Border apprehensions increase as US, Mexico continue tariff talks

Migrant detention centers are filling up, plus Democratic candidate Joe Biden faces blowback over Hyde Amendment.
27:23 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for Border apprehensions increase as US, Mexico continue tariff talks
They're very welcome to the briefing room on Devin Dwyer Washington great to have you with us on this Thursday today we are focusing on the humanitarian crisis. At the border the trump administration declaring it a full blown emergency. And we have full team coverage today including a number of voices joining us live from the border region but here on the ray. From Washington DC or deputy political director Mary Alice parks is here immigration reporter. Queen no one is here just back from California in the border areas great to have you both guys this is a huge. A problem now including the Democrats acknowledging the situation let's take a look at the numbers that just came in. From the Department of Homeland Security as to how many people were apprehended. In me at the southern border of these are illegal border crossings more than a 132000. Look at the spiked from just two years ago this in the same month in May 141000. Dialysis since. A situation that a lot of Democrats now are starting to acknowledge. Is is indeed an emergency is a crisis. Sap silly because regardless of your politics these are people at the center of this issue. And I had to stay looking at some of these numbers does not look like a humane treatment of human beings. And we were looking hats and then and local Serb government reports about facilities and Texas was standing room only conditions. Another facility Texas that was built for 120 fight people but had 900. People in it. Granting ending in bodies numbers but another article was reading about a place in New Jersey. Word and word they've got this government inspectors found the food and the kitchen was so poorly maintained. They couldn't even keep it operating if actually entered remove people right away. I mean I don't think that we treat summer. Hardened criminals and prisoners better than it seems like we are treating these detaining. But even mind this is civil detention to write these are not these are this is not a like that it shouldn't be like a prison. This is a civil tension for immigration violators in some cases the biggest crimes of these people committed was just walking across the border. The numbers are stunning there's significant and it is impacting not just the communities on the border but those trying to. Contain the situation help those migrants who are coming across also enforce the law and we're joined now. From Texas women by our rob wooten or tease he's the chief Border Patrol agent in the Del Rio sector. And Texas joins us now via Skype sir thank you so much. For joining us wanted to get your perspective on the ground and understand that your region has seen more than a 1000%. Increase. In and in families coming across. Yes that's correct then as you know the may numbers came out. A religion it did 132000. HD crossing arts up close or. We have not I won't patrol sectors that make up from San Diego all the way to the career grant Alec every single. Sectors as seen any increase in apprehensions. And what makes it. Even war. Trying it in typical for us to manages organization is affected quite often those groups are made up of children or friendly units at a art. Now at 86. I'll as soon as Haiti with them whether there undercut the children or family units and the wardrobe facility we're talking certainly work built or children or family unit. Physically he in the past we've held. Adults. Beals at the else in most of whom were from Mexico to repatriation happened role they quickly. Now we're experiencing along the sale was order is this mass migration of family unit it's not just from Central America from all over Urquhart. Yeah and some lady's parents putting their children in dangerous situation sir I was struck by these this report of from the Border Patrol that just this week. Some of your colleagues rescued a six month old when his family attempted to cross. A river federal authorities say had to go into the river we see some pictures here put out Bob Barr have valid CBP. All of that rescue the infant and his mother. Found a lot of a raft coming across the border there I guess it begs the question. I'm with so many of these dangerous conditions. Along the remote parts of the border do you think that CBP needs to start taking more people. At the legal entry points do you think that this and about a valve needs to give theirs and that more people can come into those points. Though it's a difficult balance between Lou there's legitimate trade travel certainly what happens in. We're retreat act you've been doing this Jeffords 48 years as bit the last five and half years in orgy Grande valley except. And being a market for bishop of the last several of its end regardless I think the president report is that it. Apple an awful lot to do with where these folks are actually like Rossi we're fighting netease groups are being tracked. Affixed and bird remote areas and simple are altered hamper rescue. The water up in the east ranch lands. Dierker leading. These individuals to took it for themselves