Black Teen Invited to 'KKK' Birthday Party, Mom Says

The Texas teen's mother says the bullying of her son is racially motivated.
1:31 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Black Teen Invited to 'KKK' Birthday Party, Mom Says
I'm just really you know sick of it -- -- Howard says her son Justin -- seventh grader is the target of repeated a racially charged bullying and toppled junior high -- girl role on the boy at black death -- -- from the whole class a -- -- was really upset the most recent attack a fake party invitation from two classmates. And put on his -- and say that he was invited to kkk birthday party with lots of finding gains. Tom -- -- confirmed the student written letter and responded to our questions through a statement reading in part quote. The behavior of the two students who wrote the note is not acceptable. Both students who left a note were disciplined according to the district's student code of conduct and they need to know that there are consequences and not -- a -- in. I its days all -- you know one day suspension when they can go home and play video games -- -- while Howard believes the school hasn't done enough to protect her son. We asked other moms what they think of the note just them being kids. Being a part in Kansas. Human beings -- this the norm here. We are the minority then retreated as the minority that's inappropriate I mean that's that's not what we found traditionally in the town hall. Area but you know there's always people who have. Inappropriate behavior in an appropriate -- still Howard has her own opinions and wants other parents to hearing -- think the -- sixty -- say it. Being -- is our building is not okay no matter if you're playing around. All -- you know you're just being mean it's just not okay.

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{"id":18683125,"title":"Black Teen Invited to 'KKK' Birthday Party, Mom Says","duration":"1:31","description":"The Texas teen's mother says the bullying of her son is racially motivated.","url":"/US/video/black-teen-invited-to-kkk-birthday-party-mom-says-18683125","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}