Blue Origin: Civilians in Space

Watch our full coverage of the historic Blue Origin space launch.
0:45 | 07/20/21

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Right now a new era in civilian space flight began. I can understand. Not. I have to dream could this really my whole life command and two floors. Separately the talent everybody who's been this case has it changed them. I'm just really excited bigger houses and more astronauts launching into the budgets face with the time. I Holbrook. My boat travel. Yeah I did an insider community during. No. Lou or aged. Civilians. In space. Live from the launch site one in west Texas and Times Square in New York City. Robin Roberts George Stephanopoulos. And Michael Strahan. Orient bank for joining us on this Tuesday morning. Big chapter in space history about to open up in just a few fantasy pick up. By Bethany shepherd. Lord spacecraft. It's on the launch pad right now supposed to go up in about twenty minutes the countdown clock says 2330 forward we know it's going to be around bad times. 9 AM possibly that's like George and that's gonna happen in just a little bit but. Oh my gosh we think about it on the billionaire Amazon owner. Founder Jeff pesos along with three other civilians say those younger brother mark 82 year old Wally funk eighteen year old Oliver Damon. All will launch into orbit on a journey to the edge of space you see them they're getting ready. Groundbreaking all of us a lot of credit the Kabul government extradition that's how long it will last. For the moment the rocket called him shepherd named for the first American in space Alan Shepard takes off. Until the capital wagons back here on earth that's right eleven minutes are gonna go they're gonna float for a couple of minutes then flow back down to earth with the parachutes. Today's date chosen for a very special reason anniversary the first Apollo moon landing more than fifty years ago July 20. 1969. That mission began injecting his loses lifelong love of space and stated at the age of five and even talked about it at its high school graduation about space. My goal is smack dab right Arabic and the little a secluded desert near band born a small town. And west Texas about a 120 miles from El Paso will speak with Jeff Baines those quiet after he lands. Michael. Let us know what the atmosphere like out there. A Robin I think this town be a population has doubled. When everybody that came out to sea to launch that's how small this town news. But there is still much excitement out here this morning history of about the be made in just a few moments in M one of the biggest highlight. For these civilians turned Astor not. We're three of those men at that they upped their baby let's bring total weightlessness. Where they can oddball pool float around the cabin. There are windows everywhere in on one side still sits stunning view of earth and on the other. The total blackness of space. But they all get a win defeat George. It wouldn't change it as a robber remember always to watch this face Pepco there are tiny windows and we are growing up this on this aircraft 60%. Of the caps exterior is windows. Bush has tested this mission fifteen times before today's launch the last imitator of the mannequin named Scott quotes. I walker light you'll probably remember it was just nine days ago that billionaire Richard Branson. And five other people took a small rocket plane operated by virgin galactic. To the edge of space and back beating raise those in their longstanding rivalry in the race to space terrorism but this. This mission is different. Peso and as cruise and his crew are actually. Though Robert crossing the Carmen lines at 62 miles up from ground level. It is considered by NASA to be the true edge of space going farther than Branson. And it made traditional rocket with no pilots. No pie at stores at the automate all automated rocket was rolled out to launch pad the launch I just after midnight. See it right there and the crew for. We saw them go into. The Range Rover to be driven over to decide. That was all earlier today. And now we're just about less than twenty minutes away from the launch net's right at the top of the hour. A triple take a total of eleven minutes that's been said and here is what we do at Dei can expect to see. We're getting all kinds as we lift off the new Shepard rocket ignites leading the passenger's towards space. Producing 1101000. Pounds of thrust propelling all on board through Earth's. Atmosphere. Two minutes after launch the new Shepard reaches Martin three speed. Astronauts on board we'll fill up pressure three times the force of Earth's gravity. A made up with the main engine and new Shepard comes off also known as we go or been injured. From the capsule carried passengers. Separates for the rocket. It is at this moment that the astronauts can unlawful and experienced weightlessness. Four minutes into the mission the crew capsule reaches Cafferty. The highest point in the fourth. Capsule speed slows to zero miles per hour. Now both the capsule and the new Shepard rocket separately made their control descent back to hurt. New Shepard is more aerodynamic. And we'll reach the earth before the capsule. Six minutes and and the astronauts Bob Hope Actuant in preparation for the capsule to reenter Earth's atmosphere. Moments before the new Shepard rocket plans begin to reignite. Rocket makes up ten point vertical touchdown so could be re used for future flights. Nine minutes after launch the parachutes deploy from the capsule. They will bring the speed of the capsule down to sixty miles per hour as it drifts back to earth. To slow the capsules impact for seconds before landing the retro thrust system kicks on. Releasing its air pollution resulting in eight just flat. Once on the ground the astronauts weight has recovery teams beat to beat the. So let's meet the blue origin team for breakthrough billionth song than the astronauts first up. Jeff bay though the 57 year old founder of Amazon. In blue origin and owner of the Washington Post alongside him his brother. And best friend fifteen year old mark bay though a finance fear who've also been a volunteer firefighter. Since 2005. Also on board Wally funk