The Beautiful Gardens of the Tudor Place Mansion

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos gets a behind the scenes look at the North Garden in DC.
24:57 | 10/25/16

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Transcript for The Beautiful Gardens of the Tudor Place Mansion
Hello welcome to tutor play I promise of APC user Bradford Three joining us this live stream so. The sport makes it right here in Washington DC couple months that's gonna tour. The house inside the team we're going behind the scenes or 300 seat going for the garden tour. Beautiful garden. But this year and that it being here war. Six generations from what I've checked with quick thoughts. He's got. That's not the media. Not what you're. About what here. About a month ago we thought these trends because they are exactly faith. That Peter family. One had on the south side how thing that we. In Charleston president actually have a chance to rally and the we noticed the small abuse and was not trump quick breakfast of fixing it appeared. So what this place is beautiful here he's Georgetown it's been here for salt mom and not just the historic house and also the beautiful art and that our. That are sitting here by the happy my ear and now we wanted to eat sleep next in the Peter and yes let's. This way I know there's some some really needs to talk about it here that that Peter family. Along their own their history and their connection. At least says the Peter family had her right here under heat as they. They extracted the house and it's completed 1816 breast is celebrating our bicentennial. Year. 2016. The Peter family and I'm Peter hammer because Peter where there are interspersed enters here and it is formed through six generations of the here politically here. The Thomas peerless these. The first mayor George town and they come from it long distances. From Scotland. I actually and learn anything. Your work. And dumber that Peter was pleased that granddaughter George Washington's. George Washington connection yes absolutely. So a lot of planting gardens that you'll see here honor tour today. That have been here since 1816 its even older. Yes let it so hard to Italy into my husband that is all I. A long time. And still well yeah. Absolutely it's so incredible we've learned so much about what kind of parents continents who are historic trees and plants here and it is just so amazing to see. What you end up seeing with the planetarium at some plants that you don't even see on the market anymore which is pretty incredible. So here we have one of our oldest historic trees. It's a tulip poplar actually a lot of people are way actually think that it looks like oak tree women's wallets Brawley points. And that the overtime this tree in the limbs had just gotten so happy. From throwing for 200 years that. All fun down. And it was named the millennium landmark tree in Virginia. Do it very didn't. Regular life. Every lead that we have we work with our bridge and fifth hearing. It's our reservations you. We have some work in the National Park Service time doing a lot has. In the game that we do it beat me. March trees right here we are Briscoe. And it's incredible to watch they are Andrea. Art in the world this is the garden tomorrow. We're diving. Looking currently lined up there with them in. I. Not good evening and today will actually don't get on the deadly Salmonella I was tired. And the of the Israeli police that it there and otherwise. Are guards that myself to make shared. Pathogens might think this is that they I think. Otherwise this is incredibly healthy and this partly right here it. Another I think what I'm absolutely and we hope the pressure and it's adjusting to see how the landscape has changed here. Over time that perimeter was much shorter. When owners first came through they're able to see weight aren't Virginia. Especially with the properties that were here back to three years ago. A lot different thing in. And also back in the eighties to use this forum growing strong hey we've really. A tactical. Showing. Some of the work that they are doing. And then during. They used it mainly agricultural purposes and really used in Atlanta services than ever time. A lot of the guardians have formed into a more points and ornamental. Guard which is really wonderful for visitors here and fantastic wrestler mart plan. Now to get a look from here this is agree it's what. Her ad agency and its heart out here with that might be. Austin backyard whoever. We do another Peter partner yet quite some time unless it's a house now split what. But there's a lot. Antique treasures that gets you could say they're still in the comply which. Towards you look at I guess so we have where it fits the publix. And hasn't mentioned where surface means is that we. Pat go on the line and are on the national landmark. So we go along lines of Kerry for a lot of our collections that we had inside and also apparently without an outside its well I'm a lot of these historic. Windows that we had a lot of care management. Principals sat here. And flatware and it's been really great. You sound like them walk uphill yeah. The accident garden and tell them well that was opened that's a terrorist. Gathering purgatory. Yes citizen areas