Bodies Found in Mojave Desert Confirmed as Missing Couple

San Bernardino sheriff says remains belong to Joseph and Summer McStay, missing since 2010.
3:19 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for Bodies Found in Mojave Desert Confirmed as Missing Couple
On Monday at about 10 o'clock in the morning. We received a call from an off road motorcycle rider. Who identified that he found what he believed to be human remains. In an area. North of Stoddard wells road. Next to quarry road. North of the city of Victorville. He called our dispatch Saturday deputy sheriff responded. With that RP's assistance the deputy found those remains. And within a short time a coroner's investigator arrived as well. They began checking that area. And were able to locate what they believed to be some human remains. We then. Had the forensic anthropologist. Respond to the scene. To determine whether or not those remains were in fact human. During their investigation. There -- able to find too shallow grave sites. With a total of four bodies. We continue the investigation. On Tuesday. And Wednesday. Excavating this site. And -- -- use -- data records. Were able to identify the adult victims. As summer and Joseph mixed day. We believe the other two sets of remains. Are that of the voice. Their sons. There DNA evidence is on file with DOJ and we will be sending. That information to DOJ for positive. Confirmation. The next day family was reported as missing and -- 2010. To the San Diego sheriff's department. They lived -- a community north. Of San Diego -- fall -- and San Diego sheriff's department was the reporting agency. They began the investigation and it continued for some time. With the assistance of the FBI. I've been in contact -- sheriff bill gore from San Diego County. And we've agreed that our homicide division and coroner's division will be the lead agency in this investigation from this point forward. We have been working with their investigators. And they provided us with the information. That they have. As it relates to this case thus far. We have some family members that are here what -- today. Joseph's brother Michael an -- and and their mother Susan blank. Summer's sister Tracey Russell and husband Joseph. And their mother blanch. At this point the autopsy will continue throughout the day and -- -- by the end of the day. As I indicated will be -- lead investigating agency. The matter of death has been determined to be homicide. We're not prepared to give you any information as it relates to the cause of death because the investigation is still ongoing. But our department will continue to use whatever resources we need to investigate this crime and bring -- individuals responsible to justice.

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{"id":20903534,"title":"Bodies Found in Mojave Desert Confirmed as Missing Couple","duration":"3:19","description":"San Bernardino sheriff says remains belong to Joseph and Summer McStay, missing since 2010.","url":"/US/video/bodies-found-mojave-desert-confirmed-missing-couple-20903534","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}