Botham Jean family attorney speaks out

Botham Jean Family Attorney Daryl Washington talks about the case and the sentencing of Amber Guyger.
9:22 | 10/04/19

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Two Dallas Texas now into new details about how the jury that sentenced former Dallas. Cop amber Geiger to ten years in prison this week for killing an innocent man as in his own home how they arrived. At that determination prosecutors your call had sought. At least 28 years for Geiger right now in an ABC news exclusive we're hearing from two of the people on the jury. Who explained their gut wrenching deliberations and why they believe they lighter sentence. Was appropriate. I think that was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do there's a lot of crime. Lot of crying when we were told to go decide between five and life I was like. We didn't have words prosecutors were asking for 28 years sewer. You all landed it ten after hearing about how his family talked about him. He seemed like. Just to light. And their lives and he was kind and just giving caring forgiving and out I said I told everyone else like I'm really having a hard time with us because we all agree that it was a mistake in. I don't think. A I don't think Bo would wanna take harsh vengeance I think you want to forgive her and I felt I didn't feel like I had any right to speak for him. And he isn't there to talk for himself but listening now people talked about him I felt like he would forgive her. They aspects of an eight years and on the be on the same is true I was like. I thank him Sonya used on a lot of people are not happy about continues but asked though leg you know. For this case. Was not like any other case you can't compare this case to any of those other opposites killing an arm that means. Those opposite that kill her arm back mean when they got out they went back to live in their lives and Matt Geiger everything he can't then man. She has not been the saying she show remorse and that she's gonna have to do with that for the rest of our lives. And Marcus Moore joins me now from Dallas market says did the interview there covered this extraordinary story from the start Marcus good to see I was struck. By how these jurors seemed so focused on both from John in what he would do if he were issuing a sentence to amber Geithner. It was surprising ride a good don't think anyone really expected that to. To be so Paramount. In their minds about how they would decide the the punishment here and DeVon you should know that. When they got back to the jury room to begin the deliberations after closing arguments. And and they decided that she was guilty then they move into the punishment phase. All. Their war solvent everyone had a different year the amount of years a difference in someone at the 28. Others wanted less and so they had to. Bob come to an agreement and it was one of the jurors who you just heard from. It was you who said. You know what. What is it that both whom would want because everything as you heard him say everything he heard about both them. Is that he was such a AAA kind person and forgiving. Person a man of Christ. And that he would not want. This eye for an eye or this this vengeance if you will and that is how they ended up landing on on the ten years it was absolutely fascinating. To hear them talk about that and DeVon the one thing I take away from it is how difficult it was for them to come to that decision. It was hard to know I can only imagine also just the infusion of faith into this process talk of grace among all the parties here we. Remember that image is viable and Johns a brother going down and a powerful scene that you reported on giving no hard to amber Geiger. Branch this morning and Good Morning America let's listen to what he had to say. So many there are some people would not ready to forgive her. So what can you say to those people who are not ready to forgive amber Geiger. Just like him each and everyone has. Steps to get two words actually forgive me I probably went through this faster on the people some people went through for us and me. If you are trying to overhears her understand that she is a human being she still deserves love. She. Made a mistake did she probably truly forgive her own regrets. So. If you want to trigger just. Understand that there. God forgives you for gave you and I know. That every time I was gone for community for his me so warm item not forgive someone works I waited one here. So here I'm sorry and I'm grateful for. And it's endless lines that afternoon. Powerful testimony on markets that's both in John's brother didn't even want amber Geiger. To go behind bars it was is that is that sentiment shared by AA the rest of that this John family. Armed. It's my understanding that. The family there are they're trying to. Find forgiveness you know John sister. Released a statement saying that you know she's proud of her brother she admires what what he did. For his wounds are healing and that she prays every day that she'll get to a point of forgiveness but. That he is already there and I'm actually do want to bring in the family attorney. Daryl Washington. Who can actually better answer that question for you he he has obviously been in touch with the family on a daily basis. And there over the great to be with you thank you for it we would you being here you know we've heard so much. About this trial and then that that that's stunning moment. Where brands. Said that he has forgiven. Amber Bagger in the immediate question is. Has the entire family forgiven her how how do you answer that well the fact. Clay is a very strong religious family I think they're gonna get there. Break got to that point much faster than everyone else. But the family wants everyone to know that they will get to a position where they will eventually forgive her amber. But the thing that's most important is they want everyone and no forgive him does not mean. You don't have to take responsibility for that Baghdad that took place. So I think the most important thing out of all of this is bad brands showed us what compassion looks line. I think the words that he stated in that courtroom. It may at all of us have to reflect. And I hope that now it's gonna make the city of Dallas police departments all throughout the country realize that there are training issues that we really need to pull the song. Training issues that could have prevented September 6 and if that happens to and I think Golden's death would not be in pain. And and I want to take you back to be the jury room and where we've learned that. It was both from John who they were thinking about when they landed on that ten year prison sentence. Surprising. You know I've not heard it that way before but I just knowing the person that Baltimore us. Bolt them with not wish bad on anyone. I know the father testified during trial that if amber Geiger what if you simply spoken to both them. That he would have invited hill ansari invited. Amber club Moldova I screamed so that was just a type of person bowled them lust. I think the biggest thing that mold them what want to come out of all this is change and for people to have compassion and if we're able to change the system. So that no one else have to die the way both and that an update bolt them will be happy about that there are a lot of. People who are watching this and who were out there in this country who. Say that this ten year prison sentence. Was not right that it was too. What are you. Say to those people who would. I mean. What was most important for the family worse amber Geiger being held responsible for both of those deaths. That was oh victory for the family I think that should be a victory for the public as whale because as you know it's been sold very difficult to to get all persists in that it. And to get an officer convicted. That's extra tough so I think that sends a message to the public that jurors on now convict in police officers. Ask for the ten years. You know it's really hard to to make a determination how many the issue give some one footer for a crime. We know that there's been black males throughout this country have we have been sentenced to prison. Much long before a lesser crime. But we just hope that doing this time it gives every guy that happened to me to the reflect and somehow when they she's gonna come out and admit that what she did was wrong. Or Washington thank you very much for your time think created and the attorney representing the John family and DeVon one of the things. The jurors told us during our interview is that both and John. Really seem like the person we would all want. In our lives and they couldn't help but think about that. And that's for sure Marcus thanks for the powerful reporting great conversation they're at their Washington reported seeing on world news tonight Marcus Moore force in Dallas thank you Marcus.

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{"duration":"9:22","description":"Botham Jean Family Attorney Daryl Washington talks about the case and the sentencing of Amber Guyger.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66065163","title":"Botham Jean family attorney speaks out","url":"/US/video/botham-jean-family-attorney-speaks-66065163"}