Boys rescued from Thai cave improving as Trump talks tough to NATO

Trump said Germany is "totally controlled by Russia," plus the latest on a gas explosion in Wisconsin and more.
27:10 | 07/11/18

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Transcript for Boys rescued from Thai cave improving as Trump talks tough to NATO
Hello everyone you are watching ABC news why I'm Elizabeth parish here in New York it is Wednesday July 11 and we have quite a topic we want to cover today. Including. Take a look at this we have new video in from Thailand those are boys the boys now out of the cave. Inside the hospital from my Aileen and waiting for the cameras we will get the very latest on their condition. And also the new information we are learning about just surely how dangerous this rescue mission was to stay tuned for that. Also president trunk he is in Belgium for it. A NATO summits and he continues to slam our allies and today. I he's going after one particular ally we will get booed details from our Karen Travers who was traveling with the president. But first let's take a look at some of the other headlines making things right now. Back to Capitol Hill today for Supreme Court nominee judge Fred Cavanaugh. It already. M. Immigration officials are expecting to reunite more families separated at the border today. After missing last night's deadline to get all kids under five back with their parents. The government was absolutely cavalier. Not reading it. It was a terrific intentional policy to separate northern. The trumpet administration has identified 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese imports. Could get hit with terrorists. Face look is now facing its first fine for letting data mining company Cambridge analytical go through data on millions of users Great Britain is finding the social network more than 600000. Dollars. In the first quarter of this year faced with may nearly twelve billion dollars. It's jetBlue is set to spend billions on new planes. The airline is buying sixty new jets from Airbus that it says will have wider seats and save on fuel. Don't let it will be on letters starting this fall. The Postal Service will unveiled the new lending stamp in September. OK we are now. Going to start here. With the latest from Thailand where perhaps the tiny piece heels put it best when they said. They don't know at this with a miracle or some science but yes the boys are out and they are safe. But the story is far from over and back now we see this in these images just from the hospital where these boys are now recovering. There with I believe the doctors or check in the mountain each of their clear at any infection would go to check in with James Longman who. I have even been on the story for more than two weeks but you've been out stock cave now we're outside of the hospital different backdrop. What are you learning. Yeah we we have a lot we've kind of been all Avis a lot of time out. That is that a British story to be on in and now we're outside this hospital anymore as you say. About the boys and neck condition that they just behind me on the eighth floor of this building and about they'll hold a laughable dedicated. Today cash and we saw those pictures today with well really hardening of voice sitting up in bad. Picking a peace sign at the camera. We understood that Thai prime ministers he came to visit them and they were kind of making fun of him in the way that kind of young boys lines and they keep talking about going to eat. Checking all the people is about anything having given bread and chilcott as it streets. That's a volatile does have the kind of limit what they can happen just because you know there in the Eddie stages of recovering from. This ordeal that they wintry gonna sound at one of the boys is still suffering slightly from the 9 AM lung infection but. I think we've some kind of pretty. Basic medication he should come through that and to see that conditions. Has been updated on in this whole country. Amazed by day's pitches today as you say remaining quarantined because annals quite shall. Does the kind of bacteria in the eye infection in my picks up in MacKay in part of the K that is about no one has been the fools. Reason why Delta's a kind of being you know acting with posted a net Peres meanwhile awaiting to hunt them waiting to get them into the things even imagine parents. Wanna do walk through an ordeal like this and we think my Plaisted and AM today that it. It's up and quite yet. So that was actually my next question at the families have been able to visit the boy while. Warrant that was apparent concerned. What struck me from your reporting is the letter that they will to the coats can really quickly touch upon that because a lot of people I think. Wow. Yeah that's right so they'll listen to the music came out of the cave from the boys and one of them was from the courage apologizing to the parents. Well with parents throw one back and they writes actually while the team was still stuck inside him basically said we don't blame you we hope you're okay actually at one point in an axis that Alston had a blanket Mitchell he wasn't cold. Let's say they see him as someone who say decades he he is in his younger days islands trained as a monk. Young folks and he lost his parents as a small boy in. Train to meditate to be spiritual dissented in that war that things. That