Body Found in Frozen Pond During Search for Missing Boy

Authorities in Colorado have not identified the child's body.
2:17 | 01/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Body Found in Frozen Pond During Search for Missing Boy
You all know that on New Year's Eve we got a call of little David Puckett missing from his home. Many of us responded that evening. And that is win. The intensive search and investigation began. Well over 250 personnel over these last few days. From a variety of law enforcement agencies including. Your wrap over the Aurora police department gravel county sheriff's office. The FBI. The national center of missing and exploited children. The Arapahoe County search and rescue and many others. Spent a lot of time this last weekend. Searching for David. We had well over 200 volunteers over the last couple days. Who have also spent a lot of time vulture citizens. Louis took a lot of time searching. This area in hopes of finding David. I have the very unfortunate news. Letting you know bad. In a pond just behind me about two or 300 yards away. That we found the body. What appears to be a child. Inside the pond underneath the ice. At this time that we are not able to give a definitive identification. On. That individual. I will say and I will say however that. Because of this information and because. Our suspicion. I had the unfortunate experience. Having to inform. Davis family of our of what we found. And we did let the family know that it was going to take some time before we could have a positive identification. On the on the person. So at this moment we are treating this. The pond area men in the area around it has a crime scene. We are going to investigated with our crime scene investigators. With the assistance of the FBI and so forth. To make sure that. We do a very thorough investigation. And determine. What happened.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Authorities in Colorado have not identified the child's body.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44530749","title":"Body Found in Frozen Pond During Search for Missing Boy","url":"/US/video/body-found-frozen-pond-search-missing-boy-44530749"}