Beto O’Rourke urges Texas governor to listen to health experts

The former congressman talks about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to lift the state's mask mandate and the increase in unaccompanied minors crossing the border this year.
6:35 | 03/05/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beto O’Rourke urges Texas governor to listen to health experts
So let's little more about the Texas reopening and the crisis at the border joining me now to do that former Texas congressman 20/20 democratic presidential candidate NATO more direct thanks so much. For being here what is your reaction to the governor's decision to lift this mass mandate answer reopened 100%. The governor she listening to the nurses and doctors to poll workers to those on the front mines. And the families all the more than 49000. Who loss or wire coat so far. Has the nurse who's just ladies Eric Allen who were almost better. Barton announced. This week every adults in the country. Had a vaccine by the end of may it is so close were we are now. Horror and a governor to as. Surrender. And lead free and their own when we know disproportionately hurting. Or communities community's color. And and net short or vaccine at this moment we know we asked and he. More people will unnecessarily diet does this is unconscionable and so we really do our best now. On our own to one another are wearing asked regardless what governor says. Keep your distance and trying to -- most bold won't get vaccinated. Arm or they get sick were hospitalized we're. I'll ask you about immigration and issue you know very well and are passionate about the Border Patrol says they seen a 113%. Increase this year. In those unaccompanied minors trying to cross the border illegally in your state how much of that is due to the perception. Do you think that the Biden administration is more lenient. I don't know he could have a lot to do we are the last forty years. Veteran administration. Through the orwellian names. Margaret protection all we're tens of thousands. Asylum seekers. We're kept through and in shelters interment camps in Mexico border. Now that shootout an administration willing to follow our son Omar. And process those law pull out bookends orchard going to see increased demands your US. Good note long term solution of course is a comprehensive rewriting. Our immigration laws or what the reality on the ground. And our values and this is really important for secretary Lincoln and abide administration should remain Central America. Our neighbor's cell been primary focus. All our foreign policy if we do not this challenge will continue your regardless of who was president or what you're. Living you got to address issues on the ground causing people we more than 2000 miles. And doesn't need these issues were caused by the United States and whether it's. Illegal drug consumption we're war on drugs or contribution climate change this may mean he's he's in Central America mobile. Or contributions to their civil wars in 191980. All of this is a woman who wants right now. It's our responsibility to do the right thing. Doesn't she. And while they try to do that go do you think the administration's been forceful enough in telling people not to enter illegally right now. I think the administration is doing the best they possibly can remember secretary might or Chris was sworn in notice you've been on mullah. And she and his team trying to do their best to meet this challenge. To protect security and safety you know state while still honoring Sean Hannity silent seekers who traveled so or. Leading some of the most brutal countries on the base them on the planet so I think they're doing their best buy. In addition to disk we do means a long term solutions in place sooner or leadership from the president as well this is our homes. And congressman when millions of Texans lost Aaron that winter storm. You should you have been warning of a potential power grid failure for awhile so what needs to be done to prevent something like this from happening again. You really how the power generators electricity companies running the show and insects if you follow the money aren't solid he's electricity utilities. Given governor literally hundreds of thousands in on restricted donations energy companies in the millions or the governor might explain the radical deregulation. Led so we need to tighten the regulation and your site need to invest sweaters station. It connects her caught our electricity grid without the rest of the that we can draw down our emergencies. Like this one. And we need to have people in power who believed it changed. Help us error against it also changed policies that we don't. Contributing more to it nose or steps we need to say there are clear out scientists. Are our own assets a way forward we just need she positions us listens and I am and follow. If I would congressman you were instrumental in expanding voter engagement in your state Texas though is now one of 43. States considering some of these new Republican backed. Voting laws to make it harder to vote how much of a challenger in those efforts for Democrats do you think in. Are any of the proposals you seem like requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote is India that reasonable. The only answer the role or bode its. Secured in this country thanks to courageous. Senate bill one in the senate does. Or the people who are it is. Pass an institution and signed into. Simple he one vote majority. If you do that. It's been denied and we saw these more to ensure order and over 43 states rolled out the meager protections we already. We're counting on senate Democrats. Do the right thing critically important moment or democracy. Former Texas congressman Darrell worked thanks so much for joining us it's great to see a you so much.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The former congressman talks about Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to lift the state's mask mandate and the increase in unaccompanied minors crossing the border this year. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76285138","title":"Beto O’Rourke urges Texas governor to listen to health experts","url":"/US/video/beto-orourke-urges-texas-governor-listen-health-experts-76285138"}