we've had a significant increase over 3000 rescue. So for the beer in an mark particular sector here we've headstone and water rest ease. That I'm bird concern not just for the folks at werder happening throughout their response team but even my own officers know I won't tell U that. You know it certainly is balancing act between our army and legitimate rebel reports have been trees but also trying to manage the traffic in between the. Portsmouth and she expertise is this is no and who we know that the company ministry and is in talks with Mexican authorities about stepping up enforcement efforts. On their side of the border. Is there anything that you can see from from your perspective that you would like Mexican authorities to start doing differently as far as border enforcement goes from there and. Yes certainly cracking down on the transit work music we all know. It's about everybody who crosses the river that. -- the border is. Out to our last I have to pay the current bills. A piece or bribe to get across that river speak instill. If our. Government officials to Gregg out on the criminal organizations the cartels are making an awful lot of money. Both off to wrap it all as well as a narcotics user using. It is large groups diversion. We've experienced more large groups each year than I've ever seen in my career we've had been group El Paso that was old Brett thousand people. And it takes us several hours to process transport them in the cartels know that while we're busy with this variable traffic narcotics in between those ports of entry so I. This is will speed maneuver since who are our governor Rick who are doing a great job. I think tactically we're pretty asked and who really either Morton who. What do you think is driving this influx in border crossings in Kendall don't normally risked their lives in less. They're desperate. Yes so most of the folks that we interviewed Beazer economic migrants. And certainly I think erect. It we have yet. Ledges and or person street. ERE ruling that forces us not to be able to paint being with units who weren't immigration Eric and we kept it we gatekeeper STV Lawrence forty days. In so. They. The message is dark now be as social media even so media outlets. You can prime. It's big for the top. There are going to be process it's free it's that we really need some adjustments there certainly the Border Patrol CB PD. Are equipped to handle the types of numbers were deeper now all our facilities or built to capacity. And we certainly have to have some remedy that would certainly beats a congressional how we don't have enough money to support. The amount of bids to ice. Needs to have could be putting. Hold these people in custody who for the ASEAN immigration and we do think that there's a process that he's to be followed and we certainly are encouraging that. Chief row or teaser that the Del Rio sector of the Border Patrol hats off to you and your colleagues for the service that your doing down their difficult conditions. Regardless of where you stand in your politics on this issue and we really appreciate your time in coming on churn your perspective she for teams thank you sir. And as the chief was Hussein there guys the situation of crowding in a lot of these facilities is is giving in very problematic reminiscent 2014 when the Obama administration. Had to ship a lot of these children to military bases to house them. We have a map period of the Pentagon does they are looking at opening a number of facilities three bases. To potentially how some of the children the chief Ortiz was just talking about fort sill actually. Was one of the places Bakken 2014 A did dissing Quinn there's also some reporting out now that the chief alluded to it that. HHS DHS run in on a money to even provide basic amenities for these kids in custody. That's right we heard from agent HHS earlier this week that's health and human services they run the refugee resettlement program. They're going to have to start scaling back some of the services that they provide for unaccompanied kids these are kids who come across without a parent or guardian. And when they're brought into an HHS sought shelter they. Are given an education. Activity is social time of course because these Eric Young miners were talking about. We've heard that they're gonna have to start scaling back those kinds of activities as the budget crunch and Camilla in the military a step. Not trying to help our affiliate colleague Julio Chavez with TV I Ain El Paso, Texas. Is down on the border right now just sent this in a report on how the military is working with Customs and Border Protection and DHS. To work on this problem take a look. I'm who just as that job is on the US Mexico border and aerial paso and you're watching ABC news live work. How he would members of the department of defense and the Department of Homeland Security there explaining how the military and a Border Patrol cooperate. One of the things that they use or something Border Patrol calls force won't suppliers those are things like these trucks that you see right here. Fitted with these along range cameras that means. They can have one or two soldiers just sitting in the trucks and a monitoring a vast expanses of land now. Why does that help or petrol well you see Border Patrol has the staffing issues