Biggest snowstorm of the season hits Chicago and the Midwest

ABC News' Alex Perez reports on how residents and visitors are dealing with all the snow
6:19 | 02/09/18

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Transcript for Biggest snowstorm of the season hits Chicago and the Midwest
Hey guys on in about here live in New York it's just past 5 o'clock. In the evening here on the East Coast we're tracking a major storm system making its way. Across the midwest right now more snow to come over the weekend and Chicago is among one of those places. That's Ari then hit and has more snow head let's head of a they're now. Alex Perez joins me live from Chicago where looks like there RD dealing with snow on the ground and they're bracing. For what is to come this weekend Alex what's gone on there. Yet here there they had taken out it looks like Al winter wonderland behind me prima its new hope everywhere. You look at doc this is one of the side roads out in Chicago right now this has been coming down all day but so that major roads of the arteries are clear but check this out this side road. If you haven't moved your card what you're dealing with here maybe 56 inches of snow maybe a little more depending on where exactly you aren't this is the first real. Reprieve from the snow that we've gotten it about 24 hours it started falling in just would not stop at one point it was coming out. Holler until you get mad dead. When you try to get around and do what you have to do your normal life but it's hard dealing with that much snow. All at once the roads. Have been complicated. Salt trucks plow trucks have been out. About 300 of the city's trucks have been out nonstop working around the clock. Trying to get things cleared but it's not an easy process we talked to. One woman who told she kept going outside this double and as she shoveled she looked out her window and would be more snow there within just a few minutes it would take awhile. Figures doubling. Right over here. This block just like so many other blocked in Chicago product they're using shuttle trying to get that car out of their note that they were successful. That's what people are due peak hit her trying to help each other out get their cars out from under the snout and then you have cars like this one this guy obviously. Because no date has not been outed happy actual the city warned a lot of people essentially telling them if you don't have to go out today don't stay inside your home. Because getting around it's going to be pretty tough. What Al Aqsa here's that they mentioned they told folks to stay home if they can bet. Mayor Mott rom Emanuel also said that there could be three more rounds of snow ahead hit over the weekend. What are they telling folks about how to prepare what they should be doing now. We have ads that complicated part Wright said this big storm came and right now and you think you'd be almost done but. It's not we have possibly around like two in round three coming this weekend not as severe as this but definitely more snow on top of everything. How's that you're seeing already on the grounds out in Chicago and our hearted people work at a used to dealing with this but that. Advice that they hear every year is always worth repeating when you're in a snowstorm you know try to avoid being outside. For extreme amount of times. Try not to travel in the snow of you don't how do you make sure your sidewalk is shovels and that people don't fall those are all things that people here are used to hearing but have to be reminded of them especially. After it's been such a long time since we've had a big snowstorm it's been my years as we had a storm. This severe here in the Chicago area so those are all things that people are talking about right now because as you said it's not done just yet we have more snow coming another round tomorrow and possibly through the weekend. So it's going to be a little bit frustrating but it got to keep going. It's crazy how a year passes and everybody forgets what happened here before but we know schools have been canceled flights have been canceled what else are they doing. To keep everyone safe to keep that off the streets and what if it turns into a problem for the beginning of next week tip. Yet one that's right they Chicago Public Schools did cancel classes today. And so did at Milwaukee public schools in Detroit public schools and several school districts throughout the midwest because a huge swath of the midwest. Was struck by this storm so right now officials here in Chicago bullied by Monday things will be back to normal classes will be back. In session they think that'll be enough time to sort of get things clear get everything. I'm moving and answered back two or what it's gonna take. All while to get back on track for instance at the airport to Chicago's airports more than a thousand flights. Have been canceled. Across the country 700. Of those at the ship at Chicago's airports so it's gonna take awhile to get all of this back on track a lot of the major airlines are offering now waivers. Re booking waivers for for their customers who were impacted by the storm. So it it's gonna be a while before things get back on track officials have been saying it peopled on the street have been saying it. Be patient it's gonna take some time. Yeah Haiti is a big big storm as you mentioned Alex when he different states are under some kind of storm alert warning but. Tell me very good news and that's from the kids who are gonna have to deal with the snow over the weekend what kind of snow with it is like good powdery snow can package yet nobody. It's not good news you know I thought it into this snowball snow are actually no it's not it's not hold and if it if that fluffy you provide in the heat. Area that the credits that would it is not good for snow blog but I. I would tell you driving around the city today we've seen kids sort of all over the place they had a snow days of people were outside in during its lead to be thought dogs. A result people just out they're trying to make the best of the day because we you're stuck inside or kick victory got to get you have they enjoy and do. What he can within and the good news it's why these cold it's not bitterly cold we don't have those below zero. Arctic temperatures at least in Chicago's and that's what it's you know since some people are out there and joining its fluffy stuff right now. Fake out that the press you can jump in tale it won't hurt. That's always. I look drugged up intimate but not enough here. Do. IRA allied with friends live there or as in Chicago stay warm out Alex thanks good to talk to you. Ruby Tuesday thanks for being here with us guys you can keep an eye on that storm Leverett All weekend long. Or download ABC news that get all the breaking news rates to your phone or mobile device for now I'm mom and Abbas have a great weekend.

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{"id":52972471,"title":"Biggest snowstorm of the season hits Chicago and the Midwest","duration":"6:19","description":"ABC News' Alex Perez reports on how residents and visitors are dealing with all the snow","url":"/US/video/biggest-snowstorm-season-hits-chicago-midwest-52972471","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}