Biden and Harris spar during 2nd night of Democratic debate

The 2020 presidential candidates exchanged barbs on segregation and busing
24:30 | 06/28/19

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Transcript for Biden and Harris spar during 2nd night of Democratic debate
Hello there welcome to the briefing room on ABC news political director Rick Klein in our Washington newsroom and it is the day after. He first presidential debate the dust has settled but man there are some dust ups still being worked out the big news from last night of course Connell a Harris. Going right after Joseph Biden the former vice president getting a most direct attacks so far of this campaign. And a few minutes Earl a few minutes ago the former vice president Joseph Biden as you see on stage right now the few minutes ago vice Vice President Biden. Addressed the dust up that happen on that stage and looked like he was trying to clarify some of the comments that he made. In response to senator Harris take a law. Before I start I'd like to say something about the debate last night. I heard Dana and I listened to respect senator Harris. But you know we're all about that about thirty seconds to sixty seconds on the campaign debate exchange can't. Do justice to a lifetime. And at the civil rights. I want to be absolutely clear about record position on racial justice including Boston. I'd never never never ever pose altered boss as a program. That senator Harris participated and made difference in the life. I did support federal action to address root causes segregation of schools and our communities. Including Jake now backs and red line and trying to change the way in which neighborhoods are segregated. In uncomfortable exchange last night in an attempt by the former vice president to clean it up to date. A lot of speeding going on in the wake of the debate and we have some numbers with us today our friends at 5:38 a partner with morning console the do some polling. Online polling pre and post debating our our good friend Julia Wolfe joining us now from 538 to give us some of the highlights of the winners and the losers. Julia let's start with the big winner last night I think the consensus. Was Connell Harris yeah what do the numbers show us. I think you're exactly right. Not Harris was the clear winner normally I have to sort of hedge how I say these things about looking at what the numbers show us it's pretty evident we worked with our friends at morning console to pull Democrats both before and after the debates. And what we saw there was that she was agreed upon by 35% the highest many to be the best performer the night. Up pretty far ahead from Joseph Biden and who is only 19% and he should have been much higher given his capabilities going into the night. So to be clear you were pulling people before and after to try to track movement so what does it mean when you see someone like Kabul Harris as a quarter pole winner. Right so often there's a ton of polls after the debate to see how did people think they performed what's special about this poll that we did was we actually wanted to say OK but who do you support going in. Because that really shows us a meaningful difference if we can see people actually. Change their mind from the debate and again we saw that with Camilla hair she picked up quite a few people Joseph Biden actually lost a lot of people. So that really makes this a much better metric because we keep track of who you supported when you watched. OK so let's talk about who lost the most ground we know who's doing the spinning today we know who the brunt of the attacks. All was what do the numbers show us about. Vice President Biden. So Ivan mentioned Biden didn't do great and terms of how people. Thought he performed in the debate and whether or not he did well but an important caveats are not something that you know gets that vice president. Some simple strength his favorability numbers didn't really shift. So those are the kinds of things you can definitely bounce back for on. You know with a couple of good weeks on the trail. Somebody who did have a sort of a definite at night and Marion Williams and she brought up her name recognition which is great but a lot of that came from raising her unfavorable numbers she saw about seventeen point jump in on. Favorability the people seeing her and hearing about her. For the wrong reasons let's talk about name ID because that was the name of the game for a whole lot of candidates on the stage maybe not the focus of the headline certainly not the focus. Of the moderator is or of the buzz going in now what do we see was some of the other contenders out there thinking about the Eric's wall walls some day Andrew Yang is the Michael Bennett's. Yes so we did see it. Pretty substantial increase for a lot of those folks Bennett swallow even Yang even that he didn't get a ton of time to speak he watched sort of his favorability is go Lott is unbearable little bit not too much but that just means more people now know his name so being on the debate stage for those candidates even those who didn't get to speak at time. Clearly had a pretty big impact and reaching more. Letters. All right thank used to Julia Wolfe bringing us those fresh numbers and the and the fallout from all of it and as we mentioned Kabul Harris. Enjoying a moment one of those rare things you get the campaign whenever one decides who the winner it means a whole lot of attention. For her candidacy right now she spent part of her morning in homestead Florida where many of the many of her her colleagues and a former. I and she is now headed off to her hometown of San Francisco where ours Doreen Shaw is on the ways orient. I'm very shot in Los Angeles last night that online diaries watch party in an Alley there about what supporters there. Soon she added her interaction with Phil bite that room was quiet it would watching closely. Isn't that Everett went unfilled by that route erupted with applause and cheers many people said they were not surprised but they will. Maybe that other people around the country were finally. Went 888 in the area is all kind of people that Avery dump out any other people say that's