Bar shooting survivors recount horror

Survivors of the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA, speak about what happened when a gunman fatally shot 12 people.
7:15 | 11/08/18

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Transcript for Bar shooting survivors recount horror
I wanna go to can whitworth who is also. On the scene and she's been there for hours Kana Harry doing. Paid him reeling thanks yet we've been here all night long into the wee hours of the morning I have to tell you. We've been talking with victims and bait house they're some of them are still out here they've been up all night long. Telling their absolutely. Horrifying stories about what happened and sure you've mentioned it was college night there this bar was packed with. Hundreds of students there to celebrate. 21 birthday that is the place that some of them go two or three times a week it was actually described to me as they're safe. Place. And then I have to tell you in at eighteen and up. Club and so what we're seeing that's been really scary is Harry. Right into the scene absolutely frantic they're looking for their loved ones and it's been. Terrifying. Currently authorities are working to identify the victims right now so many of them though that made it out. Made it out because of heroics performed by people that were inside the largest teacher and there I spoke with a young man who said. He saw someone throw parcels through windows repeated the same thing through parcel that through a window and that's how they got some. Thirty people out of their to safety I think we actually can listen to what has had to say. There is a bunch of us that we're just looking for cover. And we were so we are standing right next to a pool table and so. We got everybody behind the pool table and down and then there's probably six or seven of us guys just. Dog piling over the girls that Wear protect us. Yet they're it's my famine if that's what you do it. And we waited did as late as low and as quiet and turned up. Don't people turn up their cell phones that we wouldn't can't draw attention to ourselves. Until first round of shots and it. And I knew that we had a death because he was either going to be load change weapons whenever he was doing we had to act now we wanted these people don't live. So I was getting up from where I was lying on top of people. And looked over and saw someone had thrown a bar stool through one of the windows because that the closest exit was. Far. Down that way board closer towards him and we are gonna go towards it and needed to be needed to get out of there and this was the best way to do it. So I grabbed the parcels. He went through the world through the window and then we. People whoever was in the front basically was pushed in the glass down and jump and out and help open the guys and girls. And we just stood there basically. Forcing people as many people as we could out as fast as we did and so we cleared everyone out and then you jump start ourselves. Then it was just trying to. Collect every one and pushed them down out of sight. And as far away as possible. There isn't that incredible to hear and what he told me after that Kimberly was that. Once they got all those people to CD they actually started heading back because. People were kind of scattered they didn't know what to do some people were calling and their parents and he just sort of tried to funnel everybody out to safety and and just get them out of there. It it's a really compelling story when you hear these people talk about. Oh what happened to them and then we also heard from. Young man and his father and the father feeling like he almost had regrets because he only did things. To keep his son -- I mean that's the kind of thing that people are thinking about right now I actually I think we have that sound as well Kimberly it's incredibly. Emotional at the commitment that this. Right next to the entrance we're getting really believe we have principal. It is the world's smoke here. He fired the first shot and it was live. Sudden about it was a joke. So I pull them down and you cover. I looked up that he was moving. To the right fish. First. Belts are. This young man. Yeah he shut the the guess here. I'm probably. He started moving to the right. It was a looking at us. Even into the office. Of the world captures that is he didn't say anything. Not all he just started shooting. They shouldn't see some changes. But I sort of mild weather away. A British citizen Dave apologized. To the city but even better. It was certainly. Wow. That's aren't a lot else hearts here is man yeah. Yeah is it yeah ten magic can't really what it's like for these people making these decisions in the heat of their money in the heat of the moment and they're like really depends on it the sheriff actually just got choked up here few minutes ago because he said. They had six or seven off duty officers actually in that club when the shooting happened and that parent. I've come up to him and he he actually started crying when he said that that parents have come up to him and heads or officers shielded my kid. They saved their life. It's incredible I spoke with another young woman who set a bartender saved her life he knew the layout of the place and so he pulled her up like a latter. Into the attic and that's where they hit Intel this entire thing was over so it's been. Had traumatic evening for everybody involved and as a lot of people were leaving it was a pretty incredible moment. There were sheriff's deputies. Fire authorities and then victims and then just people coming out there's. Port them victims that actually advantages on the leg they gathered in a prayer circle. And they said after that you know this community is gonna come back stronger than ever Kimberly this is a community that two years ago was voted one of the safest in this country. Yes which proves it can happen anywhere and anytime minutes it's becoming so regular now it's really scary. Now I can't you know monetary and when you ask people about. Sorry yeah I was gonna say what's it what's it like for you being there you know you've covered these sorts of things before what's the mood for you being there in the middle of this and in seeing these things happen over and over again week by week. I think again is. Operative word there and really again perhaps here again doing this again this has happened in our country again. People are sickened by that any what's really sad is that so many people I spoke went. This is a country bar so a lot of them were actually in Los vacant. They were at that she's not mean concert when not massacre happened so they have experienced something like this now twice in their life time. Not his just twice tonight. Absolutely Cain and thank you so much for your reporting in being there I can of course some you'll you'll be on the scene much longer as well also thank you so much sir for joining us.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Survivors of the mass shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA, speak about what happened when a gunman fatally shot 12 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59060862","title":"Bar shooting survivors recount horror ","url":"/US/video/bar-shooting-survivors-recount-horror-59060862"}