and time astronaut who actually train builders in sixty years ago when a witness program. That was later canceled. She'd never actually photo space and now 82 she is poised to be the oldest person to do so. And all it last but not least eighteen year old Oliver Damon. From the Netherlands who just graduated from high school he is now fit to become the youngest person ever. To do this face. I had the chance to sit down and talk to all Ford been. And I began by asking debate those what it's like to be out with the way from making his childhood dream of going to space reality. It's so exciting if this crew gonna go to space. And I have just been dreaming of this rule in my whole life. But I I don't know what it's gonna mean for being everybody who's been space says it changes them in some way. I'm just really excited to figure out how it's gonna change me people say this to the thin limb of the Earth's atmosphere. It teaches them how fragile and precious the planet is other no boundaries. I don't know what's gonna do but I'm excited to find out can you put into context for us what what this signals for the future of space exploration and travel. What we're hoping to do this to build the road to space of the future generations will be able to do amazing things in space if we have practicing it good it reusable vehicles. For the big thing that boards and is doing is making these vehicles reusable. And an operable Wesley can be pulled over and over and over more like commercial airliners if we can get to that stage then. The things that the next generations will figure out how to what to do in space. How to benefit earth with all those things didn't space that'll be amazing to see so that's the real goal. When they trade for fourteen hours with a fully automated flight they're part of the requirement for that. They be able to climb seven flights of stairs. In ninety seconds and Wally thinks she outbid the mid sixty years ago it acorda Deb bay those. See all else we'll did this group. As well that now I am joined by amid all we got doesn't mean GO Benitez with our ABC. Transportation correspondent it deal you had a you actually at the Branson launched from last week you know you beer for the past few days it it. You don't hit the fitness training module so how would that. I mean it was just incredible Michael because this is the training model what they've been using all weekend long to train for this to train for this moment because what Gordon says they don't want. Is that they don't want the experience that first moment to feel those feelings and hear the sounds to be up in the year they want you be able to relax. And to what they do is they put you through this simulator. You hear these sounds you feel that vibration it's good something we're gonna feel here on the ground we're gonna feel a little bit of that but certainly not what's happening inside that capsule do you really get a feel about big real time is really going to be hard for them relax regarded. The familiar not put a lot of people may say this we get a billionaire's. Race to space but it's a lot more than. Look I mean this is obviously right now you have to be very very rich to afford a seat on this flight to a sport a seat on virgin galactic. You have to be rich well what they argue is that you have to start somewhere and that's how you gonna start. You're gonna have to start with these very expensive seats. In the same way that sort of air travel began in this country with. Something that was it very expensive. But what people don't realize is the research that is happening blue origin has already been sending research payloads up there to micro gravity. And and that's important because you have universities that need to conduct research and different pharmaceutical companies. And they didn't have access to. Three minutes in weightlessness like they do now it is very important to do that. They would have otherwise had descended all the way to the International Space Station. Which is obviously very expensive for universities so that has been happening already here with the war and I got to figure out here on earth the devil operative community here van horn because. It has created a lot of jobs here do you guys. The tournament through a back. You okay we're joined now by TJ TJ is here in the audit in the studio with us as well. And Robert I remember when you're going up everything stopped when these rockets was when wound space the moon landing fifty years ago TJ you're even. Born I want the but I was I was the the shuttle. He would write we are error was the shuttle's night always remember. That Atlantis discovery guest challenger ovals. I can still that they remember the teachers wielding that television and public library art on red cards and got us all around to watch and no matter who you are I've been getting messages from people talking about how much energy and alive we thing this morning working but because it just gets you excited it just no matter what it taps into this child likes and to wonder. Hope and exploration and you're talking. Not space travelers. And other barriers being broken today we have a lot of experts to help break it down let's bring them in right now former Astra ABC news in shooter Cady Coleman. Astrophysicist doctor or tymoshenko. And vanishing and sorry another woman's child a space as a civilian. And so let's begin with you Katie thank you all crystal ball. Don't think I don't imagine we're excited I can only imagine how you three must be feeling right now and Katie you want to space shuttle mission spent six months. On the International Space Station is going through the minds. Of those four right now we're getting ready to launch of the space. I think ray now they're actually focused on reviewing what they need to do. You know what's first what time this what's the thing they had trouble with in training and have to make sure that they. Do you rights. And at the same time you know even just walking up those stairs to the launch pad the numbers only just a few people on that launch pad and just being one of several. You know just going to snot not very many people and you look around you see the whole landscape and it's just you and your rocket I