did he needs in retirement. Learn to garden. Good evening and that it was. There. There. That actually you. An. Hour. An off never ran a garden party which we still have every year here in the game and it's really big annual fundraiser and it's really wonderful I would be here. Yeah. You. Yet but certainly early treatment and obvious and other areas as well little un. Terms in this column then and it's really such a unique space and rested restoration project. The busy area. I'm with a good seed and all the kitchen Parker and the others what you mentioned here is the large trees on the right here is actually a country. And actually look for a pot. That's pretty unique. Are. It I. We work. Oh. At what moves up front but. High. Heart and went unbeaten that I Elliott tutor time here that we do public programming we have a really extensive it fantastic and education department of justice's surprising. Creative here on paid. We also have weddings here on things a lot of people crying and yes there's really beautiful we lost and it is here. It is such a wonderful backdrop where. All the different plants. Garden here. And is annual fund raiser that eats and other educational events here on Aaron lesson that we started here is art and art and actually. We're do I'm drying and learning different art techniques he learned this month and I actually teach. Don't we're hearing where he often. We want you here now he has really changed. Names and yes these are another original. Here on the same this is I would all the boxes let's circle. And carriages would actually arrived on from the north garden circle around here where that worsens. And these are 200 year old Oxford now they're credible English by Clinton and overtime. That they were if you can imagine a very tight head to Wear it would just be a wallet green. Overtime they grew it some time and in the past they weren't friends and frankly they ended up forty forming this really need. I covered this shin and here with the air main trunks it's just incredibly never see boxes like thieves just. I'm athletic and they can't reduce for the use is the minimum we just do what I am very able. My comment. Just oil itself. I'm not seeing fears that the treatments. Well. And that's foxwoods. It's not really do. I'm as you that noise being in the idea we are happy I'm happy it's here Abby Phillip Finley spent. In the area. Back corner in the garden. It's different here also right now. Along and you could put behind this the view of the north beside him. Officials. Imagine back in the day. In about my period like a lot. And then I really loves the kids to run through there into the tent playing games they created. Yeah and need to talk about them their writings when our thirtieth through the boy he would play baseball in their Bowling Green where's the bacteria enters into this. What's more guarded to see on the other end. Where there. And he would be the color. Also popping moment and who. I'm actually residents which. Get people off. Artist is and does afford our cameras. Hewlett cake and each one had a different purpose throughout their six generations I'm here on trade. This theory actually used to be docked and where this area and let. Part of it that's an update to the family in politics union officers got there and the disabled people coming in now and except name came through in. We'll all about its about it here. For the Christmas it's says this those stories and. Owners' rights reserved. You're very. Yeah. Are there is the right. This to be considered a garden. C got want to hear it got one on this. And then we has. Whenever there MM one on the right here and that is you. He found garden on the left and the orchard on a break and be tortured and a lot of a different animals that handling and every time I'm and he's very involved with their ears that's what. It indeed the orchard as loud. It is not credible snares and it's kind of transformed and yet we interpret the spaces as bad as for those six generations. History and scientists not Hamilton's. Doesn't mind you. Yes good faith and giant Edmonton as though they don't. I did a great weather. It's very formal layout and in the next year we'll actually heads in the box and furthermore. Tightly once they throw into each other. Paul. Well. And we're actually naming them into the conservatory today at left line. That it. The third generation. Buford was actually purchase. ET fourteen lead family and the first Anders Thomas Peter. Peter. From Ratner through Philadelphia. And they bought three separate lines and one of them and up here and these are really they've the first diet but this this third generation. You can actually scenes here. He fourth generation Sega is and we can't say go pops. It. Do. It is really incredible this at this point so I think a home and other. At all. Absolutely and it's greatly. You know holiday lake sometime in the inspect written. Fuel that. And it's just great the documentation from the Stanley that we are able to learn through their notes and letters that they. I purchased it you know in the early eighteen hundreds. Yeah and it's. A I love it it's amazing accurate gardening and and eight presidential design business has with Stanley and it's it's a really great question