Branson mayor: Town is 'in tears' over Missouri duck boat tragedy

Mayor Karen Best says that her usually upbeat town is in mourning after a tour boat accident killed 17 people.
5:35 | 07/20/18

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Transcript for Branson mayor: Town is 'in tears' over Missouri duck boat tragedy
And mayor thank you for making time if you could just kind of describe what the last. Point four hours have been like here. The last 24 hours have been very difficult anytime you hop a loss of life in your community. It's always very challenging you know you go to to gambit of emotions. And you're dealing wit you know human beings whether its first responders whether it's family members. Even mayors we all have those emotions and as here you know comforting the families and trying to make and you know just the most comfortable you can. That's really our main goal and our mission and that's what brings in just fast. You know we are known for giving were known or you know loving on our citizens and loving on strangers. Have you met with any of the families and the survivors I have met with some of the families and on some of the survivors as well what's that been like what can you tell us you know com. The best thing I can tell you is that you know they're all hoping and they're all dealing with things you know brief them we're a community of small towns. But for the past you know 161718. Hours we didn't a town and tears at a time NN I a talent of a comfort and just making sure. That we can give them everything they need we had counselors. Professional counselors on on stop here. To make sure and take care of all of Weirton and told. Needs and they did a great job what was your message to those families the survivors. The message them was we're here. We care we love you and we want to do everything we can to make your life. As constable is again it's not going to be comfortable it's going to be very uncomfortable. And so you know we would reach we would hug we would cry. I'm just really being real people showing her emotions showing that we can. Do you know what time the boat actually went out possible water I did not receive that information that was in an earlier press conference today in. Updating have the information. And I'm guessing most of the people vote they were not programs and there are all tourists here visiting. It is somewhere tourists and somewhere people from our community so you know as a community we're grieving as well. It's not just tourists. You know that's one of the things that I personally loved to do you have done it with the assistance. And you know it's a fun thing for us to gambling and good on his 76 entertainment district stress and bingo in the water and you can sometimes you get to. Be the captain the pilot of the vote. And those are always you know fund to deal. When you went out there do you have to Wear a life jacket or did at least thank you December a heads up we are not have to Wear a life jacket but we were briefed in case of an emergency where the life jackets were. Hot and put them on just like you are when your honor and hear what did they let you know we like Jack Clark. And so you know when I was on it that's exactly. You know what happened says the city require like any kind of safety checks or anything like. Or those stuck tore boats here that's not in the city limits. And so on when he goes into the water. That is the Coast Guard saluted as bird does monitor enough misery highways water patrol. Is the ones that are in charge of monitoring this circus and even though the headquarters speaking of their main offices are in Branson rightly that's that is perfect in Branson as we saw some of the sponsor. That's not it's not on the city to expect they're not in the watered. You know here they were hot on table rock legend like for the eastern town. We didn't think that we do is we inspect their rights are attractions he us part of the business license they have to get through that process so they are very safe. You know accidents happen. And you know we try to prevent those the best that we can with the inspections that we have in place that's very important for crosses is the safety. Any kind of message on assured of people who don't mean this is my first time in Branson what six got a lot of terrorist activity here like people to come by and visit reads anything or acidic and reassure folks some. Might be planning a trip here to let him know this is a safe place this is. A Greek community it is fine it is safe. We stray very hard to inspect and make sure that everything you do here is safe we knew this was so horrible accident. I'm sure that. Whether probably had something to do it that I was sitting on my front porch and whether he men in a matter of an instant. And so on you know it's just one of those things and until the investigation is done all all week and you know see what what comes out of any idea when they let people in the book. I don't know water. I 8 this morning I heard it was going to be today however that NTSB just arrived. Recently so I have not received an update other than it was just come out today. It is the worst acts like it. This isn't where I went you're sixteen years and this has been the worst in my sixteen years here I can't speak firm prior. But I do know that it's the worst for and how tough was it to speak but some of those family members and those survivors. It's very tough you know my family was just here two weeks ago. And you know I knew I look around and we did all the fun things that there are to do here in green thing. And so I couldn't help but think that you know this could've happened to my feeling is just as much as it happens they're feeling. And so you try to be very sensitive without. And and again you know we're we smile every day. But today we're just full of the few tears. And and we'll move on we are very resilient. And thank you and.

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{"duration":"5:35","description":"Mayor Karen Best says that her usually upbeat town is in mourning after a tour boat accident killed 17 people. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"56723494","title":"Branson mayor: Town is 'in tears' over Missouri duck boat tragedy","url":"/US/video/branson-mayor-town-tears-missouri-duck-boat-tragedy-56723494"}