they have a hard time keeping people on staff and with the numbers of my kids that are coming up. They can't always be there to apprehend them so when that one of these trucks is keeping watch over a vast area of land that means you know one truck that's quite on top of this hill. Can view all the way from that's a mountain over there. Across of the border. And several miles. That way to the west. And that's that then allows. No Border Patrol agents to be wasted sitting in the trucks since soldiers are doing that parts. That means orbital agents are then able to be house. In the field actually doing those apprehensions as one of the ways that Border Patrol is trying to solve their settings another one. They are trying to hire more agents that's will not be armed are simply going to be things to doing things like surveillance and actually transporting people. Or on hospital watch that is just one of the many factors that goes. Into the current crisis at the border for now reporting from the US Mexico border when such out as ABC his life. Our thanks and Julio for that all of this situation at the border guys is causing. A some political headaches for Mexico the president of course is wielding those terrorists 5% tariffs on Mexico all goods come in United States is what's it take effect. On Monday the vice president of the United States have been leading negotiations with the Mexicans who are here in Washington today. In a short time ago he had this update on where things stand. Are vested. In the Mexican delegates. Are met our best of the gobble. The time has come from Mexico. To act decisively. The work with the United States of America. This stuff and enforce our laws by enforcing their laws by securing the airport. We made clear to them the president. Stan. That we bring this. Prices of illegal immigrants southern border. NN we need Mexico through all our whole business it is not thank you. That Mexico will step up. We'll take it back. It's necessary. To address with the American people knows they've real humanitarian and security right. At the southern border. And an aerial since they don't reach a deal. To head off these tariffs which would take effect Monday a lot of Americans could be paying more for a lot of goods effective next week. Right that's we heard from the lawmakers from Texas he says components Republicans he's had that tariffs on Mexico can also be written as taxes on Texans. That American consumers will pay in the short term with the hope that it hurts next go in the long term that's the thinking behind this kind of no care all stick strategy from the White House. But there's a lot of long term economic questions not only what long term impacts and the on these two countries and their trade relationships. But also whether economically hurting Mexico when in fact only make more people. Interested in finding a way to cross the border illegally. And joining us now on the phone from Texas as Rodolfo port TO. He is a customs house broker who helps a lot of the companies who could be hit by these tariffs starting Monday get their goods across. The border pain those terse Rudolph we'll take you so much for joining us. What sort of activity is underway right now as these tariffs boomlet how busy are you worried what have you been up to. Actually it has been our best price you are. Murdered her property derision because our street the media are each and every day or. Goods are problems problem Mexico. And we have to rebuke check all the outdoor. Beer pretty soon for jerk yet duties and such as it has beaten up eight. And that they didn't beat. You're rich or did indeed after merchant. So. We have being de Beers or almost turning eight years we've been doing business or. But all you ever seen support these. Where. Property here. Against the wall because we need to face the big guns Google's YouTube or. Ers and that customers should be free for all house Iran but. We've been that's what's or Maine customers and being seen also there are not in the process. How far that is. You know expansion ever great lines. Yeah there oh. Louis beat it in moving to Jersey industries cannot stop but he's seen it and this attrition might not or some other. Old or. Ice operations. And that is going to be hurtful I. Cameron awful real quickly you've you put you told our producer that a lot of your customers have been double lane Tripoli in their shipments today tomorrow. To try to get in more goods ahead of those terror sitting on Monday. Our act is we appreciate it to more beat Friday what's Friday RBC but. I would eat that he's going to be some very option is almost. And customers are rushing is born right. Yeah we are we're cannot see exactly what happened. Robert helpful part TO thank you so much sir for your perspective for customs house broker on the border helping those companies get ready to pay those tariffs. I finally today just wanna get a real quick check in for mercy depart reporter Connor Finnegan who's tracking the state of the negotiations Connor. We heard from the vice president he says he expects Mexico to do more you're from the Mexicans sort of they're saying about things at this hour. Yet that's right Devin the Mexican foreign secretary is back here at the State Department. We spoke to in the short while ago as he was re entering the building