looking to. Now campaign says it's packed the best on everything date yesterday. He started his can't eat it. Right now I am committed to ending his so where it's easy. If that ain't right rain this weekend I have where you read from there a great enduring shop or eat. And I think does Arenas going to be uses a couple of days with Connell Harris headed there she talks about her own background and she's going to be. Right there in her hometown for a couple of days what we won its what do bring you the exchange they got all of devised to go into habitable a larger discussion. Take a look at what transpired last night between Kabul Harris. And Joseph Biden. And I'm gonna do now direct this at Vice President Biden. I do not believe you are racist. And I agree with you win that you commit yourself to the importance of finding common ground. But I also believe and it is personal and an I was actually very it was hurtful. To hear you talk about the reputations. Of two United States senators who built their reputations. And career on the segregation. Of this race in this country. And it was not only that but. You also worked with them to oppose boxing. And you know there was a little girl and Californians. Who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools as she was bused to school every day. And I little girl was me. So I will tell you that on the subject. It cannot be an intellectual debate among Democrats we have to take it seriously. We have to act swiftly. This characterize my position across the board I do not trees racist that is not true. Number one number two if we want to have this campaign litigated and who supports civil rights whether I do not. I'm happy to do that. By. Okay do you agree today. That you were wrong to look pols bussing in America. Now do you agree I did not opposed busing in America what I propose is bossy ordered by the Department of Education. That's Smart folks like there's not a failure of a State's tip to into snarled public schools in America I was part of the second class to integrate. Berkeley California public schools almost two decades after brown V board of education because your City Council made that decision was little better. The treasury federal government must seven. And then let me have them look right. That's why we need to have the IRA because there are moments. In the history where states failed to preserve the civil rights a lot of people ordered video. And any glimpse of campaign strategy look at the tweet that the senator harris' campaign sent out. While the debate was ongoing a picture. Of senator Harris as a youngster part of the busing program that was happening in Herndon town hometown of a Berkeley California we want to bring this conversation. Back to the present day a bit out resident talking about busing in 97 is talking very in very real terms. About the issues of integration and segregation in today's public schools in Bonn of dole. Joins us now students who works with it's a great and YC. And Montel us. From your perspective why this is still relevant it's been a long time since court ordered busing. Was an issue affected isn't illegal from the from a federal perspective any longer about why why are the issues that that we heard from senator Harris Vice President Biden last night still relevant. Castle this relevant because that anything is still happening in our city today. And sun near city actually being the most segregated city in the entire kind she. We still seeing hi Blake. Advises and segregation in schools and film I think is also not necessarily the solution to this issue. And it's because we have to really look at the definition of integration. How do we define act. Is integration just bitterly like physically moving. Black and brown bodies into predominately white spaces and calling that all integration in whereas it actually looking at what how as the school's segregated. And saw actually at the nonprofit that wrecked four and today and why seat. We have developed a five. Ways we are segregated and these are five ways that we need to work together to create an integrated space. And Philip Allen not only be. On the doomed race in enrollment policies Wright was his the first plan but he'll also be the reflexes right wing schools. I had being resource as an idea the black and about schools are ID the white schools. I'm a whisk schools have relationships. Eat healthy relations and say student to student relationship teachers to student relationships. Any form a relationship in the school setting that also all intends and our curriculum I we learning about ourselves is our curriculum culturally relevant. As well as restorative justice are our black and brown students walking through metal detectors every single day. I'm how many black about since I being suspended compared to weigh in Asian students. And as well as looking at representation to our teachers look like us in the classroom Heidi predominantly white and it predominately teachers of color. And sell really looking at integration as a whole not just busing and moving bodies into different location thing all of this is how we're going to achieve. Integration in but it's a much more deeper understanding. As to how are we going to address this issue actually taken into our own hands from a federal and the local lab. Law so c'mon I want to talk about the federal level in particular that you bring up. It was an item that that this Heather Harris brought to Vice President Biden he tried to draw distinction he was on the record. The against court mandated federally quart mandated or federally eight federal agency mandated busing. In 1970s is a big issue in his stones at Delaware is meant as well as many other places. He tried to draw that distinction is say I was never against busing because if your community decided it wanted to do busing. That would have been fine is that a meaningful distinction in and indeed does he understand the role of the federal government. In in segregation today digging in your view based on a comment. Jack. Clearly Nat ray it if he. Opposing but singing is like. Not AIL fun not for busing and I think Kate is. A very. Short term way to get to the solution and