Boy, 11, earns college scholarship for his football skills

Tito Lacaden is a wide receiver for the All-Blacks Crusaders in Kapolei, Hawaii.
2:10 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for Boy, 11, earns college scholarship for his football skills
She your eyes open from number 22. Because of this eleven year old wide receiver can play. He's definitely a special kid his name is titan who lack it in his team the all blacks crusaders in couple lay. He just finished fifth grade and already has his first offer to play college football with a rainbow. Lance. Is heavy. Felt like a little luck send about came on my showed it. The university of policeman and his top three schools and mom's top students you think it going in and links news UH. Yes. My bottle it's quite mean looking eight after he got a lot you know evil titans dad is one of the founders were all blacks crusaders. Avid courtship full put 25 years. It seamless high school with and two years here couple lived in being here and I've seen a lot of kids in a bomb caps didn't. At this aids I have not seen. Somebody that. With this fuels that he how's he said coach nick rule of ditched talked to their family at football camp. Role pulled on the side says. Football you know off fifth grader you know my son. Com being offered they decided to go with it but been through. The recruiting process many times in all and bar. So long vigorous naral roll you know and many many reached the door but there's times at the funeral disgorged those announcer so. When opportunity knocks you gotta enter you gotta go so we went in. Titan has seven years before he gets to play college football and until then he's focused on his love the game with you everything about paying for it. Just says he anybody. Everybody smile. Have. It ash and. A passion he'll continue to share with friends who helped make him a better claim there got to Cuba challenge get off plus we also try to bridge the gap.

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{"id":48058657,"title":"Boy, 11, earns college scholarship for his football skills","duration":"2:10","description":"Tito Lacaden is a wide receiver for the All-Blacks Crusaders in Kapolei, Hawaii.","url":"/US/video/boy-11-earns-college-scholarship-football-skills-48058657","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}