think they got to really feel a little bit of that. The grand ness of the day then but right now I think they might be focused on just making sure there. All sat there does seem to be a little bit of a delay right now do you see that. The countdown clock appears to be holding married fifteen minutes and even at the time is still coming up find out and they paved keeps saying it's on time and we'll keep an eye on that. But because they are staying it should still be going off at the top of the hour but said that's that's nothing unusual about this like a book most submissions that we've had been seen delays like that but. Wally Wally can't you talk about her we have been talking about her her chance to make history. After training to be a bastard so many decades. Never getting the chance to fly until now it would what do you think it's going through her mind. I I think she she realizes how many people that she brings with her when. She and then the other twelve women and are referred to as the Mercury thirteen me think they passed the test that all. Than Mercury seven astronauts had passed and I needed to doing as well or batter. End to were scheduled for further testing in and back then. People almost didn't didn't believe that women could actually do these things and so. You realize that when you do well you're doing well for so many others. And they were so hopeful to be able to join no women in space program as was. You know that if this has spoken about Saddam City Council get to go and T has stands here it's everything for Wally but it's it's really so much for all of us and all of us who have dreams who persist. Espionage sorry you became the first woman who hated childless face. Back in 2006. Aboard a Russian Soyuz spacecraft spent eleven days on the space station. Tell us what the training was like a with the experience was like. Training got lucky if you let her. Love. Call and will need a gang leaders don't eat very. And begging you with the assistance and emergency training trying to make sure that it's something go wrong here now. To react and make sure that he can't return safely. I can demolishing is also dreads this morning's professor at George Mason University author of a quantum light by and likely journey from the street the stars. Say this will this launch visited riskier than the version galactic launch just a couple of weeks ago. Well it it it may be insult ways because a part of the risk details on how power for your rocket is and how wall hit birds war. But they have sold many different safety redundancies built in. One of the most important is that they have any emergency. To thwart system that separates the capsule. From the rocket booster and all sold the capsule is far away from the rocket boosters look even thought the goals walk with a rocket booster. They have time so if you look at the actual war engineer read risk assessments. Force up ignored wall with the with the with the rocket booster as bottled water out of 100 soul of probability but. Good threat to the coral who is much lower because of all the say the redundancies that they have bid is ten times more like 1000. Which is standard for rockets like this. OK let's go to jail Lee Joo -- any insight into what is actually happening there on the ground right now we see 1 o'clock moving one clock stopped. Yet George so we're trying to figure out exactly why there is this whole we're seeing this holdout for about six minutes. At fifteen minutes here but you know what one of the things that's happening here is that we don't necessarily. Have to lift off at an exact time in the way that for example a SpaceX launched. Have to hit an exact time after a second to reach the International Space Station at that exact moment in this case. They can sort of delay it a little bit. For whatever reason I'm looking out at the sky right now and it's a very clear day here so we don't think that it's the weather we don't feel what he wins so we're gonna. Wait to find out exactly why we know it's now not gonna happen any earlier. Denied 0:4 AM it may be pushed back. A few more minutes but we're going to be watching this right here you you were on the scene of the virgin galactic a couple weeks back there was a much longer delay Tuttle baucus who was happening there. Yes O puts virgin galactic basically what was happening is they had some overnight storms that were moving in and the winds were very very intense. There in New Mexico. And they had to roll out the these space ship over to the launch pad but it took a long time to do that because they had to wait for those winds to calm down. They had to wait for those forms to calm down so wasn't necessarily a morning delay it was what was happening overnight that the sort of had to. Push everything back because of that rollout that was delayed in this case so we don't have that delay. So we're we are trying to figure out why we are still at T minus fifteen minutes as the as the days this team told you anything at all. No they are they actually told us George that they don't know why they're trying to. Go back and and speak with a mission control to find out exactly why. But we have our producer G necessary also reaching out to the folks there to try to found out find out what else there we go right now George it looks like we are now at T minus. 