Biden reveals key members of science team

President-elect Joe Biden said his team will focus on addressing the coronavirus pandemic, confronting the climate crisis and building public trust in science and technology.
9:02 | 01/16/21

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Transcript for Biden reveals key members of science team
So today I'm proud to announce a team of some of the country's most brilliant accomplished scientist to lead the way. And I'm asking them to focus on five key areas first the pandemic and what we can learn about. What is possible or where it should be possible to address the widest range of public health needs. Check in the economy how can we build back better to ensure prosperity. Is is fully shared all across America. Among all Americans. Thirdly how science. Helps us confront. It's climate crisis we face in American world but in America how he tells us confront the climate pressures from American jobs and ingenuity. Enforce. Huck we sure the United States leads the world in technologies and industries. That the future. And be critical for our economic prosperity and national security. Especially intense increased competition around the world China now. And fists. We sure the long term health trust its science and technology and our nation. These are each questions that call for action. I monitor announcing team that is answered called sir. As a presidential science advisory director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy I nominated remote from you guys I know persons. Doctor Eric planned. Thank you doc for coming back. Pioneers. And this is pioneers scientific community. Principal leader in human gene new prime. It's not hire perverts suggest that doctor ruse worked. Has changed the course of human history. His role in helping us mapped the genome pull back the curtain human disease. Allowing scientists. Ever sense for generations to come explore the molecular basis for some of the most devastating illnesses affecting our world. And the application of his pioneer workers are poised to lead to a cure to an incredible cures and breakthroughs in the years to come. Doctor Lander now serves as the president and the founding director of the broad. Institute MIT and Harvard world's foremost non profit genetic research organization. I came to appreciate doctor owners watched her in her mind when he served as co chair. Of the president's council on Mars science and technology to review Obama Biden church. I'm grateful grateful we've worked together again. I have always. Biden Harris who cherish all certainly. We're only as science and truth we believe them both. Jennifer this is how we're going to god willing to overcome the pandemic and build our country back better than it was. And that's why for the first time in history and the elevating presidential science advisor group cabinet racked. Because we think it's that important. His deputy director of the office of science technology policy and science and and and sciences and society I point. Doctor Nelson. She said professor at the institute of advanced studies at Princeton University. President of the social science research council. Among America's leading scholars award winning author and researcher. Exploring the connections between science and our society. The daughter of military family. Dad served United States navy and her mom was an army photographer. Doctor Nelson develop a love for technology. Very young age tinker with these early computer prod acts. Can computing products and code breaking equipment that every kid has around the house. She grew up within your home. Iraq when I wrote that down I put myself really how many kids. You know you right. Matt passion. It was a passion forged a lifelong curiosity about the inequities. The power dynamics and sit beneath the surface of scientific research. And technology Hugo. Doctor Nelson is focused on substance it's the science technology and society. Like few before ever having America mr. Breaking new ground rumor understand news role of science plays in American life. And nobody endured to this problem toward a future. Which science better serves all people. As co chair of the president's council of arts and sciences found sire weren't doctor Francis arm. Director of the roads and bioengineering and senator cal tech. One of the world's leading experts from protein engineering. A lifelong champion of renewable energy solutions who's been. Inducted into the national inventors hall of fame. And in a bad place to be. Not only is she the first woman to be elected. To all three national academies of science medicine engineering. She's also the first woman American woman to win a Nobel prize in chemistry. Very slow learners slow starters Qatar. The daughter of Pittsburgh. She worked as a cab driver. Jazz club server. Before work making their way to pursuit of Berkeley and a career. On. Leading edge of human discovered that I want to make that we get. I want answered any of your children are watching. But so no. Can do anything. This country can do anything. Anything at all. And so she survived breast cancer. Overcame a tragic losses of her family well Verizon a tougher Phil still. Overwhelmingly dominated by men. Her passion has been a steadfast commitment earned one. For the betterment of our planet and humankind. She isn't inspiring figure. The scientists across the field lacrosse finished. I want to thank doctor Arnold for agreed to coaches. First all woman T to leave the president's council of advisors on science and technology. Which leads me to the next member of the team. As co chair of the president's council revive its highest contract weren't talked rear resume. Trail blazed the geo physicist and planetary scientist. A former chair of the national science board. First woman to lead the science department MIT in the first would lead NASA's robotic planetary mission. Growing up in coal country not far from heaven Scranton pence bid. Carver County. Pennsylvania. A fifty miles south or I was a kid she dreamed exploring outer space. Could have told changes could agree regions thing in the pension fund were. I shouldn't be so flippant but I'm so excited but he's from. Ago. Reading every book she could find listening to remove stories about watching the earliest rocket launch on television. Really became the first person or family go to college. And never let go for tree. Today she oversees the Lincoln laboratory an MIT. And leads the institutions climate action. She's played a leadership role and ten submissions. Her groundbreaking work of planetary map fees generated some of the most. Accurate topographic maps humanities ever produced of the moon and of Morris. Not only she explorer runners page one of the most accomplished explores generations. I'm actually owned. She's agreed to answers called service. Helped push chart new new courses scarf. And finally. Could not be here today but I'm pleased to announce that. I've had long conversation with doctor Collins Francis Collins could not be here today. I've asked them to stay on as director of the institute of health and that it is critical moment. I've known doctor Collins for many years workman's closely. He's brilliant pioneer true leader and above all as a model of public servant I'm honored to be working with him again. News that absence I want to thank him again for being willing to stay out. No that wasn't his original plans. We worked an awful lot who shot him cancer. Just want to thank. Ante each of you and your families. I say your families. Thank you for the willingness to serve. Not you have been serving already served in the administration. And the American people too old to owners this is a team it's gonna help restore your faith in America's place in the frontier of science. And discovery and hope.

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{"duration":"9:02","description":"President-elect Joe Biden said his team will focus on addressing the coronavirus pandemic, confronting the climate crisis and building public trust in science and technology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75298202","title":"Biden reveals key members of science team","url":"/US/video/biden-reveals-key-members-science-team-75298202"}