The Breakdown: CDC releases new guidelines for vaccinated people

Plus, the House is set for a final vote on Biden’s COVID-19 relief bill Tuesday, and jury selection for the Derek Chauvin case is delayed.
26:08 | 03/08/21

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Transcript for The Breakdown: CDC releases new guidelines for vaccinated people
Hi everyone welcome to the breakdown I thank. I'm Terry Moran that House of Representatives is set for a final vote on president Biden's Coleman believes it's tomorrow the White House says. And Americans have received 14100 dollar stimulus checks by the independent. This legislative triumph the president comes as five visit to give his first primetime address to the nation. Today and tomorrow from one year since the first major shutdowns went into place in the United States protesters. Marx industries of Minneapolis where jury selection in the trial Derek Shelton was related to begin today. Demonstrators are demanding justice for George play. Magellan is charged with killing Floyd after kneeling on his neck for more than nine minutes. Coming up why an appeal delayed today's proceedings and what it could mean for the start of the trial. But we begin with the CDC announcing guidance for what vaccinated Americans can safely do. Per the new guidelines fully vaccinated people can visit with other vaccinated people without masks. Visit with an unvaccinated person with low risk of a serious illness without masks and they do not have to quarantine if they've been in close contact with someone with cove it. Let's bring infectious disease specialist doctor Todd valor and for more on this now a doctor iron first call what do you think about these new guidelines any surprises here. Diane I think this is great news is really a road map when you think a bit of the first part of one. It's gonna guess two more personal social and really financial freedoms. I agree with the completely I think the director really came up with something because that's guarded by yen erodes the right direction. Give guidance will change at all as more and more people get vaccinated. I due to more must you decade fascinated in how. I'm the more we're going to be able to Hong congregate where. Good deal more families that are vaccinated even do healthy unvaccinated people and you know it's going to go in the right direction we didn't hear or travel guidance which would be nice but it does gonna come in the future as well. And the US hit a record number of two point nine million vaccines administered on Saturday if we stay at that pace or improve it going forward. Do we have supply to keep up. Right I mean that is a problem Diane over the next few months because remember Johnson Johnson is still trying to Rambo. They are wont to vaccines are still majority of vaccines are coming from Pfizer Henman turn up so it. This case and because we need to get a second doses within. Three to four weeks of their first arose. Who we are gonna need probably hear about some delays are still going to be bumps in the road to the bottom line is we're going in the right direction and more and more Americans everyday are getting vaccinated. And you know I really think we're going to see good things in the future as far as. You're ramping on the virus. And in my he would send your questions that I got on Twitter the first one is how do we know that the deaths being counted. Our people dying of Kobe did not just people dying wish come of it. So that's a really good question and I don't want to. No oversimplify if you did he answered truly is there's some subtleties for instance you a mild or moderate Colby confession. And then you could have a complication we get a pulmonary embolism a blood clot to the long you can die of you can imagine that. Death certificate is safe pulmonary embolism as the first cousin were called in nineteen we know the Covert nineteen is a cause. So the answer is we think most of the time Cooley nineteen is the cause of death. I'm wind is being listed Carson once is here so don't report is not always a 100%. And we've seen at this chart I think it was in the New York Times and we just had an up on the screen a little loud and it showed excess deaths. And that's sort of tells a stark story they're can you explain them. Will basically remember I mean we're still seeing two. Thousand deaths that Davis still the leading cause of death in the United States there is no question about that so well there always could be a little bit of underreporting or over reporting because we know there is no question of course at nineteen right now is killing more lives every day. And heart attacks or cardiovascular disease and cancer so I mean I think we have to focus right now we have something very real. We have to tap go and not only used more and more vaccinations important but still masking distancing when we're in public it's still keep. Well there were vaccinated or not and. Then the other your question I got as it is there's such a thing as a code would relapse. We're getting some cuts tough questions today and Diane these are. Either on the so the answer is guaranteed as Serena over the years recurrence or currents is an idea infected with one. Form of cold in nineteen and I get re infected by another we know. Happens but it is rare relapse means I did infected with the Kobe in nineteen perhaps my symptoms have improved. But then a few