he spent nearly 3 hours here this morning. He's now back meeting with senior. Western Hemisphere a fair officials here there's no deal yet but we're beginning to see the outlines of what one could look like as you mentioned. Vice president pence saying that they need Mexico to step up their border security. Their report that this hour the Mets who could send as many as 6000. New troops to the border with Guatemala to enforce security there. The US is also seeking. And what's called the safe third party country agreement with Mexico that would allow the US to deport asylum seekers in the US to Mexico. Folks from Guatemala Honduras El Salvador. Who would otherwise have to stay in the US as their cases are adjudicated. There's no word yet on whether or not that would be something that Mexico could agree to. But you know Mary Alice mentioned as well that they they need a bit more to carry two and one of the things that Mexico has been seeking in all of these talks in this. Entire process over immigration. As more invest mean. In the Central American countries. The State Department announced earlier this year that they would actually cut funding. To those countries and so perhaps the US that's important to us as part of some give and take would agree. Two it to begin. Increasing funding to those countries. Nothing I agree to at this hour there's also meetings over at the White House. The white house council is meeting with the deputy legal advisor of Mexico Mexico's Foreign Ministry. So we'll see this evening if they are able to reach an agreement. Art's a flurry of activity at the eleventh hour we will see if a deal can be reached have money Connor finger at the State Department. I think he's so much turning now to enter thinks by the way to Quinn Owen and his immigration reporter. I agree to have you with us as well Quinn thank you so much history joining her Hobart down the race for 20/20 one of our political reporters for. I look at worthy of 20/20 democratic primary says about three weeks away from the first debate in Miami. And I believe it I I can't believe that now there's this debate about defeats we talked about a lot of the candidates coalesce around this idea of a climate change theme debate. And then the DNC shot. Down right when yesterday we finally got out a final decision from the Democratic National Committee. Designing that washing governor James Lee has made kind of of rallying cry in his campaign he wanted. The DNC to host a sanction debate that was solely focused. On climate change she's made climate change and you gonna read into. He's made climate change the central focus of his campaign arguing that it's related to all other issues it's an economic issue it's a health care issue. So he really wanted to singular debate focused on it. Yes say the DNC cannot just said. No we're not gonna host debates that are just solely focused on one issue we want candidates be able to talk about a wide swath of issues and now he's in sleaze not trying to sort of galvanize the other candidates to say that means he's wrong on this in this is what the people want. It's hard to imagine he had any debate or climate change isn't and think heartburn and now the democratic candidates have demanded that they've rolled out their extensive policies. Talking about deadlines for reaching netzero mission standards for the country so I imagine that the candidates will make sure it's injected into any conversation. It it no doubt will come op Ed as the debate is how much will come up how much time what they have and Jay instantly when the leading candidates he said it really insist that there be extensive. In a discussion and put out the substance of this we'll see where that goes to. With what Joseph Biden he's been in the news again in not any flattering light I would also bring in our Avery harper who's down in Georgia child following a former vice president today for some of this conversation as well guys that quote. That stretch a news. For Joseph Biden. It's well the question on the abortion politics is whether this has been a strategy of Joseph Biden's or stop ball. I'm the white and it's interesting political. In certain states Alina ground sweet hot a lot of Democrats say that. Maybe there's room for compromise here Joseph Biden talks about his Catholics eight. He's pitched himself as someone who can work across the aisle so his current support of the Hyde amendment. Which would prohibit any federal funds for is going towards abortion care. It you know could be seen as kind of a middle ground approach. On the other hand his team didn't roll it out like some kind of strategy instead there's a lot of stumbling language confusion about where instead scrambled to put out release it. And he's just getting hammered from the far left over this position progressives think that it's nearly disqualifying in the democratic primary. Dan Aybar remind us what the Hyde amendment is this from 1976. It's been around for a long time you gonna Bonser reporting on this. And what is. While the Hyde amendment has a provision that prevents any federal money from being used not to pay for abortion care. I with a few exceptions and so incest rape or. The threats to life for the mother now Biden's campaign has. I've told you mean facts out he is open to repeal if attacks on roe V