it's like okay we're gonna does physically getting these bodies. And so that's not how are going to actually achieve integration in. And it's a very old school way and Phil I believe that late. It every single young press and was given the opportunity to choose what type of school they want to go to with their families it shouldn't be like all I live in this neighborhood and this school is included rape every single school in our city and in our country should be equitable and Phil if the city does not ensure that every single school is equitable then I have to come from a federal perspective and federal enforcement because. There history we've seen that all of these states are still promoting segregation rate is middle school in this entire country that. Has successfully integrated. Students an omni. Today we see now more than ever in near exit 88 can have a school and the Bronx that. Predominantly black and Latino and you take a little trip down about playing Havoc let's predominately white. And are we going to keep busting our students and moving bodies they all of this school is better than this one let's put them here but it's actually like Nile if I think he is not ensuring that every single school is equitable and just. Then you have to come from the federal government. So if it's not tossing him on know what what is it what is it the what is the issue that tells you. Yes the presidential candidate gets a free irrespective understands your mission and what you're trying to to overcome in New York City or doesn't get it. But I think I particularly don't think nothing is the Phillies in an action movie implementing policies. Ensuring that every single young grace and had access to a full fare matchup client Bethel student in the city that are not receiving full fair match up client. And that's an injustice because what if students need to actually travel by act where need to take a bus and the but think helps to an extent. But that's not. Full integration April ensuring that resource is an every single school equitable it's concerning that relationship and culturally relevant had a -- Is healthy and is an is there and every single school rates and sharing that that we have. More guidance counselors and therapists and our school than we have NYPD in our school it's and sharing that I teachers represent the student demographics of the state. About it than all all of Blake. Predominately white teachers make and sell India a city with interesting is that 83%. Of our students are students of color but. Only 39% of our teachers Iraq and so really looking in for integration and as more than just busting more than just transportation and but actually ensuring that every single school in all neighborhoods. Our our equitable and that any student from any area and the city is allowed to attend the school that. Them and there. Probably chooses. All right imam Abdul joining us from its a great NYC. A junior at City College in New York we appreciate you spending some time with us to explore this important issue in the wake of last night's debate thanks so much. And as we talked about last night's debate I want to bring in Katherine fall as one of our White House reporters sought to this discussion because other president. It's said he was bored by the debates although he did offer a tweet out of last night's a particular and all those hands went up you had every one of the candidates on stage. Say that they wanted to offer health insurance undocumented immigrants he he said that they say the race is over. As a result of that they aren't quite in the overnight hours just hours afterward he continues this trip with the G-20 where he had kind of an interesting meeting on tap. A he did he met with the Russian president Vladimir Putin and I think oh significant at least out of the portion of the meeting that the cameras saw. Reporters asked are you going to tell Russia not to meddle in our election again and he is said it seemed an a joking way dole. The medal and it did tell you and Larry hair transplant you know. It's so kind of wagging his finger they are a little bit the Russian president a look at that his the president's our national security team has said that. Russia could try and meddle in our election again and in 20/20 NEC a mile but all smiles there remember when he was leaving the White House. A self on the other day a reporter asked him are you going to bring this up with the Russian president he said this is none of your business so it still remains to be seen what he has said to him behind closed doors. You think an actual confrontation that isn't just that isn't just so thankful that a Smart they're let's talk about fake news well because that's another issue where it seems like president food and and president trump us the Addai. Eighty and we here obviously the term figures from this president all the time he likes the tweet about it he likes to act. The say it to us but what's significant here is that he and made this comment that was captured by and the Russian television stations the US TV travel poisoning capture but in front of oh Vladimir Putin who has had a big problem. When violence against journalists stem since he took office in in 2000 that Committee to Protect Journalists has a twenty. The journalists have been killed from 2000 to 2019 so obviously and not in great comment that he made some outlets that also heard him say what we do to capture this but heard. The president and tell couldn't quote get rid of them. And so obviously. Raising some red flags and amp yeah in the all right Catherine follows are our thanks to you and kind of a site notes all of this we heard from former president Jimmy Carter. On of related subject just today take a listen. The Russians did and fair election. And I think they an effort although not yet quantify. I have put it negotiate it would show they're trump and actually when the election 2006 thing he lost the election. And he was put in office because they'd Russians and the thing. August. City Lee president trump is an illegitimate president. There's a well I just say I was I can't. There's track. It's interesting to me in part because Jimmy Carter in the past