Marathon Witness: Explosions 'Like a War Zone'

Rachel Sibley says chaos resulted from explosions at the annual Boston marathon.
2:24 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Marathon Witness: Explosions 'Like a War Zone'
-- want to go now to another eyewitness near the scene racial Sibley. Rachel where were you when this happened and what did you see. We -- on Boylston street where -- did the fifty feet from the finish line we were walking. Warren actually the exact location where the explosive went off we're headed -- -- -- here on a friend that she crossed the finish -- And all the buttons. We just heard good. Huge bang and sounded like -- -- didn't. And -- you know I let her out and you could see people looking up sort of like in the sky like -- -- the fireworks you know thinking it was sort of a celebratory thing but we looked -- and there is this giant cloud of a great -- and it would -- the whole the whole crowd was dealt for a moment and then the second day. Went off just like an explosion light off and it was just. You know it was it was terrifying it was just. You know. Absolute chaos. People started you know screaming and yelling kill each other you know they weren't. I'm trying to find you know their other friends and family members and you know people just started running away. From the finish line. And and you know. Moments later maybe like a minute later we heard about -- filling the streets. And heading back toward the finish line that was. It was -- yeah banks. You were so close -- only fifty feet from the finish line as you said were you able to see any. Any of the victims. Of this spot -- a sense of the extent of the damage. No act like Ed lavandera is just not giant filed out of great note and -- after these. And it was you know completely blocking any view from. -- from the actual center of these closed its eyes and looking. To the laughed at me on the street as I'm as -- honors went by and it didn't like turned and looked straight ahead and just thought it. I was huge cloud of smoke could -- a little debris. -- -- battered economy on the ground but you know after that -- explosion -- not return in just had to get right out of -- we didn't know. At that point was another one gonna -- even closer to us. You know -- it was just. You know we were -- we didn't know what was going on we just knew at that point we needed to get out of next.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Rachel Sibley says chaos resulted from explosions at the annual Boston marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18962526","title":"Marathon Witness: Explosions 'Like a War Zone'","url":"/US/video/boston-marathon-exlposion-witness-describes-war-zone-18962526"}