Body camera footage of George Floyd’s death released

ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports on the newly-released footage from two officers' body cameras.
1:51 | 08/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Body camera footage of George Floyd’s death released
The first time we're seeing the moments leading up to the arrest of George Floyd newly released videos from the body cameras warm by two former Minneapolis officers. Are shedding new light into the death that set off protests around the world. Marcus Moore has the latest and we do warn you the new images are disturbing. Tonight a judge ordering that release of two body camera video George Floyd's arrest and death of Leonard still there and quick but I quote. Let's just seconds after approaching the vehicle and rookie officer Thomas lane pulls his gun and pointed at a noticeably startled and scared fooling. Leave them to me believe me I'm not gonna see you step on the island of public debt. Why he hopes of millions who really he'd but. Part it says. The other body can commercials officer Alexander teen explaining they were called to the Minneapolis convenience store. Over allegations Floyd used a fake twenty dollar bill. We're here because of stomach you gave up big build. Individuals and there and. There was a brief struggle as the officers pushed the distraught Floyd into the back of a police vehicle apparently. Got seconds later Foyt has poured out the other side. That's when officer Derek Shelton would put his knee on Floyd's neck. Tonight children faces charges including second degree murder and manslaughter the three other officers at the scene each face aiding and abetting charges. Losing these dramatic videos were entered into evidence as part of an effort. To have the charges against officer lane dropped they each run about thirty minutes long. And in one of the videos you can actually see lane trying to perform CPR on Floyd in the back of an ambulance as we know. Floyd later passed away. And all of this this entire incident started with a report. Of George Boyd allegedly using the fake twenty dollar bill at that convenience store in Minneapolis Lindsay. Thank you so much Marcus.

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"ABC News’ Marcus Moore reports on the newly-released footage from two officers' body cameras.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72296897","title":"Body camera footage of George Floyd’s death released","url":"/US/video/body-camera-footage-george-floyds-death-released-72296897"}