1444. So the clock. Is ticking once again. Yet the clock is ticking gala screening Cady Coleman again it is of course your veteran of these nations. Not all that unexpected have a bit of a bloody. It's definitely not and basically ago when then when the time is right. I think it's harder on almost everyone else in an is on the crew because they know that it even if it's not today for some reason they will be going when when everything is set in right. And and I like a lot of the way and I hear the porch and teen talk about. Aren't making sure that they don't go he learned minutes. If that is it goes blew Argentine. If you had your prison for them that that that they're really just passengers. All of you when you've gone up and different missions get a job to DO. What they've got. I'm I'm I think they have a job due to an action this word tourism always kind of bothers me a little bit because it implies that you're just going to have. Gonna see something from a distance when actually when you're out there and you become we listened you see that view out the window. It's a visceral thing it's something you really feel inside you and everyone's gonna give it differently they're gonna see it differently and that's really the whole point is bringing lots of different viewpoints. Up to space but it's definitely not something you just kinda like look at infill separate from. Tobacco sales but they ask you this doctor think people think because we have been talking about a lot about the billionaires. We had Richard Branson and now we have Jeff baze those. Can you help people understand. The importance why why can why should the average person be excited about today. That's so that's a very good question because it does look like it's very far from accessible to the average person today couldn't pick about the type of trips that were being taken by so called space tourist. From 1998 a public through two thousands they were principal like twenty million dollars in kick. And now for these missions this calm down by about a factor of ten. N Seoul what's happening here. Is that this. Development that's being done by these three companies right we happen include your little company to SpaceX is they've brought down a price far creating. Reusable vehicles and the other thing is they're making it more accessible not necessarily today but for the future they're building an infrastructure at a more that infrastructure is fumes bid the more can be taken advantage O'Connell like the Internet right you create a new economy so what is that we can't be one of the most promising is the biting the materials from favorable report from asteroids. And there is apps written what asteroid out there that's. Valued at not trillions of dollars book quiet brilliance to quit billions of dollars if we didn't actually mind it. So what we're looking at is being done. By billionaires but if you look at the beginning of automobiles if you look at the beginning of aircraft through quite often you see this kind of activity. In the very beginning just because they are the ones who have access but eventually now we come to a point where everyone portables parking ticket airline flight so perhaps there's no future. And we're talking and perhaps decades or not ever want to take a space flight. Let's talk about the immediate future doctor I'm sorry Tucker tell us a little bit about what you expect in the immediate aftermath. This this flight. Well it. So leave everything golds right then we entered into a new arrow right and we now have these space race between two solve or brutal call. Corporations are doing being used. Differently from each other so that means that billions are gonna shake out we're gonna learn a lot about the various technologies but you don't get to be as an astrophysicist. At Abbott nerd the idea of just going into space. As it you don't have to be an astronaut you go through to astronaut program. And getting that view of the dark black sky space what the universe really is that is just bide going to be have been a blue bell on earth. Personally I've been no forty countries at this point in my life and I didn't really get a perspective ought America if I left America and I had perspective. Sold back to respect the one games mean yeah. Good good analyst at Tucker emissary let her answer the same question yeah. It. I'm. Very. They can't get I want Akron and he. Can't keep. Not only. Got it. Well there's. In their dispute me. With realize her dream is here courthouse. And some. Are brought back. It or lump all the chicken. I. We apologize we have some trouble understandably many do want to go back to jail Benitez. There at the launch site we are closing in. We are closing in Georgia and they just finished the go pull this is the pull that they take inside mission control. Where they basically have everybody say go or no go. And we are a go for launch that is very critical at T minus ten minutes we're now looking at T minus nine minutes but a reminder. When you're talking about a law. Everything is take into account in every single second so they can decide a second before this launch. To scrap it and so this is something we're going to be watching but it is a very good sign right now. That that go pull right now is that go for launch since a one or Jeff phases and his fellow crew members doing right now is that you can now. You know what I talk to astronauts about this NASA astronauts they always say that in this moment this is what they've been training for. And they're just sort of relax and waiting for to happen. They believe they always told me and I find this very shocking but they always say that it is a very home. Relaxed moment I'm not Chirac would be as relaxed but certainly these NASA astronauts or. He has been training now for while he has been working on this for 21 years George. The for the company he founded in 2000 and he started it with this vision of human spaceflight. And now he is making that dream come true so I'm imagining that a lot like those NASA astronauts preparing all that time for this. He's probably peeling a lot. All right here thank you well let's talk to a former first astronaut we have one Cady Coleman so can you give us a sense this close to lift off. What is going on. I think it's it. You look at that but you look at the clock you've got a clock in front of viewing and you realize that. Hopefully nothing's gonna stop that clock in at the same time it's moving a little bit too fast because your just not quite ready even though you feel like you've been ready. All your life. Ends waiting for those engines to light in this case the engines to light. It is the most unbelievable feeling when that happens in it becomes clear in this way that. It is just so hard to get people off this planet it takes immense force engine and complicated engineering and when it really happens. It in your part of it it's it's something to be inside that rocket and at the same time it's on I think it's harder to watch than it is to be inside the rocket. And sports is good about what's the difference between what people solve Richard Branson not too long