Big push for antibody testing

Doctors look to antibody testing to provide potentially lifesaving treatments for COVID-19 patients.
2:44 | 04/28/20

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Transcript for Big push for antibody testing
A Caylee hard time joins us now one of those heroes of course Caylee you have firsthand reporting on this having donated your Celso tell us more about. That process of donating plasma. Lindy you and I talked about how I was frustrated during that process trying to figure out how to donate. It turns out all I really needed was a dose of patience. EB symptom free for 28 days before you can donate I'm not. The Red Cross called me just two days after I became symptom free hitting that benchmark guy of course had filled out the online form to request to donate. Much before that but what I've got to the Red Cross blood bank I was so pleasantly surprised at how streamline the process was. I filled out some paperwork I had to do a simple health screening that you need to do before any blood donation. And I was in the recliner for less than an hour. There are four rounds your blood being taken from your body the plasma separated. And then your blood put back in you feel pressure. Right around your arms hear from a cost as your blood is being taken out you squeeze a little spying used to help the process along. And then when your blood is being returned to you you feel a cooling sensation. I felt like it was pain free I spoke with dvd you just saw the donor to Jimmy and that peace there and we shared that sentiment. I really don't think there is any wind for. There is any thing for anyone out there. Who is cable of donating. To be afraid of if you were thinking of donating you can go to the Red Cross web site. You can fill out that same donor form I did and you can be an out of the door of one of these donation facilities in less than two hours are it's a pain free for potentially life saving. And preserving results for is somebody else I know initially the rule said basically that you had to had an official. Colby had positive test. In order to be able to donate have they relax that at all because a lot of people say hey I know I had it I couldn't get access to a test I didn't need attest to know that I had the symptoms. Of of actually having it. Right we're hearing that a lot Lindsay and in my case I needed proof of that positive Kobe test and they needed to wait. 28 days symptom free but you're right we are seeing those regulations changed the Red Cross now is using antibody test to test those presumptive positive cases. Which means this donor pool is going to expand. Tremendously that community blood bank in San Antonia just sock. They are doing that as well again anyone who thinks that they could be a qualified donor I encourage you. To reach out to your local blood bank where the red cross and see what you can do to help Lindsay I just learned today. And my plasma has been processed and is helping three people in urgent need wow that's great news Keylon thank you thank you so much for sharing that.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Doctors look to antibody testing to provide potentially lifesaving treatments for COVID-19 patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70374470","title":"Big push for antibody testing","url":"/US/video/big-push-antibody-testing-70374470"}