weeks later I do more symptoms are now seeing virus not a different virus that you can. We do see he's more concerning injury you don't compromise Lindsey you're getting chemotherapy. Where your immune system is not able to be rammed. And then you can lose control a virus so the answer is you can see both relapses into recurrence is but both are generally rare most people recover from corporate nineteen recover completely. Tax China's tough questions now we appreciate you breaking down for us thank you can appreciate you. Really good your questions today is now let's attorney here in Washington and that pandemic relief bill that's making its way through congress and heading. For presidential signature at the White House the package passed the senate. On Saturday the final bill is set to pass the house tomorrow checks are expected to go out soon after president Biden signs and later in the week so let's turn our White House correspondent Karen Travers for more. So Karen this really baggage has been changed a little bit and present Biden first outlined in in his plan subways major changes while so what's in the bill headlines. And who's eligible with a ground and Czechs who have been talking about. And Terry change since the house passed their version last week and that's why as you point out house to go back to the house for approval before getting to president trumps your headlines of what is in this one point nine trillion dollar relief package the big one that Americans care about that 14100 dollar direct payment. That will go to most Americans people making up to 75000 dollars a year couples at up to 160. Metrostars to phase out at that point. It also includes a 300 dollars a week. In extended federal unemployment benefits Terry this little ones are set to expire this Sunday march 14. The concern about getting his bill signed so there is no gap in coverage there they'll be extended now through the first week of September. They'll also includes a tax credit for up to 3600 dollars per child as well as. Billions and billions of dollars for funding of vaccines schools to safely reopened and several hundred billion dollars Terry that good to state local and tribal governments president has just passed a few moments ago when annual site has now. His surprise Jerry he said as soon as I get it. And ended his big stuff it's one of the major of federal government initiatives in recent decades it passed. By one vote in the senate no Republicans voted for took what does that tell you about Biden's agenda moving forward and and what he hoped for when he came to office unity in the country. Republicans Terry say that the president is not standing by his promise of working with Republicans and and trying to you in person forced through legislation she in a bipartisan way Democrats will say though that they've learned many lessons from negotiating on big recovery bills like this that the risks here. I was not going to a small but yet they really want to make sure that they could get other priorities and that's why Republicans of course are calling it a liberal wish list but in this really sweeping bill we use that word a lot here in Washington but this is really a big deal because of everything else that's in it. She is really focuses on low income Americans low income workers. A different than what we saw with the Kobe packages last year which were heavily focused on businesses corporations Democrats say this is really their best chance to try and push through some of their top priority is to issues that they had been pushing for years. And of course you know the hand Republicans will say it's not a great start now if you wanna try and work together but this is their best shot at the apple I guess and the next one though they're gonna have to come up with a way to do bipartisanship. This is a very traditional democratic agenda no question of other items on the Washington agenda. President Biden signing an executive action today directing the Department of Education to review sexual assault policies on college campuses so what's going on here. Yeah this is international women's day so the president today will be delivering remarks on that occasion and also signing an executive order that the White House says is going to direct the Education Department to look back at trump administration policies. Essentially review all of the existing regulations orders and actions that were taped and had to ensure that students are guaranteed an education free from sexual violence and sexual harassment she. You know there are a lot of criticisms during the trump administration about the narrowing that they did on these issues. A more narrow definition of sexual assault. And is also the steps that schools had to hate when confronted with these issues the White House says the president will speak on this later today show and outlining greater deep tale why he's taking this action also using us and executive order formally establishing that gender policy council that we're looking at look at these issues much more broadly. And finally Karen about our retirement in the senate senator Roy Blunt of Missouri he is player in Washington has been for a long time says he won't seek reelection next year east of fifth Republican senator. To announce retirement ahead of next election. What's up senate Republicans and what does that lead Republicans in the senate ahead in the mid