ago his flight at the space of what we're going to see today the difference between the two flights. Well they're coming there's that people themselves and their says is an airplane a mother ship that has been gonna drop. A space ship that's got a rocket motor on it after it drops the rocket motor lights and that's when they begin their climb to space. And when differences is that they actually have to climb up you know in the mother ship and its about a forty minute flight. Before. They get dropped and they start their launch whereas it's much quicker here. And I think that all of these sections of DuPont laying on your back on the pad. Getting to be settled. Mentally in your seat. Are actually really valuable to them I think the virgin galactic folks have a little while to think about it without people around them and just strapped in their seats on their way about forty minutes before. Kathleen drops. And the rocket motor lights and there are rocket to his face talking you talk about getting settled mentally were you afraid don't. You know. You make up your mind about wanting to he. On the top of that launch pad long before your after sitting there. And it's something that you do with your your family and anger in new religion you trust the people I trust the people and I'm sure that they do to people can. You trust people to have done their pasts and there's also this a spirit of exploration and makes it all worthwhile. And. Katie as we watch the the countdown clock cutie minus five minutes 45 seconds now you've. You mentioned how difficult it is to get people's face just the effort that it takes that the the power that it takes but. Sometimes it also takes decades and I know the so much focus is on. Jeff pay those yet he's the richest man in the world. That he's about to leave he's also. The guy with the style with a had at his rocketed his company. But this is Wally funk today in a lot of ways she is waited some sixty years to get to this moment when she was told she was good enough but she still couldn't go. Back during the Mercury thirteen but this is the one who's been a pioneer for a long time Q the first female investigator of the NTSB she was the first FAA inspector that was a woman she was the first civilian flight instructor at fort sill. And to speak sitting what is this like for you now to to think about her finally getting this opportunity some sixty years late we could arts. Well rob put it this way when Jeff invited her to fly on this flight I cried. Name is that's it's especially a statement from someone. You know and Jeff Bezos a minute don't know him well in the same time that I doubt that he's been denying something that he wants to do in his life based on his sacks or is gender. On finance gender or at the color of his skin and for someone who doesn't know what it feels like to see you one of those people. To then say Jerry I'm sorry I'm Wally I would like you to come with us it says you matter. What you did matters. And you you matter for the future and so Wally is flying with so many people on board not just aviation people like me. But so many. So many people who have persisted an extremely that they compete part. Of a big big solution. And I'm not being able to they know that persistence is going to get them there and that we all have a role to play. Eighties you feel any barriers when your joining this program. Us. I don't like to think Imus barriers but you know this definitely 80 as a person who looks and sounds and and probably feels different than most of the people around them you know your very invisible and I am IA at least would feel like. You know when I excel excel for all of us and when I don't excel. On people are going I don't know about track and it's you know part of the reason why this is so important that while he's on his flight. Is that I'd like to say that it still only sixty years ago that I mean it seems ludicrous that would people would think. I don't know that a woman to satisfy Alison man I don't think so I mean I've looked at their research and isn't really that if I mean desist. The things that they thought would get in the way if he women were demonstrating that they have to re test them all over again because they must be no different people when that happens I mean. These things actually still happened today. Around the world you know women aren't denying that the right to do the work that they could be doing really really well for our planet. So that's why her place is so important today. It was very important mistake about it and had o'clock. We are looking up the clock we hard skating so let's go back. There on the ground JL it's getting very close were now under three minutes until a ball he not. Our. Robin you know we heard Katie their talk about. You know feeling it that it's harder on here and you're sort of watch this that it has to be inside that capsule and every time I'm at a launch and I see the flock. Going at T minus two minutes like we are right now. That's how you feel you feel very excited you feel nervous your heart is sort of bracing. To watch this happen but it's also an emotional moment because when you're watching this one you think about all of the incredible engineers. And the incredible people that it hoped to build something like this to literally lift human beings off of this. It's quite an achievement what it's human achievement and there we are we are seeing these moments regular stop. Yeah to me now let's listen in on the ward yeah. Makes everybody. We are enormously. Engine gimbal check occurs and his friends they should actually be looked. Fueling. In the calf. Way to start back. They're really apt theme packs. There ECB. Fact is keeping up. Piece of the rockets. He was getting closer look at the clock all right thank you used cream forty seconds ago. Years of his historic moment. It's time for. Not feed a. It's. News. And there you see it right there blue origin has begun its live dog in this makes. Katie one hey here's Walt watching this rocket goal was such wars. Give us a sense of what those passes or are feeling right this moment. My hair realizing just what I said that it is so hard to hit the plan and they are going and you realize that you're going