apparently he told the boys and inside that cave that's what they use to survive say you know this country does not blame him I think very much so that type people that we speak anyway. Suitcase say that he's very much an era. Truly incredible and operable toilet you go we do have to touch on that before we came on. A producer here just handed me a piece of paper it's a tweet one of your week. This pineapple thing is getting out of control and even. And then someone their meat hate of the meaning of view you have been there I don't even know how we'll. Like you have become quite the little or celebrity in front but. Well it's just a little earlier on today is a listed after the GMA. Lives and route waiting in some guy just possibly can't just south phenomenon. And in this go to guy just got hit with his and he's trying to take budget Ross is gonna get himself killed this is the main redness caused this kind of poking out. Yeah eyes it's got a bit out of control banana fun way it's just we took that picture in a pineapple private because it was. Kind of ridiculous to be stood surrounded by these pineapples because that was just when you missed out. From outside OK we have spotted the dissidents elected this picture with a pineapple it seems to have gone viral have had interviews that. Local press hand but I just had to repeat that this is not about me this is about the boys and and part of this special nature of being here is that this are thankful for us being a reporting on and I keep having to say to people I've done apps that it you know thing what I've done has ripple on this but. They just amazed that they'll love it it's just been in this story that one question I get from side if that is why you've had. I why would you not catch this is extraordinary this story and I think it's obviously it is about caves and and the love seeing at a good story finally at an end. And they have been greeted people and welcoming us. It happened overseas who we Janice the rescue is much more important. Into that country to help them would this whole operation and and the joy today. They've that now in seeing as a success that's just been a wonder to behold we've we've we've had a beautiful time. The good story and James you've done great work thank you so much for that think. And now we are going to switch than head over acute that site of the cave we're we understand Eugene baker is standing by. Ageing and used switchover from the hospital now to fifteen top of the Powell what is happening there right. We were able to actually switched places I'm very grateful to have been on the team with James Longman and that gunman who have been. Amazing story tellers in so respectful to the people here in Chiang Rai. Again we were able to attend a news conference earlier this evening to di tale a some of the rescue mission and how it became a success at one point. I was you know again learning the language here and listening to my interpreter is it sounded to me. As though one of the commanders actually sat out of his mouth it became mission possible after being Mission Impossible. And really there was so much praise for the employees are the us staff rather be volunteers and the workers those who were operating those water pumps inside that he. To try to make sure that the water levels went down enough that they could have that successful mission in fact they they made a point about exactly how much water was being pumped. A day by day to make sure that. But this wasn't going to be something that endangered the life of those thirteen. Of the twelve young boys and their coats as they were rescued by divers two by two and that buddy system they also talked about the lower levels of oxygen saying that. Indeed if they had not rescued them the oxygen levels were going to continue dropping inside. That Kate and and James were at reference the video in the imagery that we've seen here and we know that the video that we're seeing of the boys coming out on stretchers. With masks on. It's compelling. And and we're seeing them in real time as opposed to just hearing about them because for so long we've just been hoping and praying in. And seeing snippets of video but to actually watch the behind the scenes to watch what's going line. In that cave and how dangerous and dark it was. I mean again wearing sunglasses those young boys not able to have access or rather it be around that real light the light of day. That they have been missing for over two weeks it it's just really amazing to see that. After all of this hard work by the royal navy the Thai royal navy as well as US special forces and all of the a specialized workers who came in and the divers who came in to try to make this again Mission Impossible mission come leave. It is something to be seen and it's something that is inspired so many during the news conference. There was a weekend's numbers of references to the unity to the unification. The world around this story that it was not just a story that affected Thailand but that so many people watching from across the country across the nation we're actually. Compelled to watch this on our channels so many people thanking us for bringing in the story to them. Again with by whatever means necessary I talked to a friend today in the Dallas Fort Worth area and she was saying -- it's been in them and watch it because I've been following your story on social