Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty

ABC News' Tom Llamas reports Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces the death penalty after a jury found him guilty on all 30 counts in the Boston Marathon bombing trial.
10:10 | 04/08/15

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Transcript for Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty
Breaking right now the verdict is in Joseph cars are nine and guilty the Boston bomber now faces the death penalty in the next phase of this trial family members. Wiping back tears as those verdicts were read in court. Hello everyone I'm tired Hernandez in New York right now this picture along Boylston street in Boston that yellow stripe. The finish line of the Boston Marathon were two years ago as explosions along the route change the marathon. And Boston for effort following this verdict for us in Boston. ABC's Tonya honest Tom your cars are and I end asked to stand as these guilty out verdicts have been read thirty counts at all. The jury spending much time deliberating eleven a half hours considered actually a short time because of the number. Accounts there obviously this is something that's going to go into the penalty phase. That's right right after the first acts guilty count we know that this was gonna move to the sentencing phase. And that's because the first time involve the use of a weapon of mass destruction now that is a debt. Penalty eligible crime so on Monday the prosecution will now start the sentencing phase of this trial and ultimately the question for jurors about what will be. Who is Joseph horse and I it was he this impressionable teenagers at the defense tried to paint during the guilt phase of this trial or was he young just body like the prosecution. Tried to paint throughout the trial. We do know this out of eleven counts so far he has been found guilty on everything so far. So the prosecution so far this point definitely made a very strong case jurors sat through sixteen days of torturous testimony they had to see. Images they like it never forget. People who lost limbs autopsy photos and autopsy photos of children little Morton which of the eight year old boy who died. One of the most haunting moments throughout this entire trial as when. The prosecution put up a photo and it was of marathon day two years ago. And it was the Richard family up on that fence little Morton holding onto the fences mothers wiley and in the background lurking to hearts and I have the prosecution said. Right then and there. This man just wasn't a partner he was a part in the crime he. He just wasn't all and somebody because it could see these children they were not innocent to him they were just Americans it's likely a phrase an image that resonate with jurors. From our producers who are still in the courtroom. We know that many victims are there they're fighting away tears we know that jurors who cried to realize testimony throughout the trial cried while the verdict was being rat. So incredibly emotional day in court right now we also let you are like he has throughout the entire trial I showed exactly no emotion tied. Now common might surprise some that it took the jury more than eleven hours to come to this verdict but this is a very di tale jury questionnaire was not. It was really cold. Get it was not very. It was not very easy there's not a single murder charge if you can believe that out of the thirty they're all very complicated charges charges that he with terrorism the use of a weapon of mass destruction. Using a bomb in a public place and then. The actual questions that the jurors had the judge had answered today we're somewhat interesting because the prosecution's. Whole clean your whole case was that this was one big conspiracy. And because of that one big conspiracy those four people were killed three people at the marathon and that and Wenatchee officers on collier their whole argument was that. Even though the conspiracy may have started with just the bombing. It continued because they killed call her to get his gun to didn't get on the run and then carjacked someone else so it was all one big conspiracy. And from what we've seen so far. The jurors agreed to that. Now we know that the defense conceded at the very beginning of this trial that their client was in fact guilty he did that he committed the crimes. But they have certainly a lot of work ahead now given were up to at this point counts one through twelve guilty all down the line. Yet you know it was definitely a strange strategy a lot of people would ask me why is or even a trial if they have admitted guilt what. You know the defense had this mounting evidence against him he is one surveillance video planting that bomb witness after witness. Pointed him out you can see clearly and every type of image that was out there that captured this clients and also. The killing of officer Sean call your and then the Watertown shootout that was just there was too much evidence for them to denied he played a role. Now that being said they wanted to say that he did it because they wanted to portray him as off all the work he was just following his older brother. Into this act into this terror plot. That means that the journal with the jury will not decide that indeed is the case so legal analysts believe that they've actually wanted to find him guilty. And this part of the trial so then they'll have sympathy on him during the sentencing phase want to see what happens time. And time you mentioned the family in the courtroom as some of the toughest testimony involving their loved ones. This certainly gut wrenching. Perhaps really resonating with history. Via. The anti. How door legends of and it's