right. It's a really wonderful experience. Yeah yeah. Okay. Rides was built in nineteen. We did. Were to. In 1914 in the addition was put on in the thick is the last dinner had used at four. Gardening fat and often houses. His pierce arrow card and lastly. There's lots went dark. Heavy stone. Recently Katz who actually put yourself. Pretty unique and the expert Everett high and that is. The show were breaking down in you know I think it really sharp as well. I think the they've been replaced every time but it's really it's just thinking regarding three find a week old oyster shells. Garden. Tucked away yet with the Syria more natural woodland area median to separate rooms. Here this area on the Bowling Green. And we couldn't block him. Here in. To relax and actually saw someone up there just on events didn't answer yeah. It is. This is the Bowling Green we have a lot of our. Imagine weddings and other sort of educational events that we do in here. I'm it was really developed by the last editor. As he planted a lot of American box and their victory just further and during the springtime it is so beautiful here because all of these saucer magnolias are completely code pink lanes. So it's just a sea of pink and adhered to in the spring picnic. Cult like saucer magnolia also had no it. We'll learn a lot about plants Taylor. This impact forget the vote cab down. I have to come up yeah. And the pond behind you was also solid and there's a theme of the Harvard and Armisen in the and but wildly. Out curriculum here in. He'd actually read accounts nurtured. He had ample bricks from how to be demolished Georgetown Laurie art. And he built the structures we have a lot of up slightly and the gardens and recycling. Very few minutes we have. A bird bath and the officers aren't classic looking bird yes that is expected picked apart fountain. Yes it is really secretly on the record. Playing here during the next. The. And popular. And we act literally very nice and we'll poplar southern it is the United States and that we see that here unhealthy a lot of holidays. The last winner of that Ali's. Been ignored Washington. And he really liked how quickly through it. Went by the screen they're able to create pretty quickly. Minute Rick right different holly and then of course different than it. We have on plays. On activity. And I. All day with her years in the living room of yours. It is unfortunate. That naturalized one eight. In the early nineteenth century their muddy hole Tomlinson looked right. In the world and they're really it went into the picture. I'm at one source for rent. Threatening that we get them different isn't it over and trains. Ran back. But. Yet history. And we also and it seems markets and I was able to do something illustration work for hours and it is DNC. If you're. It. I'm. My favorite things to do is happening bombs and planes and that's fairly easy and it's really great quick colored had previously. Patio airports. Yeah it's really fun and it's so easy to do I'm Smith will be getting pregnant out of for the package. Plus here. There it. Tressel did a nice from the shed this is the usual involved lancer. I'm and will be using these tomorrow. And you just sickened in the ground and played the monster in the ground that's pretty good but for the will be. To bring won it. Atlanta. Start. And basically. It like it didn't and some fun. Act. And it's just that the so with just that he just. But until we're just so this'll be assessing your planting directly on the ground out you just figure in the ground probably this with the feet in the -- not. This. Is there's not a fit your. System. You know home guard and being plants and that coincided. More. Isn't it it's not listen to this and then look for people right and then cover him and the necessity in DC it was smaller properties lot of people they do patio gardening I think these types of every thing to have. For the spring. We'll never. Hear it got a few. It's. And so the first thing with fall planting and remember to put them right let up so the larger society and you find the roots here or. That's the side that wants done about them here OK so just like actors are on the bottom. And then you just placed it on the buried at the very top. And we'll cover a possible border. And then we'll have beautiful. And I just have to make sure the by the rights. Varieties variety Susan NC it's absolutely. Yet the we have there are some tulips that are just annuals in a back carrier that the is actually do come back every year you know. About how many months and how much about nine in there. And build will they will start to develop more of their and there overtime and he. S plants that bloom when you look like that's fit to slip ups. And they smell really beautifully. No word to say just when I got a little bit more dirt yet. It. So once you just leave this undergraduate just outside for the winter and then in the spring though popped right. Around April. And this time in this area. Right now in the name poses. Lets you take. It. It's. I'm past but. This race. Time for you Gartner it displays. You have a chance to meet and Washington DC and is it. Historic house and the guard. And RA man here.

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