media. And on television. And and people can relate to this year this is Trulia happy ending at everybody wants the end. Absolutely we're so grateful for that happy ending but also can we talk about it you talked about how what what a compelling this story was. But we're now learning. Just how truly dangerous this mission was and the near disaster. Aging what have we learned on that point. Well within two hours this was going to have a completely different scenario in fact. From high officials from sources there including one of the commanders who said they the water pumps stopped working. And so we knew the timeline you know Sunday for boys were rescued Monday for boys were rescued and then. They have this ambitious task of of retrieving the four ways remaining along with their coats and so to get all of them out they had to move faster they knew that this was going to be a longer. Process than it was the previous two days but it seemed that the momentum had been increasing every single day and they got better inveterate retrieving. Of those young boys and again their coats out. But if they would've waited any longer within the next couple of hours water had already been rising the pumps had stopped working. And it would've been dangerous not only would they have had to swim more than twice as far. But just that this year danger of trying to navigate and traverse that keys. Would have been impossible and so again I think you reference this when he first started speaking with James are right before you tossed at him that. The royal Thai royal Thai navy did call this a miracle they actually posted a tweet saying we don't know if it's a miracle or science but. They were thrilled to see that this was a successful mission. And we are so grateful so grateful for the timeline in that they were able to get everybody out when they did because just within two more hours and it may not offended just like it's. Thank you feel much after he got out just in the nick of time. But the road to recovery. Just speaking aging bickered. Thank you very much. We want to stay overseas but we are now switching gears to Holland takes president trump is making news fort continuing to fooling. Our allies. And the warning that we understand he went after Jeremy Karen Travers is in Belgian with the president. A caring what can you tell us about how this meeting went today. I've from Brussels Belgium lynch where the president was here with a tough message and we knew he could get and be really hard. On NATO member that something he'd been talking about for over a year he says the US. Is paying more than other countries other countries and not paying their fair share well today is the president decided to make it as specific attack end. In the earlier this morning a breakfast meeting the went after Germany and very close US ally. The president and said that Germany is a captive of rush that was a free he repeated several times as he went off on. Care about recent business deal that Germany tickle us. Ultimately German it will have almost 70%. Of their country. Controlled fires. Russia with natural gas and you tell me is that appropriate. Like complaining about this from the time that energy and never have been allowed to happen. But Germany is totally controlled by Russian because they were getting from sixty to 70% of their energy. From Russia and a new pipeline. And you tell you that's appropriate because I think it's and I think it's a very deadly for NATO and I don't think it shouldn't happen. Judgment about it. So President Clinton is talking at. About here is they re an agreement between Germany and Russia to build a twelve billion dollar pipeline that would go through the Baltic Sea. And the is saying that this is hugely problematic for him didn't fat it. It's inappropriate that while the United States and NATO. Are kicking in a lot of money to protect Germany and other European countries from the threat of Russia Germany turns around and that this major business deal and the president has been slamming NATO members for over here but now he's saying you know here's the specific example of why you can't say that Russia is such a threat and then you're gonna go do business with them. Some analysts think the president does have a point here. But the way the president decides to meet this point comes year sits down with NATO Secretary General and just turns into an attack on Germany now with. Couple hours after those comments the president at a meeting German chancellor Angola Merkel and if you thought he was gonna go after her in person. He get there is no tension on display there that's pretty cordial very quick photo op the president said he had a great meeting you that they have a tremendous relationship. And he was asked that the pipeline mapping your conversations and is all he says was yes we did discuss that no hints as whether or not it got a little contentious. Behind the scenes awaken us. Karen interesting you bring. Because that was exactly my next question because after all that tough talk this morning and then they go before the cameras were talking about. Chancellor Merkel and president jump and they kind of think night. So it sounds like we don't know how truly did talk between that you went but at least for the time being there wrapping it up. But McMahon. Can't have the warmest of relationships is not the type of relationship that the