somewhere or just. I'm gonna stop until imagination comes out. And then you'll being in space. They're getting and then she served a starting to build up and Max Q. Would use the highest under pressure from right and so what is next you feel like what are. One. And it's not a sudden thing for us it's just that you realize it's the most stress on the on the vehicle itself and its. It's a nice thing to get timely that is the most stressful parts of the vehicles and I you know your vehicle is doing fine. You see it. What are they feeling inside their bodies at the Florida. Bar owners. Points. It's an average ask about what it's like gathered there if they're actually feelings repressed and their seat is if I tell people it's a cabinet guerrilla setting your chest but sort of like. Gradually gradually gradually more and more it's a little hard to brief but at the same time you know the UK and you also know it's not gonna last that long. Coming up on mock on two minutes coming up on Mike to. And then there eventually get a hit mocks you three and wait weightlessness. Everything going perfectly so far correct. As far as I can tell. Meaning that shortly. Despite separation. And that points after sub region Morgan I'll let that the astronauts on muscle. And take in the freedoms of zero G there is Nico main and being cut off. A beautiful shot. Down the new Shepard rockets. Look at that view. Sustains fairways on real. Coming up. So once they will wait here after reaching here. Soon as they got that separation. There is seriously. And here we are you can start to see. Stand by you're gonna see the separation of the capsule from the booster itself. In Haiti once the booster separates. What's gonna happen. When and they. I'm not sure if you can hear that I think that sounds like yeah. Right now yeah. It's awesome. That was up and here we go. Our astronauts have passed the Carmen line at about 320000. Feet. Continuing their a sense he's seeded to vehicles there. When the speed and zero you know they Apogee their Matt. As soon as you care of their eye and I want eats. And experience. Lou. That is a hi Katie isn't it. You can hear it in their races there's nothing like it. The floating the flying your flying inside the capsule. In the view of the earth. Act combination. And in those windows are as big as you are. And I. I don't know how many times you practice it's still one feels different when it's real. It wouldn't you know it didn't really call this civilians in space it's people in space and when it's when it's real it's just. There's just nothing like that feeling and it makes you realize that there's. It's a whole big world out there in that universe in just waiting for us to explore. And enhancing the separation as an institution there's the boosters on the bottom there were actually that this was putting on the top. No depends on camera angles with the very latest is an assistant. Nobody had. Action. All other day that it. Of the total order. Better protect being beaten. Cappy action. It's. Okay. Not bad though. Okay. I'm yeah okay. Copying. Happy. Right there is almost seven minutes into their flight. In the space and paving telling people understatement Olazabal to bring what is about to make landfall again. Or. With landing that they're they're going faster and faster and faster and other they're starting to slow down in the desert about actually look at the Vista there. So your two things are happening at Brewster actually lands before they do and you see it coming in for a landing slowing down stolen at about five miles per hour. Usually right on that once had assets of mr. Manning are seeing right now. So any day about two miles away. Well. Good news Shepard. I'm uniform rocket cup Hermione came beautiful flight Francis mace. It was your hat. Have landed. All society for the minister that there on the launch pad. Google Victor but victim here and boost its. There have been here about the concern. To be able to hear them that they they're sold all excited but yet so I'm. I don't know that. It. I. And that it is floating. See it right they see the blue urging capsule. It. It. And by drowned. Band director of the. And it. Stand by me. And me. Thought so far a nominal flight here comes that crew capsule back from space. That drones deployed it here are the names out reaping and coming to a full. Inflation. Our rocket went over a mock three. And now they're coming floating back down it just about fifteen or sixteen miles an hour about to join his home. Back. Here in west Texas after hacking on so Robin George casinos pear shaped now although their slowing it down to sixteen miles per hour and eventually fill it hits that desert here it is slow down. To just one mile per hour so it is a slow and gentle descent. Jail it seemed to go about as well as it possibly could have gone. You know what we had fifteen successfully passed before this George consecutive thefts from now we can count sixteenth at saint because. This 1 was the first morning with humans on terrorism and it looks to be going. Very very war. Multiple sensors. Just six feet above the ground back and Christian and rare wolf. What puffs and they we'll have a soft touchdown almost like just sitting in the chair. I'm sure they're adrenaline is pumping. What a gentle float. And George if you can see the capsule there's look at a little bit and has touched down. Well. You still a valedictory. And welcome back you're thirty seconds ahead of schedule the. I have a theory a lot of people are exhaling right now and there's a lot. There. Are a lot of paper boy they learn. They may look she's generally go if anything. Com here well. Is that it's not yet. Dollars from being here on the ground you hold your breath from the beginning. All the way to the and the sonic boom when an Iraqi come back to watch in the capsule float down to the ground and land. I don't think there's anyone here who would not overwhelm bottom moment I don't think guy. Get a loss for words for a long time in my life it is definitely one of those moments that lead to a loss for words this is absolutely. Amazing in this guy's an accomplishment. They just gold this show. How far we can go really puts good Google is great to hear them