it's feeling pretty hard right now so it's a little difficult to hear you at times but it I think you were talking about the victims and and I just spoke to a victim yesterday on the phone. And she was telling me how when she testified she talked about. Looking down after the bomb blasts and not seen her legs anymore. And she said that she was in in court. And she was seeing this and Joseph harsher and I have would not make any eye contact with her whatsoever it was so surreal covering this trial because. During the breaks we would come out of the courtroom. And you would be surrounded. By people who had prosthetic limbs it was it was a situation I have never been in before but it kind of spoke to the seriousness of this crime and how these victims wanted to be a part of this trial they wanted to testify they wanted to be in court. And during closing arguments a lot of them were looking over Redd just part of Steve he would react at all but he never did we do have an update now he has been found guilty. On up to sixteen count so far. Out of the thirty we just got an update from from court so it wanted to tell you. Bring that news to attack. All right thank you Tom and and all of these guilty verdicts culminating at such a critical time in terms of the memories in the anniversary. Of this bombing. That's right affected and take a break during the sentencing phase because of Marathon Monday is less than two weeks away. So the prosecution will start on the sentencing phase we'll start presenting their case why he deserves a death penalties but take a few days off. Around Marathon Monday and in the defense will start their case why he should spend the rest of his life in prison. So we could have ultimately another verdict sometime either at the end of April or early main. Now we certainly know that these jury is not been sequestered. They don't get much of a break obviously between now the guilt phase and this sentencing phase. Do we know anymore about this jury will they be sequestered for the sentencing phase of this trial potentially. We we we don't know that yet we know that they're seven women. And five men we know that they could not speak about this trial at all. Anyone not even to each other doing a sixteen days of testimony you can just imagine yesterday the first day of deliberations how much they had to talk about because. They really have been through a lot out of me live. This entire marathon bombing the killing of Sean collier and the Watertown shoot out so it's incredibly emotional for a lot of them we know that some of them said it would be an honor. To sit on this jury so they definitely took their time. Asked pertinent questions to the judge. And even though it was eleven hours many legal analysts I talk to sense they do think they took their time because the questions they ask. About the conspiracy and also. The definition of aiding and abetting shows that they wanted to make sure that they got this right we know that some members of the jury include a student. A former nurse. Someone who was part Middle Eastern. And also someone who worked for the Coast Guard. That's really the whole make up we have the jury will know much more what sense is based on. Now looking ahead to the penalty phase one can only imagine. How different called some of that testimony will be this will be to some really to sway the jury. Emotionally. Oh. What were some of the things that came up tearing V. Guilt phase of the trial that you think will really resonate in the penalty phase. You know I think anytime a law enforcement official came on their Intel a police officer came on a victim came on. I mean the parents the father could say. Martin Richard when he got up there and and gave this testimony about looking over at sun and knowing that he could do nothing for him. And so he just tried to save his daughter who ended up losing a leg. That kind of testimony people will never forget and then. The autopsy photos for officer Sean callers who was shot between the eyes he was taken by surprise it was an ambush attack. Photo site that testimony like that. There was also point that really resonated with me which was when they played the G Heidi music. That everyone in Joseph Hart were listening to when they had carjacked done paying. And the music that was definitely a like Don banks said a little strange to him. The testimony from Dunn saying that video of him on his knees begging for some to call 911. It was incredibly dramatic trial but we emotional trial. And the jurors know the importance of this probably isn't a lot not only for. The city of Boston but for of the country because this was a terrorist. Attack us RI TBC's topping out with I want to thank you so much for joining us. You talked about some of those witnesses the prosecution and defense potentially. Coming out to speak perhaps later today we will bring you that live. As we get that again he BC's Tottenham is joining us from Boston and Tom will continue coverage of this story tonight. On ABC's world news tonight with David Muir that is on your local. ABC station in you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring the story for exclusive updates on ago. I'm tired and is and you.

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{"duration":"10:10","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas reports Dzhokhar Tsarnaev faces the death penalty after a jury found him guilty on all 30 counts in the Boston Marathon bombing trial.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"30162929","title":"Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Found Guilty","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-bomber-dzhokhar-tsarnaev-found-guilty-30162929"}