terms. Yet this is an interesting thing out a watch and see how president trump former president flex is the political muscle that he still has within the Republican Party do. At list and coo of those Republican senators are she can't. Hard core mahanagar crowd they weren't so the ones that were always standing in line defending president trump. I mean let's get awareness he now is who steps in to run in these races the president has said he had gonna make a row Bratton president. Try my should say gimmick robust effort to try and run candidates that have been loyal to him and stay with his America first agenda that he tried to do over his four years in Washington. A dozen Republicans are today he's say you know really independent and I didn't get through a primary and their hoping that they can put up good candidates here that would not be a dramatic shift to the right the terror is to be a really interesting and indication of the Jews that president trump still has within his own party. Real drama in that Republican Party Karen Travers has always thanks very much. Thanks. And Georgia lawmakers are voting today on several measures that would place new limits on how people can cast ballots. It's part of an unprecedented wave of new Republican sponsored state election laws. Supporters say they'll help protect against fraud critics say they'll violate people's right to vote and hurt democracy. Now the Supreme Court is considering just how far these lots can go here's ABC's Devin Dwyer. The court need to send a strong statement. That the voting rights act we will be there for the American public especially at a time when we see politicians in the state. Trying to put barriers in front of about fox Republican lawmakers and at least 43 states are considering more than 250. Proposed bills that would make it harder to vote what do they do they do things like restrict access to vote by mail. Impose stricter voter identification laws a slash voter registration opportunities. And they aggressively urged voters from liberals many of the measures target early voting which exploded in popularity during 20/20 and led to historic torn out. Thirty states made it easier to vote by mail because of the pandemic. But now at least 24 states are considering measures to scale it back in future elections. Who are low loser or all the older inclusion nurture or access reviews and within that subset. I UNC that it is almost inevitably ignite either our borders horn or perched. Democratic election lawyer Marco Myers says the tidal wave of new laws reflects former president trumps a lie to the election Hugh lost it was rigged. They are restricting voting or not. All states they are doing it in red states as well and his reason about a range of confidence that this is a lot of social and you'll see mutual don't want. As it is anything else. We must pass comprehensive election reforms. And we must do it now. As trump prods his allies Republican controlled state legislatures have been moving quickly. An Iowa Republican dissent the governor a bill to slash their early voting period by nine days she can impose tighter deadlines on mail in ballots. The fact of the matter is there are Americans across this state debt has some concerns about what happened goodness and last. Election. Georgia which helped decide the presidential race in gave Democrats control the US senate protests as Republicans advances sweeping crackdown. Now the Republicans in the Georgian journalists and we're trying to change the rules of the election here and joins. Cruel is that you rob. Because you were hey did you see in November 3 and again on Jaron. House bill found 31 is designed to begin to bring back the confidence. Around looters back into our election system. They want to restrict placement of ballot Dropbox is cut hours for early voting on weekends require photo ID to vote by mail. Our people who have a driver's license. It was. Eighty no deal to have to due. For somebody who. It happened to his license yeah jumped to a legend who are you need these measures and we. Were gentlemen. Most of these matters really don't think the auction more secure. Even if you. Set aside their mission little stronger action. Oh there's nothing makes election more she shore by. Stating that. The election news some shorter more than. Half of all voters believe it's 120 election was secure it's a view shared by the trump Justice Department and dozens of federal judges. Still nearly three and four Republicans disagree. How do you restore calm. Nearly half the electorate. Are Republicans and eighty or one. It isn't big question. The real sure chief mover in order. On laws and lawsuits. He is how do we get to a place which both. Political parties agree. That we holes and shrapnel Ferrer for election. In Arizona attorney general mark parnevik says the answer is in the rule of law a look I'm a first generation American. And I understand how important you don't symbolically be emotionally. On can practically. A right to vote yes. You want to make sure that everyone is competence and results. And no one can go around saying that somehow there is some shenanigans or something or somebody was disenfranchised. I thanks to Devin Dwyer for that report. And jury selection was set to start today in the trial of Derek Shelton the former Minnesota police officer charged in the death of George Lloyd. When we come back why an appeal