up here in the capsule. Have been their fun hoot and Holler and they've really taken in the moment because here is watching them with a moment we couldn't. Belt did you feel I know a Good Morning America. Seau was talking about how you have you know he was even saying your organs. Would be able rumbling being that close its youth the left don't. You feel it you absolutely feel it it's eighty gets into your chance and to your bone. The ground shakes it's a little delay you see the rocky go up that you're so far away that that you hear that sound you feel it. You see. The smoke from the big injures when they start them up and if the rest of space could. Just can't help but be in office. But watching this this is just magnificent one of the greatest thing about that we've seen in my in my time here on this planet. In job but I'm so happy that this flight went as smoothly and as it's perfectly. Avid Vietnam so excited to talk to they'd hear what they have to say about their experiences as well. We can now wait for that let's give everybody another look at liftoff. It's yeah. JD were in error we hope. From all the crew members pretty soon about what the experience is like what it felt like. Everybody is set your business was saying this fairly clean it is leading up to them to this flight. And it is going to space talks about how would change the had to change you. Mean heart. Day ever. Davis saying I think I am begging you looking down at the planet and your allies that basically everyone except that people with human spacecraft. Every one every earth friendly ice down there on that planet. And that were all from the same place and you don't see those orders in an inch just that they realize that if everyone can actually meet each other and be connected we could solve anything. And I think it would you bring people. Still have means and resources up and you show them that view. When they get back home because home earth as home men and they realize they've got a lot of work to do right here and so it a waste space capitalizes earth. Here we see the recovery team is on the scene right now. Rush you right in the capsule big thumbs up right there both inside and outside. Weather balloons we launched throughout the morning back against some very good idea of where wheel lands within a thousand feet. I what you're seeing that they're doing right now is it's Kevin's program for members seven is just making sure everybody is okay just a thumbs up. I'm there are so grounding the vehicle. When you go into space you clinics you know a pretty significant electric charge. That's actually why we prefer that the astronauts not getting out themselves that we can grounded vehicles static charge which can be quite. Ferraro. Excellent and I think they're they Kevin's throat or crewmembers seven has given the given the sums up. For all of our our our astronauts on are on board there again just being those mark visa was Wally funk. And Oliver Damon. What an incredible day you've heard them on the audio best day ever cook. I am isn't this I feel like this is our best day ever needed need to get to go of this base I mean what a day again congratulations. The entire team are astronaut crew and of course the friends and family. Of these incredible astronauts there just about the exit. The capsule here. Let's wait for that moment there you see Jack window. George TJ this is a new generation were talking earlier about how the universe cares about what locks. Think about the generation. Watching this. And knowing that anything. It's possible there are also thinking that maybe I can go. We maneuver in space travel to where you can get a fetal one of these yet it's expected now that we've talked about what. That they're making it accessible in the whole mission he wanted to do board and the company is to eventually get. People to space. To be working and living in space making speak travel accessible and he's in this and stuff. And I swear got a stake in them longer to have to get them out with a good for the actual trip. It's amazing that we sat here and watch the entire trip to Spain with eleven minutes ago. But just under educated to a little world that's right and little. Let us get a look at that smile on the face a definite is that I think that the thought well. For a dream come true for him and me he had its naysayers. Yet people who didn't did not believe in those who did not want this but he was steadfast. We've heard from so many on the benefits. Of this. And what it can lead to what it could mean that. The first test flight we've been happening over and think of 2012 who go ahead. It's a sick I think it means so much to have a crew like this where there are so different and TJ was talking about you know it makes you think you know you could go to space but. Some I think is really necessary is it any see people that kind of feel like us and I'm packing all of that on that flight he's eighteen. Personalized gonna see everything the rest of his life differently but other kids are gonna realize in awaited they wouldn't by looking at that rested back crew. That they could be on that capsule they better get ready. I think Ilyce bump in the housing oldest have been youngest. Together on that on that mission Wally is finally now I think I think oh how I didn't like how Obama could part. If track to end. Enlighten. You may have stayed the backpack I'm flavor this is where it is the law I had zeroed in a minute. Like good news. And you could hear her voice clearly and distinctly hoop and Holler and up there. You know might my face hurts from smiling and the un invite you bet it's it's it's. It's so wonderful to watch but there's part of it is discussed it did its just. When his senate career like I guess I I was a little worried about a. They have had with him you'll see that the that the other militant took that had him. This fits. Look look look up. And guys it's remarkable to seize the account. Now that traditional space walking out of the station without their traditional. It's quite remarkable season. And that's okay. And oh all right. Yeah. That's I had two friends and family right there put the story is it gonna have to tell head of the. Go to let it play again here is