president with other world leaders is the word we use to describe it went chancellor Merkel has come to the White House. The pattern from the where he's at the NATO Secretary General and he plans Germany when he's with German leader. Everything is about cooperation. Positive talks. And to do that we sitting side by side but. And broader message here ego over the last eight. Has been you know you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing and we are pulling you along and that. European countries benefit far more from needed in the US does so are we paying all this money. And you know this is certainly very concerning to European leaders because of the timing. President here Brussels with that message and a couple of date he's getting in Finland meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin. And you're certainly hearing a lot of rumblings that. Europe is worried that the president is pushing aside the NATO alliance at the president is distancing himself from longtime allies. Cozying up to the Russian press. And Karen I will let you go but before we let you go quick question about where you are you know you mentioned brothels but it looks so beautiful out their children playing behind it a sympathy for and it into a theater you'll right now. Well I have to say it's it's lovely that weather is great here but this country that is very bad right now because they've lost that semifinal World Cup Kenya native ray and the bars down here in the center of the city were hacked yesterday people were streaming down the street in Jersey they have these hats that a little double warned against their team is how the red devil everybody was. Wearing added red black and boldly. They last won nothing and brands and everybody is disappointed but it's you know England late today president and heading to the UK tomorrow's maybe. Yeah. It. Here in prince scored the thank you once again can't choppers in Belgium traveling with the president thinking great thoughts. All right up next three are going to bring you back here at home and kicking to Wisconsin we're our Alex Perez is following a deadly. Gas explosion. Where. We have video. Where buildings are destroyed and keep horse at the hospital. Actually kick you right out to Alex and cut for those people who actually like you just tuning in and they're not quite sure what this story it. Walk us through what we know at this point and what happened. Sarah Palin as we are in sun prairie Wisconsin and it has been a long night for officials who have been working through the night and through the day today now we are setting right at a safety perimeter this is where police have put us authorities have put its you can see that the police vehicle right here. We can't go any further than when we are right now but. People who live here several blocks away they felt that explosion they say they felt their home shaken from this vantage but we can so shall you. Some amazing pictures of just how devastating this let's take a look in the distance and you'll see that. Fire trucks heard about moving slowly there and even beyond that behind that fire truck you might see that big charred. Structure. Around there there are buildings there have been according to authorities one of them completely destroyed. I several businesses there have been damaged this all began on Tuesday night officials say. A contractor working in the area. Struck a gas line and once that gas line was struck it was reported and officials. Police officers came here and they were working to move people evacuate the area get them to safety and about forty minutes after. That gas line was struck bats when that massive explosion. Took place luckily authorities say they had a lot of the people who would generally have been in this area out of here. According to officials but still tragically. We're told by authorities that one firefighter who reported to the scene here has died as a result of his injuries and several other first responders also. Injured and treated for of those injuries authorities for now still are keeping this street here main street here in temporary clothes. They say they will spend the next several hours really assessing. Though structures those buildings back there they want to make sure. They know exactly. What's there inspect those buildings before they allow the general public. To get back over here they have to make sure that it say but he has been a very very scary few hours for those who live here this explosion I waited you. One look at just how strong allies the main explosion about a block away when you can see all that shattered glass right there part of this business. Shattered right on the ground there so. Liz. A lot of problems here for those who were here last night but authorities now. Trying to really get things under control and hopefully within the next several hours get this main street here back openly as Alex. It is incredible to hear and see those images into here and the first responders were killed and also hurt. But I'm looking at those pictures and you just showed I bet the front that was completely blown out as part of the people who live and work in that area. There are okay. Authorities say. As amazing as it may seem that there's there was no one inside of those buildings at this point they do not believe that there are any victims inside those buildings luckily they had a forty