belatedly it today's proceedings. And what it means for the start of the child stay with us. And welcome back to the breakout jury selection in the murder trial of Derek Shelton that former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd. Was slated to begin today but has been delayed this. As protesters took to the streets of Minneapolis demanding justice for Jorge Floyd. Ahead of the trial security is ramped up at the courthouse and police stations across the city and our Alex Perez. He's been covering this story from the very beginning he's with us now in Minneapolis with the latest Alex thanks for joining us. I know you've been on the scene there for so long and -- wanted to ask you win there's a jury selection set to begin that you would today what what happened today. Well tonight Terry we were expecting the trial jury deliberations the jury I'm sorry jury selection to begin today but of course that was all delayed the parties here are sparring over this Court of Appeals decision last week. How ruling that the judge in this case it has to reconsider reinstating. Pay third degree murder charge now that charge was dropped out previously by and is a judge. But the judge here in this case is saying today that he does not believe right now that he has jurisdiction over that charge he wants away for the Minnesota Supreme Court to sort of address this issue. There are basing hot the court appeals based her decision on that ongoing case that's being appealed right now so all this sort of loss it is a legal limbo so that means a jury selection which everyone was anticipating here you can see all of those offenses here they go all around the perimeter of this building security is very tight there were anticipating the start of that and that just. Is not happening right now it's all in question it's unclear what exactly would start at this point Terry head and Alex and I could follow up on that third degree murder charge. All this debate about its reinstatement. Keg can you tell what's at stake here who's on what side here. Yes sure you know the prosecutor wants to make sure they have every tool possible in their arsenal. And you know right now he's charged with second degree murder and second degree manslaughter and they're seeking this. Third degree murder charge knob you talk to legal experts they'll tell you the prosecutor wants to make sure he gives the jury options. So that they have something to choose from when they're deliberating now. The bar for third degree murder is of course lower then that what you would find for a second degree murder. And as we know in these big high profile cases and any crimes prosecutor gets usually just a one shot to try. The criminal the alleged criminal for the alleged crimes that he wanted to make sure they have. Everything they can in hand. Before moving forward but. The judge says a right now he just doesn't feel he can decide on that and until we get a decision on that is seems things are sort of in this holding pattern right now. Terry. Got it that was very helpful to me thank you so let's go to the streak snapped last night and today we've seen those protests ramping up around the courthouse and the city. What did you like common ground there to you then there's so much. What are you hearing from locals you talk to. He had Terry were here you know last summer when the streets of Minneapolis were filled river protesters and who really got a sense of that again here very early this morning there were demonstrators as started to come out they were. Feeling I sort of within the area around the perimeter of the courthouse here. I can tell you thus far everything has remained extremely peaceful. People are marching people are holding signs there is music playing but people. In general here have been a very very peacefully say they're here because they want to show their support for the family. I'm George Floyd there was one George Floyd family member in the courtroom today because of Covert restrictions only allowing. What a family member from each side to beat in the courtroom and they wanted to make sure that they his sister who was in there today was aware that many people in the public support them and support what they're going through and are also like the family calling for justice Terry. An intense story Alex Perez in Minneapolis thanks very much you know you'll be reporting on throughout. ABC news live will have a gavel to gavel coverage of the shaman trial once testimony begins. As a likely to be on Monday march 29 right here on ABC news line. And for more on what's ahead in that trial in ABC's Aaron captures key investigative reporter Aaron and good jurists here. Ultimately will have to decide whether the deaths of George Floyd was a murder or whether it was a terrible tragedy what evidence are they expected to be looking to make that decision to. Diana so it is important and to look at those images from behind Alex all the security all of the emotion of this. That this case has broad and and all of the changes that of the the protests over police brutality and everything about his statues coming down in sports teams name being changed. Now this gets very clinical. And especially when the defense has a chance to go you're going to see attorneys released focus the jury that's eventually shows and on key moments in ultimately the deaths will be to George Floyd. One of those moments will