Biden to challenge Trump’s foreign policy of ‘America first’

The new administration plans to tackle climate change and repair American foreign relations and alliances damaged by the Trump administration.
4:55 | 01/20/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden to challenge Trump’s foreign policy of ‘America first’
Joseph Biden come O Harris have their hands full of bitter political divide pandemic economy racial unrest and build a just some of the issues here. The administration also faces problems around the world with no shortage of short term crises and long term threats. ABC chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz has more and explains how the most pressing foreign policy challenge is very close to home. Joseph Biden and vowed to replace president drums and America first month drugged him with America's back. Renewed backing against non American alone but restoring America's role on the world stage will not come easily. So much has changed in four years starting with the situation at home. An assault on capitol still play a broad front mom isn't dark side of how divided the country is that meets his most of foreign policy challenge will be repairing relations at home something in his top advisors have said for months. We've seen a daily assaults. On democracy. Under this administration. Which has tarnished our own ability. To lead. Adversaries like China and Venezuela use the scenes in Washington to mark the US and critical allies denounced try. But wondering again if America has lost its way. Those alliances have already been battered by four years of Trump's taunts and terrorists. The European Union as well what they do to us and trade the wealthy wealthy countries that were protecting. Poland are known as soon. Reinvigorating. Alliances will be critical to addressing Biden's top agenda items like climate change or nuclear arms control. But especially. In dealing with China that top foreign policy challenge for the Biden administration and it he has. Cajoling America's allies into alignment to managing a rising China to GAAP. At least initially. And double down on sanctions were human rights abuses are China's military build up in the South China Sea. But China has taken advantage of drops ten year citing major trade deals that excluding US. And growing more assertive in the region and more oppressive at home. That a senior US officials said the Biden team has been told. You'll faced national security threats immediately this Kim Jung un is losing his friend. In the White House but we think the US will likely lose his commitment not to tested nuclear bomb. Or a long range ballistic missile possibly capable of reaching the US with multiple nuclear warheads. Experts say he could test it within months of Biden's presidency. Backed by a nuclear weapons stockpile bigger than what trump took office. If not North Korea. Then Iran. This senior official said Iran remains the greatest source of concern. Two weeks ago it crossed a dangerous threshold enriching uranium to 20%. A step away from weapons grade levels. As the Iranians continue to enrich uranium they come closer to that break out period when they can have enough uranium from rich to the point to they can. Build a nuclear weapon. Biden has said he'd return to the nuclear deal but negotiate a follow on agreement. But Iran is clearly trying to ramp up its leverage even demanding compensation. For Trump's sanctions. And of course there's the biggest rogue state. Russia and the federal government is still scrambling to respond. Onto the massive solar winds hacked and which the intelligence community is said was likely a Russian intelligence operation. I'm not gonna telegraph our punches but the president elect has said that he will impose substantial attack cost for attacks like this. And he's a man in his words another immediate decision US troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq. President trump drew that down to just 2500. Each. Despite this not said whether he'd follow through on a full withdrawal. Amid those urgent issues. You'll have to balance longer term ones the climate crisis is by far literally the biggest challenge we face because its existential. With John Kerry is a cabinet level envoy for climate change Biden he's shown he will make the issue of foreign policy priority. But Biden will need a united front it home to address America's emissions or ratify any new treaty. The same is true for reinvesting in diplomacy or reining in defense spending within evenly split senate. Making his agenda tough to pass America united may be his inaugural faith. But it's clear we're far from it for now. Martha Raddatz ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"The new administration plans to tackle climate change and repair American foreign relations and alliances damaged by the Trump administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75360994","title":"Biden to challenge Trump’s foreign policy of ‘America first’","url":"/US/video/biden-challenge-trumps-foreign-policy-america-75360994"}