Biden says there could be enough vaccine supply for every adult by end of May

News comes as Texas' governor announces his plan to reopen the state and drop the mask mandate.
6:05 | 03/03/21

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Transcript for Biden says there could be enough vaccine supply for every adult by end of May
Let's bring infectious disease specialist ABC news medical contributor doctor Tyler and actor Alan good morning. Murdered in Sohn president Biden now says that there should be enough vaccine supply for all adults by the end of may but does that mean. We'll all be able to actually get the vaccine by Nan. Do you all remember I mean this is very good news remember availability doesn't always mean immediate accessibility but we're going in the right direction and you know we're giving nearly two million doses at eighteen individuals. We've seen historic partnerships. Between rival pharmaceutical companies I think what I'm seeing is that. As we work together more coordination and collaboration I do believe that we are going to be able to offer the general population the cold in nineteen vaccine by summer and I think this is this is exactly what we need to crush this virus. A Texas and Mississippi are you an eleven states now loosening restrictions Texas governor rabbit says he's dropping as states mass mandate an opening 100%. What do you make of that and what should states consider before lifting restrictions. All right well Diane you know my answer is going to be who we we've talked enough. I have to worry oh opening up completely and telling people they can their masks we just heard what doctor phone she's about the possibility of bearings remember we're still happy about 161000. New cases of the day that's twice as many from the peak of this of the spring a year ago so we really need to make sure that we. To flatten the current war before we start opening up everything completely white think we can go ahead and opened things more cautiously yes I do the same point if we see things going in the other direction we really need to reverse course quickly also we should still be masking as much as possible even if were vaccinated when we go to public. And we heard in a mention of the CDC is expected to release some new guidance. For fully vaccinated people and whether they can gather together what do you expect to hear their. Well you know again. He's going in the right direction I mean imagine that that we can have friends over who didn't actually in four homes and and you know as long as were all actually we can take golf or masks we don't have to physically distance again and that's predicated on the fact that you're not going onto trial is not going on so public with L masks. But I do believe that what we're seeing is get vaccinated individuals who get together. I do think we're going to see AE a real new normal and getting actual earlier we were in the pre pandemic way. But again we have to mess we go on public shouldn't change. And so well what are we gonna see that next level that point where if you're vaccinated you don't have to Wear a mask in public and you don't have to socially distant. It reminds me of the Olympic doctorate she recently published in new normal I mean you know it's very important for us to realize that we're probably never going to be exactly back to where we're at war weekend and that's not necessarily adapting meaning I I think we're going to see people don't realize when they going to cry or places they're going to want to mask even if this change is guidance you don't. Far down raw or so why didn't we. It was important that we don't want to be judgmental. Want to allow people to have individuals safety measures that the thing but for now wanted to clear that whether you're back seater unvaccinated. If you're going into public you need to mask and you're going to crowded spaces. You need to mess when you go into war is unless you're around a group that you know that everyone vaccinated we still want to masculine. And I why he with a New York question because it this lends an interesting one. One they want to know if it's possible we've already reached herd immunity and two when will we know when we are there. It sure is really insightful questions so I'm not an easy answer but let me see us when we reached herd immunity. Be. Case counts are going to continue to decline. Sole right now we've seen cases declined significantly. But as starters ruling plateau in some places even increase Colombia so it's unlikely that we've reach herd immunity on the national level. I do believe that herd immunity in part is responsible. For why the case are coming down remember herd immunity includes a number of people that have been vaccinated. Plus the people letterhead and natural infection but I also think that is the masking the physical distancing avoiding crowds and made possibly some of the season Allen. Right remember remember viruses chic and having come down and you've always seem winter left when you think of influenza. You know that she and ended decline. Doesn't last the entire winter sleeping or seen a number of factors at play here. And then and we're seeing airlines starting to prepare referring viable and travel when do you expect travel. Levels to return to normal and when can we do that say. Right so. We're going to want to do that in concert with CDC guy and so right now because there's still 60000 cases date because they are experienced that are surging you know the recommendations that we limit travel as much as possible remember. Flooding. He's still seen as way to trouble we know that there's very little transmissions and airlines because of masking and optimize got relational case we're not seeing a lot of cases they're that's good news I do believe as morons get vaccinated and once the general population. Once most of us are vaccinated I think that things are going to open up including. Airlines and I think the CDC guidance will change as well in the positive direction. All right certainly hope so doctor Ellen great to have you as always thank you. Teachers and.

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{"duration":"6:05","description":"News comes as Texas' governor announces his plan to reopen the state and drop the mask mandate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76227280","title":"Biden says there could be enough vaccine supply for every adult by end of May","url":"/US/video/biden-vaccine-supply-adult-end-76227280"}