the said the media was not being fair to president trump Bob we'll see if present from. Responds at all to former President Carter we're joined now by and clarity who covers immigration and and similar. Federal yeah agencies and federal issues for us here at ABC news because it has been a big week. Throughout Washington. Throughout the border region on the immigration beat a whole lot of moving pieces and we heard. Earlier today from the acting Homeland Security secretary. About about the role that he views as it as media coverage of playing into that their current perception of a crisis stimulus. For months. I and other leaders at ths have been warning of increasing numbers of families and children arriving at our border and the fact that our facilities are not appropriate for them. That we needed congressional action to address the factors driving the crisis and ensuring safe conditions. So and you you've been doing a lot of the reporting on this is it what brought it to a head in the in the last couple of days why why do we suddenly see these images and suddenly see this intense focus. Well I think what we saw for the first time this week with an image of a father who had drowned with his daughter we it we know that this has been happening actually secretary Mac limits and this is the fourth. Child's death and one week but this is the first time that we had a photograph and I think that really hit home with a lot of people. One thing that he send that clip that I found really interesting was that he was saying I can talking about this for a long time. He has he hits he's gone before the hell he talks about this at length with reporters. But if you know the president declared emergency in February to build his Porter while he has not declared an emergency. To a national emergency to cent of our money for humanitarian issues. Have we saw congress wrapped up in that as the week went on a stick around we want to bring you. A packaged their top. These dangerous border crossings migrant families Quinn spent some time following an asylum seeker all the way up to El Paso. We're walking up now to the paso del Martin ridge where the bishop of El Paso behind me joint hand in hand with a family returned to Mexico. Is going to attempt to make another cross. Facing health issues and concerns about their safety we're gonna make it another town to present to US immigration officials. This government and this society are not well we suffer from a life threatening case of parking. This is the line to get back into the we just painted brick wall here and we're about to walk across bishop. Right behind here he's joined by family that was sent back to Mexico under the administration's Mike. Protocols they have power lines that migrants and even those who apply added. We like the one in El Paso have to sit back wait out the duration of their asylum. You know me reminds you got what is to help ourselves we were stopped right in the middle of the green was isn't isn't normal hungry for feature the bishop was. Try to explain. Eating eat at this family in this young man followed by an insurance stipulation that they do not remain in Mexico while waiting for their asylum proceedings. They get too late in the United States because of their situation. I. Just heard the agents say that. According to their particular. Protocols. And they're not ordinarily supposed to allow families come back this way. About time they got word from higher up. That. This family but these people had from. Today somebody. Listen. It's unclear what's become of that badly they were taken into an office in the building behind me nor an asylum interview where. Bill assessed the fear they have of returning to speed up Juarez. And asylum officers will then make a decision about whether or not they can stay in the US or have to be returned to Mexico to weed out the duration of their asylum claim. I spoke to one of the lawyers who said they're not exactly sure what that outcome will be but they did get another chance at a yesterday when we walked across the bridge. For ABC news live I'm quit no one in El Paso, Texas on the border. And I thanks thanks a queen for bringing us that important reporting and it has been. A week of extraordinary images Huber you referenced that picture that I think is seared and in all of our conscious is now. We saw dry the political discussion and we saw the House of Representatives. After a whole lot of political hand wringing. Decide to pass the senate passed bill that would provide. Relief aid to the border what is the view. Of how quickly the money gets there and how quickly can make a difference in the in the little living conditions of so many of these of these children and his family's. You know Rick I think what is rather sad about the story is this is just gonna keep everybody afloat it's gonna keep the lights on for example added HHS which runs shelters scattered across the United States. They have something like thirteen thousand kids in these shelters he's your unaccompanied minors on her hoping to link up with sponsors RD living in the United States. And they needed two point nine billion dollars just to keep the shelters running and to keep paying the workers there this is not probably gonna do much if anything for the people who are at the border. And and that clip that we just saw and that that really speaks to some of the issues that these people are dealing with a lot of them including the father that we saw the image of from. Our understanding from local reporters is that they tried to present legally at the port of entry. And who could not put in their asylum claims that they had been waiting for months and had grown desperate according to reports. Is assessed saddle rounds and whenever Washington can do to make it better doesn't solidly can happen that quickly. Right it's everybody is just so polarized they can't decide Wordock on acts all right and clarity our thanks to you. And thank you to you all that does it for this edition at the briefing room on this Friday a check out the ABC news that and will be back on Monday with another edition of the briefing room.

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