minute window from when the gas line. Was struck and ruptured two when they were trying to get people lot of here in the explosion happened so they believe they were able to get most if not all of those. Citizens who live here out of the area just in the nick of time. ABC's Alex correct in Wisconsin think you so much for that update. Also now to outlast that we are we are talking about another story an amazing story of survival we are up when he crashed eleven people on board all ally. We get the very least from ABC's bill. Good morning there's a lot of people thankful to be alive this morning in Alaska after their plane went down on prince of Wales island that's just next to where we are here in. That's a can in southeast Alaska another plane was flying very rugged. Area on that island when it weighed down a crashed at an elevation a bulb. 2000. Beat some pretty high up at the very raw area to try to Yates you. The pilot was quick on his feet he called 911 the Coast Guard swept in. They realize that there were eleven people on that plane ten passengers and a pilot everybody was able to walk off of the plane but because of the conditions on the ground there was thick fog. And low visibility the Coast Guard. Had to foist. Each person up one by one on to helicopters. They got them in. They got that rescue and they brought them over here to catch a canned or they took them to the local hospital the majority of actually been. Release are doing. Okay it really an amazing rescued amazing story that plane somehow still intact the pilot getting a lot of credit. For making that crash landing into the side of the mountain there. This morning in TSB now investigating the cause of the crash the operator of the plant says it's why operating. With that investigation and a lot of credit being given to both the pilot as I mentioned it to those rescue crews are getting everybody out. Safely. Lists. Once again thanks to our ABC's well car on the scene there now we are going to get a check on the weather front EB he ginger is he our chief meteorologist who is now talking about. A hurricane hurricane Chris. Ginger. Led thank you. Want to get straight the Clinton headline that it wouldn't hurt. I. Back NS or right at the beaches. A lot of boats sank a beautiful week them out of water ocean city beach patrol at 141. That's his own on Monday. 75 rescues. Hold at the beach in Delaware seat in seat at red line along those that represents Britain's current possibility. Although it Jersey Massachusetts pain silk. The beach and water taking a big rip this all thanks to Chris. Now let's talk about a completely different issue that it be the level of humidity and eat out in the southwest look at this. Griffith park at park observatory at all now a lot of that there actually went 2000 people. Luckily nobody entered the cars suffered at different ate there that of course that route and that you be heavy at r.s. Heat in place that met or excessive heat lapsed back aches and kick up at the weekend. Where red flag warning that right next flash flood watches and months. And are. Easily and finally. Heat advisories sticking Kansas City 9793. It's all. Thank you ginger for that and that we are going to wrap things up here with. The rule until two we're about Harry and meg and we had ABC's Gillian aren't following that story for us in. Hey kids Haley a light in central Dublin it it just seemed just MI showed that Harry and Megan hand they've just spent the day they landed in Dublin yesterday and it's been in jam packed schedule. All of a man that amazing the best of friends and then there are also lending a lot about the Irish punts and the last night they attended this summit gotten hot yet if I'm them how this morning they met with the president and smiled and everything that you can I didn't have a common ailments but sometimes. Stunning about I was can't say they want. Spawned. They didn't give some credit plus an Irish. Not close up look say went city arts. Simon at memorial museum would not huge content not hit mid eighteen hundreds. It doesn't like this spending what they've just been there and they didn't mean sitting on it. Tech stocks I'm now on no hugs. They've been letting them more about the next tendencies. That have been going on I'm just meeting all the people again and all the venues that they've been they've ever been. Crowd of well listen. Coming out and it was raining out and that that isn't something they cannot set a welcome Harry Maggie and no less official. Laurence trip so I didn't if you can just need to send my children just wheezing with a lot of people have. Huge crime scene together them and you can see will it's good stumping there this press and you can't see it wasn't really really tight. And stay busy with a lot more. Could protect all of the look connections to NORTHERN IRELAND Italy it was quiet and let your favorite. But I have to say how many kind of pension credit rating it makes us look trip saying mom you love men and placing them well thanks much spent on the wedding. Commenting on and on Iraq and the new Donny find back to London tonight so will the latest from Dublin not CNN. CNN running is making his life. Thank you for that and remember you can get the very least an. All of those stories and much more at any time right here at For now I'm with her. In New York.

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