be that did the actions of children's. Coal officers who were on the scene before him to the defense says that they couldn't. But didn't and it's sort of forced to Derek children to tune into a posture where he would have been having his need. On and on George Floyd snack they're also going to be looking closely at the autopsy and that could be one of the more explosive moments of the trial. When the the autopsy concluded that yes the knee on the neck contributed to the deaths but George Floyd also had drugs in his system and had he been at home. The in the coroner had said that he would have concluded. That George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose so what role did to children sneak truly play in the deaths of of George Floyd and then those are going to be some of the very clinical questions the jury will be asked to consider. Bring it down to the evidence a later on so Aaron. I want to shift here's liberty Losman covering all the twists and turns in that sexual harassment allegations facing New York governor Andrew Cuomo. All the way to the democratic leader the state senate. Joined the calls for Cuomo's resignation state assembly leader also questioned his ability even govern through this over how what's been his reaction. How do you look at is what's next. His reaction has been one of defiance and Cuomo has said repeatedly that he intends to stay in office and true to his word. We saw him out today Terry hatton being vaccination sites here in New York City pitching minority communities getting vaccinated surrounding himself. Would black clergy members who marches allies and I think he was. Really anxious to show that he is at work and and that he is not going to Sheen these calls. For his resignation he says he doesn't work for politicians he works for the people who elected him. And she said Terry to resign in the face of the mere allegations would actually be anti democratic because he says. Our system is one of the of the due process and the allegations. Need to be investigated so he says he'll wait for the state attorney general's office who completed investigation. And go from there but that's not going to stop caught calls even today for his resignation and from Republicans in New York for his impeachment. And Aaron over the weekend two more women who previously worked for Cuomo came forward with allegations of inappropriate conduct. What do we know about them and their accusations one is. Is a younger former aide who could talk a little bit about the the atmosphere in the office and in about taking a picture with Cuomo and him putting his arm around her. In a way that she found to be inappropriate. Another accusation dates from twenty years ago when Cuomo was the secretary of housing and urban development and and Karen Hinton who was a press aide for him. Says that he summoned her to a dark hotel room one night. This was you know against 21 years ago man and then. Kind of try to put a move on and when she resisted he pulled her close Governor Cuomo has said when asked specifically about this allegations. That although women have the right to come forward this. This encounter as described by Karen Hinton did not happen. Pension responded that the gleaming the excuse you're calling into question the accuser. It's a classic playbook move someone who is trying to stay in power. Ironed out Cuomo's administration is facing another scandal. Accusations of covering up the number. Of deaths and nursing homes during this pandemic. First tell little bit about that and how does this impact the actual government work had that caller needs to leave to help New York to this pandemic he would carry increasingly this. Really does look like on vanity project on the part of the governor at first they said well. We couldn't do about the numbers because there that says we're going to investigate and and we were fearful days. President trump then president trump. Would use that the high number of nursing home deaths in New York. Against Cuomo and that would be the first time in almost career but he's ever been afraid of anything but. That was the excuse given and that of course triggered a federal investigation when you. Basically openly admit that Europe trying to obstruct a federal investigation the FBI is going to take a look. Then it it it seems now that the the governor. Or June July timeframe had announced that he was writing a book on on leadership. And it's sad point is when we're told his needs started to tinker with the numbers ultimately the administration says. This is a tempest in a teapot. The eventual numbers came out there out now. And this souls they were delayed a couple of months no harm no foul but this really hurt so many in the state legislature because he she was withholding the numbers he was slow walking the release of the numbers. It seems to coincide with with a book that he was writing and news. Military would these calls for drugs that that he's become a distraction it makes things difficult but I talked to one lawmaker today who said we can't impeach him he can't resign because we have a state budget to work out. Still governor for now Aaron contreras gave thanks very much dexterity and that does it for us here on a breakdown today I'm Diana stayed up. And then I'm Terry Moran will receive back here tomorrow at 3 PM eastern have a great day. Yeah.

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