waves continue. That's what V had told me. I didn't what's your sense of whether this was. Intentional. He want to wait and as a centrist candidate are in this issue or is he kind of stumble incidents. How well judging by the campaigns preparedness to respond to requests about fares I'm going to say that it was not intentional on the air was like he's mentioned a kind of scrambled. To find ways to respond to this after he also answered questions about their south primary reporter holly Beck. I definitely not something that they intended zoo out weigh in on here. And feed DNC's. African American leadership summit both are Cory Booker and mayor Pete Buddha just how weighed in on the Hyde amendment now both of them declined. Not to mention Joseph Biden by name but both. I said that he Hyde amendment has to go. I think one of the fascinating things about all this to me is that so many of these guys in congress that voted for a right even Elizabeth Warren I think we have a graphic Elizabeth Warren quarry broker all those guys. I mean it's been topped into the massive approved her and that's not. There and that money didn't didn't endorse it Percy but it has been there and they have voted for pieces of legislation where you know it. Right TARP I think it is inching and they remain a key point they're witches yesterday we saw so many candidates almost a dozen candidates come out. Not college or barn by many men but sort of do this and plus an almost like some tweet primary and basically saying look. I'm all for attending the Hyde amendment you know this is where the Democratic Party is and it's really it's seems as a sort of see this dynamic and this has been emerging ever since Joseph Biden on the race and that this race kind of is July then. And then a lot of the other contenders trying trying to draw the sharp contrast with them and this is just another example of of a flashpoint that's kind of created an opportunity for them to do. They're real quickly before you go I just want to draw attention to this new Quinnipiac University poll Texas snatches of all please not just getting people talking. It also took a look at some match match up to Joseph Biden and president trump and all the candidates against president from Joseph Biden as she beats present trumpet Texas. What is the campaign saying about that Avery. I'm overwhelmed the campaign is confident and I'm Joseph Biden's ability to. Garner voters in and really make voters enthused to go out to the polls and the Donald Trump acting ballot box. Times hold back. How one of the most important things that his staff really loves about Joseph Biden is his authenticity and so they say they're going to continued to talk about facts they're gonna continue to speak. About. The issues and continue do to make that did for the White House. Right Avery harper force and in Atlanta Georgia with firms were former vice president Joseph Biden thank you so much for your. English as every cent as a number of twice when he Candace Erin lancer this weekend putting a spotlight back on not state. Democrats have wanted cent believed that it could be in play for them and. Ali today and our thanks to you driver over for being here for the politics conversation got paid tribute. To those. We've been watching with great wonder indeed the pictures coming out of out of Normandy beach this morning in this afternoon. As the world pays tribute to the 75 anniversary there you see president from Maloney a trump in the French president and his wife. The majesty of the ceremonies Mary ounce as easily Simon and moving. It is of course for those who don't remember it was the largest amphibious and land invasion in world history. 4000 allied forces were killed on this day 75 years ago including 2500 Americans 2500. Heroes killed and a single day they now laid to rest there in the Normandy cemetery as you see president from. Paid tribute today and he also gave this movie and addressed to the survivors and their families who he called legends. They were young men. With their entire lives before them. They were husbands who said good bye a two they young brides and took their duty. As their fate. They were fathers who would never meet their infant sons and daughters. Because they had a job to do. In with a god as their witness. They were going to get it done. They came wave after wave. Where that question. Without hesitation. And without complaint. Sorry and that was president trump commemorating almost a hero's. Did you have any room parent to serve and now my and my grandfather was there a just off shore and beaches of Normandy I he told the story of being a part of sir those that waited back neighboring task for the really around. Really heartbreaking task and going in sinking ships that were under fire and were lost. That I had to say to the day he died he talked about his service in the war on. Because obviously that sort of the proudest part of his life. And we will never forget them and all those who gave their lives there and who served in lived to tell us all about it again hats off to those. On the 75 anniversary of I can't just at 5:30 and 6:30 eastern time is voluntary ABC news live and on the ABC news platforms returner Ellis park with a son Devin Dwyer Washington. See tomorrow.

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