Self-help book ‘The New Normal’ a guide to pandemic resilience

ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton discusses her new book “The New Normal: A Roadmap to Resilience in the Pandemic Era.”
5:30 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for Self-help book ‘The New Normal’ a guide to pandemic resilience
All of us certainly this pandemic has just abandon our lives in. Who in many ways we never expected but his vaccines continue to be rolled out only begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel what our new normal be like and what lessons will only take away from home that message ABC's chief medical correspondent doctor Jenn national and you know all tells all she is alternate knew each titled the new normal road map Brazilians in the pandemic Aris she is kinda not to join us now. Thanks so much for coming on the show doctor Jan. Lindsay I miss you and her diet and the same to you guys still lay eyes on you virtually at least this latch so congratulations on this new book it will surely hellish so many navigating what he's accomplished the foundation of your book is is all about accepting this new normal for what it is as opposed to what we wanted to teach to tell us a little more about that premise and what are some of the ways that we should be prepared to adapt. Well first of all Wendy. As you now because you and I and end it living and breathing and eating and sleeping all things -- now for over a year in terms of our coverage. You know I I really wrote the book because I was sharing from viewers and my patients allay that they wanted more than what we could really do a deep dive into in a television segment or a live stream segments. Because they wanted to know how to process the medical headlines. So that when they don't get whiplash and things are changing every day we're learning more about this virus and this pandemic every day so really the bottom line is that I realized it wasn't about explaining the fact is your action it was about trying to explain to people and teach people how to think like a doctor which you don't need to those who format for years in medical school to learn which but in doing so as I walk people through that thought process in the book. Then it really gives people the tools to navigating these you know rapidly changing any every evolving circumstances that we're living in. You also talk about the importance of not only physical health but mental and emotional health as well and the second well is is no longer a buzzword what are some tips to try to keep this trinity sharpest possible. Well I think first of all is acknowledging in recognizing that every single one of us has been under physical and mental strain that over the course of the last year at some time or another. Communicating talking about it being old in. Really waiting to share the answer when you ask someone how are you and each and really giving an honest answer yourself when your asked about bash them when it comes our physical health and I really don't believe and disconnecting. You know the rest of the bodies from the head. It's really about. Doubling down on the foundations. That we need to be healthy and well in the best of times let alone in pandemic times so that's our fitness regimen believe it or not that's our arrest regiment and that's our nutritional regiment. Really waiting to hear an answer when someone says how are you buy it that is such good advice and hopefully people will live up to Nash of course there's been so much loss this year and so many ways when he lost a loved one job search noticeable million to spend time with your friends your advice to people who feel like just so many more gas left in their chain to be resilient. Yeah I I hear you I mean there are times that I feel like that myself many times in fact and I seeing that. What I've learned as a doctor in practice who who still has real patients in addition to went. I do for ABC news I I think it's to recognize that we all are more resilient than we didn't realize. And that it's not about necessarily looking one week or one month or one year down the road it's about just being present and controlling the things we can control rate now. And that's how we help a patient recover in the hospital. And I'm really looked at. This country like it's one chi giant patient during this handout bank. And so I think just. Taking those baby steps. Is really important one we're feeling light we have nothing left to no more gas in the tank and lastly what are some tips and insights from parents seeking curable -- she is an even their L dearly parents and trying to find a way to balance without continuing to she'll let burn out. Well you know this while Owens as a mom and of the younger kids and my kids are older by an you know I think we're both sandwiched in between caring for our children also keeping an eye on our parents and I think that this pandemic has been uniquely. Different calls and painful for. Those extremes. Ages our kids and people who are older and I think we need to recognize that and approach and those age groups uniquely and individually and specifically because what they are facing is in very very different than what we're facing so. I think acknowledging that an and taking an individualized and and really personalized approach with those age groups are really important. Friend in colleague doctor Jan Ashton think so launching time and your insight is always. Thanks Lindsay. And be sure to check out doctor Jones prescription for how your heart and you airing at 8 and 10:30 eastern tonight right here on ABC news line.

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{"duration":"5:30","description":"ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton discusses her new book “The New Normal: A Roadmap to Resilience in the Pandemic Era.”","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76125369","title":"Self-help book ‘The New Normal’ a guide to pandemic resilience","url":"/US/video/book-normal-guide-pandemic-resilience-76125369"}