successful. Launch and landing of the new Shepard rocket and crew capsule with our first. Cuban flight fruit there Jeff business mark pays those all of her Damon and Wally funk. And their families care. Giving big hugs all around us what a moment so much emotion. And from all of them. The the elation did you see Wally did you see when she came out you know this. I tell you chooses to probably gonna do is not right you know cart wheel as he came out of that capsule. What an incredible incredible day. Even the play by play cats are a couple more moments until again when that's another is that he's solid engineering world. There's you know that made him as well Robin. Kids them early out of think about all the family and friends who are here and if you really close Internet video my buddy my good friend Tony Gonzales. Exactly great friends with get paid though if Tony in the outfield with the families. Sick you know getting his hope that this giving of the graduates and as well so this is just been of historic moment so many and I think. Watching them and realize the excitement that they have to go up there could be in space. But that nervousness and excitement for the family to actually watch this and be hearing to greet them when they come out of that capsule that must be pretty overwhelming as well. And Michael and I didn't have to run here in trying to talk to the crew. Yes I'm gonna get out of here cannot let it go talk to the crow. They didn't get firsthand how they feel about it. In down I cannot wait this who's going to be an exciting interview. And now Bob look at what who's going to be doers so hopefully that will be outdone thought enough then people could hear firsthand. How would that be in space for eleven minutes doors kids minutes and 45 seconds and they were 35 effective or. He just wants it the sprint spread the love spread the message that I can't wait to hear their impressions of the you know the view from up there and in fact I hear in just a moment we we hope there. Her console stand by. For that there Casilla there. The friends and family easier CEO Bob Smith there. He's via a couple of our other executives of CDC there. Yeah and it campaign Simon. An improper way and the his fans by. Exactly only proper read and spaceflight. It's a champagne shower. And man that is outrageous thing that is the beginning. Of the celebration there's a lot more to come. We are again I did not just the true in the families but everybody at origin who has made the historic day pops him. Yeah. Well there's a big hug and Janet yet to Wally on. Out. Residents and its huge. It's so beautiful moment there good. We'll have high tech. Furlong. I was actually. I guarantee go to space and sixty's yeah it's actually the Manning hasn't heard the waves there you see how amazing his Brothers hugging it out. All of routinely Nissan earlier giving his father big. Bomb. What I instance not the first time when Jeff came out of the capsule. His mother that he all of my father mind you I'm do you. It began when they want a day earlier that day. To the thousands and thousands of members of the team blue you've contributed to gain as well I know you are all hugging it out. Back it cant flood an area headquarters near Seattle sending you guys a lot of love from down here in west Texas. What a moment. But it it. Well. It. I mean granted you know. Gary Edward in the capital. My favorite part was hearing you know the gluten intolerant. And the Laffy you know didn't known for his big boisterous laugh. I mean here he's having a moment of a lifetime here and can only imagine if they are floating around there. I'm solvency crushed look at it. Look at the views. Doctor O'Shea. Successful flight. Celebratory morning project they assess your thoughts. I tell you I this just confirms what I wore a long time ago and that is Cubans are dull. Look at what we can do with it when people talk about what they don't oppose being visited by. Aliens we are the advance he leads right this is what this is showing you look at the universe. This is not happening everywhere but is happening here on our. And I love it and are excited by Ed you know what earlier that Katie was they had how to gonna have great stories to tell hopefully doc. No one tells the story of their commercial air flight anymore because this is this routine now hopefully we can get there with this and we can change humanity and convince properly. I'm incredibly excited about this and I love there excitement I'm excited with their excitement. Well doctor Alicia you summed it up for us all this morning years the last Willard humans are dealt with the up a successful successful launch of the new Shepard spacecraft Jeff King with us and his crew. Going into space for about ten minutes. Point five seconds. It doesn't compare it doesn't matter. This isn't really isn't so much better than anything that we could have ever imagined. The V again yeah. Emotional component soon human space flight we've had fifteen consecutive test flights which as you said earlier. Is why we knew that he was ready to put people onboard this this this rocket. Announcement listed today. To know that we can do this could do this safely. And to give people the experience of a lifetime and I think based on based on only see there I think you know juggle dons her. Job well done. Not only did we do and today we can do it again and again and again and again. Pre. Nicely. Absolutely love it. That was amazing everybody I want to thank you all for joining us from around the world for today's blurred and historic ere is human life. It's been a moment for the ages and guess we're just getting started got two more flights this year. And several more in the coming years I want you to join us a little bit later today we're gonna have a live press conference auto. So there you have the new Shepard spacecraft back on earth Jeff pays us and his crew. Walking away after their eleven minutes nearly eleven minutes a trip to space it didn't seem that we. Listeners and keep in mind that Michael Strahan will be talking to them shortly and bring in an interview to looking forty and that bringing the rhetoric your program now.

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