Came from of them must Baltimore I was earlier today over the dedication of the senior senator was burned down just to see your. But what the job of police officer was here and elsewhere. We we sauces don't take days off we're constantly testing. Despondency. The concerns of the community and public safety never takes them off to buy it it's it's not lost on what it was when Lisa was used in this city. And what in the uses police department when he. What it means through to me personally. So which I wasn't here describing to you all what appears here. Very unusual circumstance. Thirteen year old young man written this decision. To leave consumers. For what you're gonna. Can't explain that it is about myself. Ever be able to fully explain human behavior in anyone but he made that decision. His mom again appeared to students are absolutely and her son left the house with which she describes. It's I don't know what was going on look proper yeah oh yeah I was you do. Now we're so what he's saying here's rod and a thirteen year old young man being being shot by police officers accused there was mark units. Even more these are intelligence tests were throwing blows and they drive area. They drive and marvelous. He's. Carefully. We normally do. We have follow a president obviously we normally do. Because there transparencies. For sports community. Will be use able right in front of her views. They're two officers but only one shot the second president to. Gave chase one of those who do shores his. We talked. Area who describe. It's very intense. Whom they believe he father. They believed she was arrested did you think your question was that a tense situation this year pushing yeah I can't. And karamanlis. I won't just sell my house and. My thirteen year old twins I'm sure my illusion you're running. If I were to find out their normal. So who suffered. Persons who are so I can't speak to the exact nature of better interaction between police officers and my heart yourself to work but she is not under arrest and she's being interviewed. Police headquarters right. Someone else is that is the witness said that he was already on the ground when that one or shot is there any that. Kitty was running was was laying down when he was shows their earnings through we have a. Really sophisticated U detectives and crime scene investigators and will be able to through absolutely determined with certainty. Bullet trajectory. How close of police officers were and number of other. Things just. I promise you. Seditious. Comprise. Top notch. Realized. Investigative responsibility again. Investigating what's most news. Sacred obligations. We're gonna get away. It's one you. It's already been there were verbal commands given parks many shops and battle hardened. What we know now it's certainties. The young man has served its in the autumn. Birds that young man the young man decided for whatever reason it's thirteen year old kid. Two days. You decided to run and not only beauty inside and why he decided not to drop that. I can't save lives this decisions. The foot chase. And severe. Thoughts and prayers and your. Those include. Here actually. Very volatile dangerous situations and seeing somebody who looks like. His hand that's that's something most humans don't ever experienced in her life it's of the police officers. And trained to handle these results made. That observation compelled. By virtue of their duty as. Pump all vehicles. The offices or he's innocent. What it was a process known whereabouts. And students from. Investigators. Discharges his or her final. Strikes person. Always starts isn't criminal investigation. This partnership would. States turns. Reporter and writes. Any citizen whose whose subject to criminal investigation themselves from homelessness. Would present as. Specialists recent response C. Posture to investigate this starting. Street Peter Moore. Rather follow personal smaller.

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{"duration":"13:26","description":"A 13-year-old boy is recovering from non-life threatening injuries after he was shot by a Baltimore Police Department officer during a foot chase.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"38720614","title":"Baltimore Police Shoot 13-Year-Old Holding 'What Looked Like' a Firearm","url":"/US/video/baltimore-police-shoot-13-year-holding-looked-firearm-38720614"}