Biden’s COVID relief bill passes in Senate

The House will vote on the final bill tomorrow. President Biden plans to sign it later in the week.
2:09 | 03/08/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden’s COVID relief bill passes in Senate
President Biden's one point nine trillion dollar pandemic relief package is one step closer to making it through congress. It passed the senate on Saturday and that final bill is set to pass the house tomorrow the means checks are expected due out soon after the president signs it later this week. The final steps come as a new ABC news it's those poll shows more than two thirds of Americans approve. Of president Biden's response to the pandemic senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce is tracking it all Forrest good morning Mary. Diane good morning while president Biden is now on the cusp of his first big win a defining piece of legislation on his top priority but this did not come easy this fight expose the real challenges. Facing the president's agenda it took over 24 hours of debate to pass this in the senate along the narrowest of margins fifty to 49 a straight party line vote Republicans continuing to slam this bill as a wasteful spending spree. And Democrats were forced to make some real concessions or to keep their own party united so this massive one point nine trillion dollar bill. Does include direct payments to most Americans although fewer will now qualify. 14100 dollar checks will go to those making up to 75000. Dollars a year and humidity 80000 dollars you you will get. A smaller payment unemployment benefits will be now extended to early September but it just 300 dollars a week that's less than the president had hoped for the bill also expands the child tax credit to as much as 3600 dollars per child under the age of six and 3000 dollar dollars per child under the age of seventeen of the bill also of course includes billions of dollars for school reopening Saxon nations testing state and local governments now because these changes were made in the senate the bill now does have to go back to the house and while some progressive members have raised concerns about these changes all signs indicate this bill will pass in the house tomorrow will then head here to the White House for the president's signature later this week that will allow. This bill be passed before those critical unemployment benefits expire on March 14 and after that it could be just a matter of days before those direct payments start going out. Americans should be on the lookout. For those checks sometime this month. That's apparent mayor Bruce thank you.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The House will vote on the final bill tomorrow. President Biden plans to sign it later in the week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76322286","title":"Biden’s COVID relief bill passes in Senate","url":"/US/video/bidens-covid-relief-bill-passes-senate-76322286"}