Bomb Suspect Manhunt: Neighbor Told Bloodied Body Inside Boat

George Pizzuto believes neighbor in Watertown, Mass., checked on boat outside home.
3:44 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Bomb Suspect Manhunt: Neighbor Told Bloodied Body Inside Boat
But what happened north affidavit that the -- 988. Data and it very -- as it. He went out to the to get some fresh air and he has is his 24 foot -- on a trailer. With dark with the winter cover shrink -- cover on it and he he just looking noticed some there was something was -- So he got a letter and put it up against the side he has does -- cover. He lifted up does -- cover condition and -- as he went -- to the latter he noticed blood and then. If he thought he saw what looked like a body laying in in the boat so he he'd get out of the boat testing called the police and that's when. That's when everyone ascended this -- whatever you on the city. -- Franklin street and -- -- that right over there right there there in I would say being interviewed. What's been going on over the years they were -- number shots fired and and what -- would appear to be some explosive devices were there or whether they threw him in the boat that they were thrown out of the boat I don't know but. But that they happens. Productivity. Identified the person -- I'm pretty sure that's -- it is. But they don't want to go they haven't gone in yet because they don't know if he is. Life for explosions either. Yes that's been a concern all along again the Celtics are staggering story -- -- in the. Anyway what's what's going on right now is there there -- that they get shut the power after the house I don't know why but. But. They're just they're -- they're all still here everyone is still here. But don't go back over it once more if you would mr. hazardous to your friend it's Dave had a very sad. Yet she is doing their owners are stood up. And and like -- say he just. Happen to notice it didn't look great and he looked in Sidon and that's where he said the blood and and the body and that should they believe that that's. The person now and again I don't know hard data on you know there's there's no other information. But I get out -- did you go out. He went out in his yard after. After that is given permission to -- said this was. Very recently this evening yes we've been no date and and they said. You know you've been -- -- -- lifting the ban but we should get you don't go too far in Egypt a -- Asiatic. And integrating he had right outside his back there -- -- -- and I think that I joked to the rest of the story. What can you tell noted about if you're graduating yes tell me about your friend Dave were all imagining. What he is life. Well hey who right now he's he's pretty much in -- and he. He -- he's only talking to. And whoever he has commissioner -- has been here. A lot of the swat team the Boston Police that Levittown police. They've all been in in my -- interviewing him and that -- He's just totally distraught and it. His right whose. They're suffering seven major medical problems -- is you know. -- everything biggest rush them out seven. -- she couldn't they couldn't take anything with. I have to I have to go to my daughter's not -- -- -- we've been trying to get hold of -- please go to what's going on its. It's it's still an active crime scene is as. As far as I can tell like -- say is that. I can't I can't see. A lot of pepper. Except for on the police presence. Well again you -- talk to your -- missed the theater you are an incredible reporter and we thank you again so much.

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{"id":19003122,"title":"Bomb Suspect Manhunt: Neighbor Told Bloodied Body Inside Boat","duration":"3:44","description":"George Pizzuto believes neighbor in Watertown, Mass., checked on boat outside home.","url":"/US/video/bomb-suspect-manhunt-neighbor-told-bloodied-body-inside-19003122","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}